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While TwoKinds is the setting/universe for this story, and you can assume the same canon up until time of writing holds, the characters and plot depicted are my own.

She'd fallen asleep not long ago and I was led watching her. We were completely wrapped up in each others' limbs; it was another cold night and we were huddled closely to keep each other warm. I managed to free a hand, and pulled the bedclothes tightly around our necks. As I did so her tail twitched against my back, and she smiled.

It has been many years since we arrived in the town, but I still remember it as well as if it had been yesterday. I was tired, we both were, from the long trip through the forest. Sari dropped to the ground as we reached the town gates and I banged on them loudly before kneeling beside her, "Don't worry," I said into her ear, wrapping my arms around her shoulders tightly, "we're here." A man opened the gate, and quickly called for assistance. Two dog Keidran came out and carried Sari inside. When we reached the hospital, I refused to leave her side until they took her into the operating room. I squeezed her hand as they pushed her through the door, before allowing the orderly to guide me to receive medical treatment myself.

"What happened?" the nurse asked as she began work on my arm. It had been badly scratched up just prior to arriving at the town. I spoke monotonically, in a tone rather devoid of emotion. All I could really concentrate on was the deathly fear that I might lose Sari.

"We'd made it as far as the river just south of here. We assumed we'd be safe after that, we'd heard the forest inhabitants tended to stay on the south side of the river." The nurse nodded in agreement. "When we approached the bridge a feral wolf jumped into our path, snarling. It jumped me, but I managed to deflect the attack with my arm." The nurse looked at the stitches she had just finished tying and gave me a look as though to say I have a strange definition of deflection. I continued.

"The blow knocked me backwards onto the ground, and before I could do anything, the wolf turned its attention to Sari. She had nothing to defend herself with and it pounced, ending up on top of her. She scr..." I trailed off. The damage the wolf had done to Sari was great, but I was unsure what had happened. The next thing I knew was the wolf was running into the forest leaving a trail of blood behind it, Sari was barely conscious, my hand and arm were stained bright red and my knife was gone from its sheath. "I brought her straight here, as fast as I could carry her." The nurse finished bandaging my arm.

"We have some of the best doctors in the land here," the nurse said, "They'll do everything they can to help her." I nodded in appreciation.

The next few days passed in a blur, every one of them spent at Sari's bedside silently praying for her to wake up as the doctors tended to her. Eventually my prayers were answered.

"Rhyn..." It was barely louder than a whisper, but I would have heard it from miles away.

"I'm here, Sari, it's okay. We made it to Lyn'knoll." She didn't open her eyes but she smiled, the same smile she had now, and fell back to sleep.

After a few weeks she was allowed to leave the hospital, and I brought her to the small house I had purchased in the mean time. While she slept I had prepared our new home.