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Chapter Ten

Just for a Moment

John stood watching the scene play out before him – he had never seen Sherlock look so relieved, so vulnerable. He tilted his head slightly as Sherlock closed his eyes, releasing a long sigh, his chin propped up on top of Molly's head. Both men noticed her body go limp as she passed out in the Consulting Detectives arms. Sherlock was not all too surprised; she had been through a great deal and would need to rest.

Sherlock raised a brow questioningly as the paramedics strode over with a stretcher. "You honestly thought that I would allow you to take her, when neither of you were competent enough to realise that she was still alive. Do they not teach you to check for a pulse at University?" John gave the paramedics a small nod as they looked at him for confirmation – after discovering he was in fact a doctor; they saw him as having more authority.

With a stern nod Sherlock picked up Molly and took her into the hospital, he remained by her bedside, fingers in a triangle beneath his chin as he watched the nurses busy themselves around her, placing IV's into her arms and placing small pads to her chest. As soon as the monitors came on, Sherlock turned his attention to them, mentally taking the readings and storing them away. Giving Sherlock no mind, the nurses left the room.

His attention was finally caught as Sherlock and Lestrade shuffled by the door, John scowling slightly while Lestrade gave him a confused glare. With a heavy sigh Sherlock told them what they were dying to know. "Moriarty must have known my plan – perhaps he has been listening to my conversations from the beginning. He injected Molly with the same compound that we both developed in the lab; the one which slowed my heart enough for me to appear dead. He placed Molly in the same position to mock me, to show me how clever he is." Sherlock scowled, turning his gaze back to Molly in the hospital bed. "We also created the antidote which was supposed to be given afterward when I was safe in the morgue with Molly, however the paramedics tried to revive me, which effectively caused me to die – for real. Molly had to resuscitate me - took her a while too." His voice had gone from strong to rather wistful as he stared at her prone form.

John huffed slightly, fighting the urge to argue with the stubborn man before him. He was furious with Sherlock, but knew that it wouldn't be good for Molly to wake up to loud noises and seeing the man she adored having his nose broken. So instead of saying what he wanted, John settled for a simple, "She's very lucky that we got there in time. She is going to be alright Sherlock." John tried to reassure the usually calm and collected man, who was now tapping his fingers impatiently.

"I know." Sherlock muttered condescendingly.

John gritted his teeth. "You don't have to be such a dick, Sherlock. I'm trying to make you feel better. I'm trying to help; that's what friends do." His words raised louder, his hands turning to fists at his side. "You know what Sherlock-"

"What, what John? What's so bloody important right now?" Sherlock rose from his seat, approaching the shorter man as he rose to full height – obviously trying to appear dominating.

"I went back to –" John was cut off abruptly as Molly began to cough, her eyes opening slowly as she awoke. Sherlock turned immediately, forgetting his conversation with John instantly.

Sherlock strode quickly to the bed side, standing awkwardly as he watched her glazed over eyes begin to focus slowly. Molly's breath caught in her throat as the memories returned, her eyes swimming with tears as she finally focused onto Sherlock's tense features. "You figured it out." Her voice was croaky as she gave him a watery smile, her small hand reaching to cover her heart – she could already feel the black bruise from the needle. John and Lestrade moved further into the room, catching her attention and gaining a soft smile. Turning back to Sherlock her smile faltered slightly. "He assured me that you wouldn't solve the puzzle. He was so arrogant."

Sherlock merely nodded, his eyebrows pulled together as he stared down at the pathologist. Molly's large brown eyes remained trained on him as she tried to figure out what had changed; he looked different.

John and Lestrade could sense the tension in the room and opted to leave after wishing Molly a full recovery.

Molly looked Sherlock up and down, her face screwing up slightly as she remembered the last time she had seen him; he had left her. Shaking her head lightly, Molly refocused. "Sherlock, what's the matter?"

His face finally seemed to change, his eyes unlocking as he glanced at the monitors. "I doubted myself today Molly, for the first time." He did not look at her as he continued to speak. "It seems to be a recurring thing when it comes to you; I went against what I wanted to do when I left. I wanted to stay, but went against it. I'm not usually the kind of man to second guess myself." Sherlock finally turned his gaze back to Molly as she lay in the hospital bed, dried blood still marking her face. "I am sorry, Molly." With that he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

Molly reacted quickly, her hand gripping his coat collar as she tugged his mouth toward hers. Sherlock held himself stiffly, his lips barely touching hers. With a confused expression he asked, "Molly what are you doing?"

"Can't we be selfish Sherlock, just for a moment?" Molly's voice was pleading as her other hand slid up his arm and into his hair.

With a long sigh Sherlock murmured, "just for a moment," before pressing his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.