It was dark under the canopy of leaves, almost silent too. The heavy vegetation hung in the hot damp air, no wind stirring the thick greenness. Along in this silence sat a lone elf. Tears streaming down his tanned skin, camouflage streaking, following the tracks of the salt water. He presented a pitiful image if any were there to see. Strong arms hugged legs to his chest as he curled up on the forest's floor, hugging his agony to him. Dark almond shaped eyes stared blindly ahead, not seeing. Delicate pointed ears deaf to the gentle soothing of his homeland. Blind and deaf to the dangers and comforts around him the elf curled further in on himself, drowning in the alien emotions battering his body, allowing the waves of pain to wash over him unchecked. Time moved on yet the elf stayed in place, the only sign of life being the pair of burning eyes staring from his sunken face. Without warning another elf appeared near him. Dropping soundlessly from the canopy above him. The similarities between the two were noticeable. A strong hand on the broken elf's shoulder brought him from his trance a deep voice soothing his pain.

He leant into the embrace, gaining strength for a short time. His brother's voice spoke again. "It will pass Ilkar. It will pass. We can get help. The blink-life's have people who train you to handle and control this brother." No other words were spoken between the brothers.

Less than a week later Ilkar stood on the boards of a ship ready to sail for a strange lonely land, watching as his brother faded into nothingness.