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Warning: slash, semi language (maybe)

Pairings: eventual Starscream/Harry

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Harry was tired of Britain, specifically the nosy Wizarding World. Wanting to live in peace after the War, Harry decided to move out to America. Month's later, bored with the lack of thrill in his life, he decided to sign up in the Air Force.

-Afterwards, he got assigned to the disguised Starscream

Harry sighed as he stared out the window of the plane he was in,idly sipping his tea. He started to regret using the muggle method of transportation. It was cramped and stuffy.

He'd been sitting for so long he was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to get up even if he wanted to. And the sleeping over weight man next to him snored so loudly, he could wake up dementors.

Do dementors even sleep?

Harry didn't get to question it when the man next to him decided Harry was a fluffy, overstuffed pillow.

Harry couldn't bring himself to even act nice when he forcefully shoved the man off of him. He guessed he used too much force when the sleeping man fell halfway into the isle, crashing into one of the flight attendants running around the plane.

The said flight attendant shrieked in surprise under the man that was now on her.

The teen guessed that he should have felt a bit bad about doing that, but after being stuck on a cramped airplane with a fat, smelly guy next to him and the annoying sound of babies crying in the background, he was past nice.

Harry sighed grumpily. He was on this plane for one reason and one reason only.

He was sick of England. Especially,the wizard world.

It's been a year since the war has ended. Everyone Harry knew where either too traumatized to do anything other than stare at a wall or so caught up in their happy-go-lucky lives that they were almost insufferable to be around.

Ron and him were supposed to go to auror training together. However that all changed once Ron and Hermine decided to go at it with each other since there was no more threat of war. To put it simply, Harry was now the third wheel.

Ginny was kind of out of the picture. After the war, the wizard public had practically ambushed Harry with either praise, gratitude, or questions. Mostly all three.

The wizard paparazzi(*cough* Ritta Skeeter *cough*) stalked him so much they practically lived with him. It got to the point where you couldn't go to the bathroom without feeling like you were being watched.

This drove Ginny eventually mad/insane/mentally unstable. She finally had enough when she found some reporters eating breakfast in their kitchen. She packed up her things, chucked a plant at Harry, then walked out. So not only was he a third wheel with no life, he was a third wheel with no life that was now single. Wasn't life just swell.

So Harry thought that now that he had nothing to do, maybe moving somewhere else would bring some excitement.

He packed his things and now here he was. Stuck on a plane headed towards America. Harry planned to live in a pretty decent home he bought in New York. And it was a pretty spaced out so he didn't have to worry about being crowded.

Harry was shocked out of his thoughts about the past when the plane gave a particularly violent jerk and one of the flight attendants carrying drinks tripped spilling the cold liquids all over Harry. The teen ignored the woman trying to apologize. He held his breath and counted to ten.

He would not blow up the plane. He would not blow up the plane. He would not blow up the plane.

This was going to be a long flight.

Months later:

Harry sat upside down on his couch throwing a tennis ball up in the air and catching it.

It had been a while since he moved to this new country. He managed to get a great job, and the house he picked turned out to be a great place to live. Just add a relationship into the picture and you'd have a happy,normal dream life.

But then again, Harry wasn't normal now was he. If the magic wasn't anything to go by, now Harry had a miniature robot child to look after.


"Hey creator what's that?", the little computer sized robot asked pointing at the TV. Harry looked. "Oh it's nothing Ulti. That's just a music video for LMFAO. Just forget about it." Harry responded calmly changing the channel.

"Oh, okay."

Soon after Harry had arrived at America he had to learn how to use the latest types of cellphones. After about ten minutes of fruitlessly pressing all buttons at once Harry had blown up 3 windows and had an enormous headache.

Harry guessed his magic decided to play the "Let's surprise Harry!" game. One moment he was holding a cell phone. The next he was holding a black miniature 'bot staring up at him with big purple optics calling him, "Creator."

And now he was bored...again. Harry loved Ulti, don't get him wrong. The mini-'bot loved to cling onto Harry and act with the innocence of a child. But after the incident where Ulti blew up his kitchen with missiles (he somehow had) after thinking he saw a mouse, nothing has happened.

Yeah, Harry was kept on his toes between his job and looking after Ulti. He still missed the thrill that he always had during the war or quidditch. Wither it be from running for his oh so dear life from death eater, flying free in the sky, or from laughing so hard he was rolling on the floor from one of the Weasly twins pranks. It always got his heart racing.

"OOH! Creator, look at that! Those planes are doing cool tricks! Can I do those tricks?" Ulti squeaked pointing at the TV with so much excitement he was jumping up and down. On the screen was a document about the air force and they were showing some of the planes flying. Those turns and dived reminded Harry a lot of him when he's on his broom.

"Maybe I should join the air force... Got nothing better to do. And no Ulti, you can't do tricks like those. You getting wings would be the death of me."


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