After dropping Ulti off at Sarah's house,thankfully she was out, Harry apparated near downtown Mission City. He did a double take when he looked around. The place looked like a war zone.

Buildings were in ruins and crumbling. People were running screaming and running from it all. Gunshots,missiles,and other explosives could be heard going off close by.

The ground started shaking and whatever it was making it was getting closer and closer.

Harry dived behind an abandoned car in time to evade two fighting mechs that came crashing around the curb. Harry observed them quickly. They must be the Autobots and Decepticons.


Now which one was which?

"Die Decepticon scum!" Yelled the black mech with a giant cannon before shooting the others face off.

Well okay then. That helped.

Out of seemingly nowhere a white blast hit the building behind him causing a loud blast.

Harry ran from the falling building and fire coming at him. He made it about a block away from the gunfire when he had to dive out of the way of another pair of wrist long cybertronians. Were they hissing at each other?

"We need more back up over here."

Harry recognized that voice.


He scrambled the rest of the way to downtown Mission City. There were the human soldiers and what he assumed to be the Autobots protecting them. Lennox was crouching behind a truck yelling into a radio with Epps at his side.

"Lennox! Epps!"

Harry ran to them, nearly tripping due to the aftershock of an explosion.

Epps, Lennox, and the rest if the soldiers from the C.A.C stared at him in shock and the relief.

"Oh my god you're alive!" Epps couldn't help himself from crushing Harry in a hug.

"Well of course I'm alive!" Harry wiggled out of Epps grip. "Why wouldn't I be alive? I've been trying to call you but no one answered."

Epps and Lennox momentarily glared at a red flamed Autobot. "Now's not the time for a reunion. We have to cover that kid over there,Sam."

Harry looked over at the brown hair teenager running with a very big cube Lennox was pointing at.

He froze at the site of the cube. It was leaking energy. Magical energy.

"What is that?"

"It's called the Allspark. Both these giant robots want it. We can't let those evil looking ones get it- IT'S MEGATRON!" Lennox cried before shooting at a very big very spiky Decepticon. If that was Megatron then Harry could understand why no one opposed him.

Jet's flew overhead and Harry looked up in time to see a Decepticon with wings take out three F'22's. A very familiar jet.

Harry stared at Starscream as tore into the engines of a jet before chasing after the other jets he missed.

That was his Starscream.

The Starscream he knew.

Megatron's booming cackles pierced through Harry's mind.

His Starscream that didn't have much of a choice.

Harry looked back at the Sam kid running away from Megatron with the Allspark. He couldn't let Megatron take the Allspark.

The bullets being shot at Megatron didn't seem so slow him down at all as he got closer and closer to Sam.

The red flamed Autobot tackled Megatron when he almost reached Sam. Megatron shoved the autobot off of him and went after Sam. The flamed autobot tripped Megatron and started punching him.

Megatron acted like it was nothing and slammed the autobot into the ground. Missiles from the jets above hit Megatron left and right but barely fazed him. As the two wrestled and fought it was visible the autobot was getting weaker and weaker. When the autobot got to the point he could barely get up Megatron ran after and reached for Sam.

Harry couldn't wait any longer and sent a Stupify at Megatron.

It only knocked him out for all of two seconds before he was stumbling to his feet looking around in rage.

Harry climbed on top of the car opposite of Epps and Lennox and gave a whistle with a Sonorus to amplify it.

He could hear Epps and Lennox calling at him asking what on Earth he was truthfully he wasn't really sure.

Megatron turned and glared at Harry. Harry glared right back and made a 'come at me' motion. Megatron roared and charged at him. The dark haired man gave a second to think "Oh Shit." before running like his life depended on it. Because, you know,it totally did.

Harry threw Stupify's and Reducto's behind him as he ran anywhere that was away from Megatron.

Every time the decepticon got knocked down, he would get right back up and chase after Harry faster and faster. "Damn," Harry thought to himself, "now I really wish I kept that broom."

"Pathetic human! How!? You have no weapons,no power,how did you do that! You think you can get away! Tell me!" Megatron screamed at Harry.

"Go bugger yourself mate!" Harry yelled back.

He was thrown off his feet by an explosion and reacted just in time to cast a Flipendo at Megatron to avoid being squashed by him. That would have hurt. Alot.

Megatron shook himself and lunged at Harry. When they were just about nose to nose Harry, without thinking, casted the strongest Avada Kedavra he could muster at the center of Megatron's chest.

Green static surrounded Megatron as he trembled violently. It almost looked like he was going to throw off his own armor.

Harry panicked when he couldn't stop the spell. It was like something in Megatron was pulling all of his magic! He screamed as he tried to cut the connection between them.

He could feel himself growing weak from the magical exhaustion.

The corners of his vision were growing dim when Harry finally pulled his magic back. The last thing he saw before blacking out was the dead body of Megatron falling on him.

