The Final Destination: Heaven or Hell

Here's another chapter up now. The premonition's over; and now it's time for Kimberly to spill all for the authorities and learn in more detail about the Flight 180 victims. Enjoy, everyone.

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Chapter 5: Interrogations and a Horrible Truth

Following the traumatic cleanup of the pileup on Highway 180, all of the surviving witnesses were brought in by Officer Burke for questioning about the event.

"Kimberly Corman, you know there's nothing I can do to really help you out on this unless you tell me what happened." the officer said in a concerning tone.

"The thing is, I don't know what happened." Kimberly responded. "It just came to me, the vision I mean. First I saw these signs which led to the fact there was going to be a pileup, and then- something just snapped." The imagery of the gruesome scenario continued to play in her mind, like a VHS tape set on constant rewind and play until the event burned itself into her consciousness.

"OK, then. I guess you're free to go. We have your dad waiting outside the building to pick you up." the officer replied.

"Thanks." Kimberly said, accepting the offer, heading out of the interrogation room, to where the other survivors were talking with each other.

"You're a bit of a nutjob, but still, you've saved my friggin' life. Even though I won the lotto, I nearly got smashed in a pileup, if it wasn't for you." Evan Lewis said to Kimberly.

"This may sound crazy, but you all remember about Flight 180, right? It happened a year ago." Kimberly started.

"Yeah. But what does that have to do with anything about us?" the boy, Tim Carpenter asked.

"C'mon, you don't mean that you don't remember about that one kid getting a vision that a plane was about to explode, and then he got out of the plane with his friends before it could even happen?" the motorcycle driver, Eugene, interjected. "After some time had passed, the survivors began to die in bizarre ways one by one. Some even say that the kid who had the vision, Alex Browning, assisted Death itself in the killings."

"Exactly." Kimberly said.

"So what? Is it like one of those 'Differn't Strokes' curse bullshit?" Rory asked.

"I'm not sure." Kimberly responded. "But I guess we'd better keep a lookout for anything suspicious."

Unknownst to everyone, Alex was watching the group converse.

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