A/N: After many months of toying with this idea, I finally tweaked it into a good(hopefully) fic, so with that said, enjoy the fic.

It was a calm and peaceful night as Kuro looked out of the cockpit of his prized F-22 Raptor, looking over at his wingmen when a sudden crackle over his headset brought him back to reality.

"Wolfpack squadron, this is Thunderhead, return to base immediately…(static)" the voice suddenly cut off as sounds of bombs slamming into their main airfield could be heard.

"You heard the man Wolfpack" Kuro says as he pulls back on his throttle and dives to a lower altitude before turning to return to Sand Island.

"Nice of you to join us, Papa Wolf" the all too familiar voice of Chopper said as he leveled his aircraft next to the squadron "Ok here's the deal, our airfield is under attack, Blaze, Edge, and I are the only experienced ones up here besides you…don't worry, your sister's fine" he says as he peels off to pursue an enemy aircraft.

"Alright pups, split up and take the enemy out…watch for any rookie pilots up here, you see any of em' in trouble, assist em'" Kuro says as he peels off to the left in pursuit of an enemy bomber.

After a few minutes of heavy fighting, the bombers numbers started to thin forcing them to peel off and return to base, leaving the fighters to keep the area clear until reinforcements could arrive.

The voice of a young man crackles over the headset "This is Grimm, I was helping out some mechanics when the attack started, I'm taking off now" the voice says.

The man known as Grimm takes the callsign Archer "Ok Archer, stick with Wardog squadron, me and my boys will watch your back" Kuro says as he turns to evade a missile.

"Fox two!" Edge yells as she fires off a missile at her brother's pursuer.

"Thanks sis" Kuro says as he lowers his throttle and pulls his plane next to hers, nodding before they're joined by the rest of wolfpack and wardog.

"Well, it looks clear on the horizon" Chopper says, noting the retreat of the enemy

"Let's land and catch some sleep before we head out tomorrow morning" Kuro says with sigh as he looks down at the damaged airfield and moves in to the main runway, touching his landing gear down gently on the pavement before coming to a stop.

"You've done good today pups…you've done good." Kuro says through his headset before exiting his plane.