Sometimes, one person can change your whole life. Ash believes this about his best friend. Does Misty feel the same? Songs do not belong to me, nor does Pokémon or its characters. This chapter's song is by Savage Garden and is titled "I Knew I Loved You". Takes place slightly before Best Wishes. I also made up Delia's maiden name, since it's not known. Pokémon owned by the amazing Satoshi Tajiri.

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Chapter One: New feelings

A boy around 22 was sitting in the living room of his mother's house, staring at the television. He was watching the Hoenn Championships and rooting for his friend Max. Max was a close friend from when he traveled with him and his sister, May, throughout Hoenn. "Come on Max, don't let Sceptile get too defensive." He shouted as the doorbell rang and he got up. His name was Ash Ketchum, Pokémon trainer. His Pokémon, Pikachu, tilted his head.

"Pika?" He asked. 'What're you yelling at it for?'

Ash shrugged. "I have no idea." He heard the doorbell again. "Hold on!" He grumbled and opened the door, seeing a red-headed girl standing there. "Send notice before you come over, Misty. Nearly scared me. I wasn't expecting company.." He half-growled, half-grumbled as he went back to the couch. "Mom! Misty's here!" He called, knowing that his mother, Delia Ketchum, was out back in the garden. "I think she'll be in shortly."

Misty glared at his comments before nodding. "Ok. But, there's no need to be snippy." She growled back as she saw Pikachu. "Hi Pikachu!" She said, smiling.

"Pika pikapika!" 'Hi Misty!'

Ash shrugged and sat on the couch again, turning back into Rooter Ash. "Nice, Max! Sceptile's Special Attack power is a great counter!" He grinned as Sceptile won the match. "Just two more, Max.."

Misty blinked and sat on the chair nearest the window, wondering why she felt so sad about his reaction of seeing her after so long. After nearly twelve years, he still hasn't changed. I don't know why I'm bothered by that. When we parted, I thought I understood how he felt. I guess he doesn't feel the same anymore. Misty stared out the window, watching Pidgey and Spearow fly in the sky.

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant

Delia chose that time to come into the house. "Sorry Misty. I was working with Mimey in the garden. You ready for today?" She asked, coming in and pausing at the end of her question. Huffing, she went to stand between her son and the television.

"HEY! Max was about to send in Swellow. I wanna see how she fares against Ludicolo!" He groaned.

"You've been watching Max since yesterday! He knows what he's doing. Besides, Oak called, remember?" She said, tapping her foot, annoyed by her son. For one, she knew the real reason Misty was there and is angry that Ash didn't notice her. And the second reason was that he was turning into a real couch potato. When he blinked, she turned the television off and grabbed his ear in a motherly fashion. "Mister, no more television. You need to remember that Max had followed your advice the instant he got his Treeko. Go and talk to Oak while I comfort Misty."

"But, there's nothin wrong with Misty! She is the same as before, why comfort her?" He sighed and left, wondering exactly where he'd suddenly became a jerk to his best friend.

And there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy

But I believe

Misty watched him stroll up to Professor Oak's laboratory, seeing his jeans flex with him as his blue shirt rippled from the pace he set. His hat was on it's roost on his head but he ditched the gloves for a while and she could see the strenght of them when he was cheering for Max's win. She did notice he had grown taller than she was and his brown eyes seemed to really darken with probably the wisdom of learning a lot about Pokémon. Sighing, she turned and went to get up, only to see Delia. "Mrs. Ketchum..." She said, blinking.

Delia smiled sadly. "Dear, no need to really call me that. I've gone back to my real name of Delia Falose. That's one thing I never told Ash. But, let's really focus on why exactly you're here. We first need to go shopping in Celadon City. Oak arranged for him, Ash and Gary to go to the Game Corner in Celadon, but we planned it so he never knows." She winked. "Time for Misty to bloom. No more tomboyish clothes if you want Ash."

Misty blushed and nodded. "Okay."

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

Delia smiled and went with her to the phone to let Misty's sisters know she was in. While she waited, she peeked her head out. "By the way, I got a place for your Pokémon if you brought them." She smiled just as Daisy appeared on the phone. "Oh, Daisy. Mhm.. It's a go." She whispered so that Misty didn't hear. "Great. Meet ya in Celadon."

Meanwhile, at the Lab.

Ash walked into the lab where he first got Pikachu, seeing Brock, Gary and Professor Oak. "Hey. Sorry, I was watching Max." He chuckled and scratched his head. "So, what's going on?" He asked, still wondering what his mother meant by saying she had to comfort Misty.

Brock grinned. "Well, first, it's fine. Max just won, so he'll do fine tomorrow. Second, we decided to go on a guy's day out. You know, catch up and do male bonding." He pulled Ash into a noogie. "That way you can tell us your plans for what you're gonna do."

Ash laughed as Brock released him and looked at his friend and former rival. "Gary? I thought you left to go on research." He stated.

Gary shrugged. "Well, I came back for a break when Gramps told me we were going to the Game Corner to spend time as guys." He smiled. "Besides, I was overdue for teasin you about the loss to Norman in Hoenn."

Ash sighed. "You heard? I was hopin to get outta that. But. When're we exactly leaving?" He was curious to find out so he could tell Misty.

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion

And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home

Oak shook his head. "Time is precious, Ash. We'll lea- Hold on.. Phone's ringin, be right back." He darted off towards the phone in the other room. Making sure Ash was occupied, he grinned. "Delia, part two is complete. Ash has no idea we're even trying to make him see Misty as more than she appears." He gave her the thumbs up. "We'll leave first and you can wait about an hour, since in Viridian they added that light rail path from Goldenrod to Celadon. Be sure to take the Pokémon I gave you should anything happen. Mhm. Yeah. See ya." He grinned to himself before composing himself. "Okay, boys, we're cleared for going. I had to talk to the Viridian Depo station manager to confirm the ride."

Ash grinned and thought for a second. "I should let Misty-"

Oak, Gary and Brock responded before he could finish. "No!"

He tilted his head. "Why not?"

Gary blinked. "You'd let her know about a guys vacation? Really? That'll be unmanly." He nodded, as did Brock and Oak.

As they were heading out, Ash glanced at his house, seeing Misty staring sadly at the yard and immediately felt bad for how he acted. He was about to go and apologize when Brock and Gary grabbed an arm. "Hey! Let go." He complained.

"Nope. You were gonna go talk to Misty. Bad idea." Brock said as they walked towards Viridian City.

Ash shook his head and grumbled all the way to Celadon, wondering why he was feeling so strange towards his best friend. Sure, they go back, but these feelings were there when they parted. He wondered what the feelings were, but shrugged them off for now.

I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

Back at the house:

Delia took Misty's hand and they took the back door to take a scenic route to Viridian City. They met up with Violet, Lily and Daisy halfway to the depo. Misty stared. "Who's watching the gym?" She started freaking out. The Cerulean City Gym was her home.

Daisy waved it off. "We got Officer Jenny, like, guarding it until we get back. She was glad to prevent trainers from entering. Now, we will, like, help you grab Ash's attention." She smiled and winked with one eye. Lily and Violet nodded and took her arms in a sisterly way as Delia kept close.

Misty smiled. "Thanks.. I guess I do need to stop being a tomboy. Perhaps that's why Ash is acting like he always did around me." She nodded at the idea.

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

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