Harry came to to the sound of a heart minister and the smell of sterilizer. "God damn it I'm in a hospital." Harry thought to himself mentally cringing. It took a few minutes until Harry successfully managed to fully open his eyes. He was greeted instantly with the sight of a tall, slender man with black hair and blood red eyes in a grey flight suit staring intently at what felt like his very being.

He blinked numbly at the strange. "Well sorry to break this to ya, but either I've amnesia or we've never met before." Harry cringed at the sound of his voice. How long had he been asleep? He better not have messed his birthday.

"Creator!" Ulti jumped up from what Harry assumed to be under the bed and latched himself onto his abdomen. "Ulti! Wait, you're here in my hospital room. How did you even get in here?" Harry asked hugging Ulti back.


"You mean Starscream?"

Ulti nodded the best he could against Harry's stomach. "Yeah. Father." Ulti said again pointing at the man sitting next to them.

The stranger gave Harry a once over looking for any injuries then huffed. "I suppose I would actually be surprised if you did recognize me in this form. Such a small thing. How you even stand it? There's no armor and no internal weaponry. It's more like a liquid bag."

Harry couldn't believe it. "Starscream?"

Starscream hummed. "Yep. I finished my holo-form . Apparently they have a strict 'no giant robot' policy here or whatever. Completely stupid if you ask me." Starscream muttered to himself like a child.

The man in the hospital bed (a very uncomfortable one to thank you very much) tried to rap his head around this. "Okay,so where's,body?"

"It's at N.E.S.T. base with the other Decepticons and Autobots. Their threats of towing me out of the parking lot were becoming bothersome. And we are have a talk about you pissing off evil overlords."

"It's not the first time." Harry muttered to himself.


"Um,nothing. You said something about a Decepticon and Autobot base? And what happened after I blacked out?"

Starscream didn't say anything and stared at Harry's hand not wanting to look him in the eye. Harry noticed this and offered Starscream his hand. After a moment Starscream took the appendage and held it tightly.

"I really should have known you were going to come after me when I left. I really should have. Your magic could basically let you do anything and I didn't even think about it." Starscream admitted sounding like it physically pained him to do so.

Harry reached with his other hand to cup Starscreams human looking face(he could actually touch it, how cool was that!). "Starscream, I did what I did because wanted to. I've seen to many loved ones die and was not able to do anything about it. I would never leave you alone Starscream."

The Decepticon finally looked up at Harry and nodded. "I didn't know you were there until I heard those two human friends of yours yelling for you. Thankfully I got there before Megatron could crush you.

After Megatron died many of the Decepticons stopped fighting. We had no reason to keep of fighting for something we don't believe in.

I handed you over to your human friends and they sent you away with medical. You just lost consciousness from some sort of exhaustion.

When things settled we spoke with the Autobots about the issue with Megatron. They still hate our very frames but Optimus Prime has agreed to at least give us a chance. Some of the Autobot group are taking the cube back to Cybertron to restore it. Word was sent to other Decepticons still in space about Megatron's passing. Many rejoiced but some Decepticons want revenge.

Which is why we are staying here on Earth. To defend it against the rogue Decepticons. Unfortunately I didn't get the role of Decepticons leader. I'm "to arrogant and insufferable" to be one. Beh."

Harry didn't do anything for a minute before nodding. "...I can totally go for that. So you're staying?"

Starscream opened his mouth to answer when the door burst open. A group of men in black suits matched into the room.

" Mr. Potter, I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us to Sector 7. Our scientists have many...questions for you." The man in the middle said with a wicked grin.

The men went to grab for Harry the same time Starscream threw himself between them.

"I'm afraid, gentlemen, that I can't allow you to do that." A voice interrupted.

Everyone turned to the door.

"President Salem?" Harry questioned. Why was the political leader of the American wizarding world here?

The blonde man in a gray muggle suite smiled at him. "Hello again Harry. I do hope you are doing well despite your injuries. Your friend there refused to leave the room the entire time you were here."

Harry took a moment to give Starscream a look.

"Now then, gentlemen. I'm afraid is one of my people. The treaty between our governments clearly states that we are the only ones that can do any questioning to Mr. Potter. I'm afraid you and your men don't have a say in this. Good day." Salem stated to the Sector 7 workers.

They looked like they were about to protest but the look in Salem's eyes turned cold and they left.

Salem sighed and addressed Harry again. "And you Mr. Potter are insanely lucky that everyone was in too much of a panic to notice you used magic. They assume you used some machine. Please make sure you don't come that close to breaking the Statute." Salem nodded to Harry before leaving.

After President Salem left Harry patted Ulti back to sleep when he stirred from all the commotion. "So what now Starscream?"

Starscream answered him by leaning over and kissing him on the lips. Harry's mind went into a happy daze and he kissed back. They broke the kiss with smiles on their faces. "Okay. I can go with that."

The End.

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