Foster Middle School Guard

Me: Hi guys! This is a story about well the clones go to school- My school actually. I had this idea a long time ago before I joined Fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. I actually wrote it while I was in elementary.

Quay: I actually liked the written version. It was hard to read, but it was a good story.

Me: *pulls out ducktape* Would you like me to tape you to the wall again?

Quay: No.

Me: Then shut up on my handwriting. It's true. I have horrible handwriting. Well this I'm sure you can read. There might be quite a few mistakes because my Beta Reader is out of town.

Levi: I'll proofread it for you!

Me: *sighs* For the last time Levi: Go back to Slavery in the Clone Wars.

Levi: But I can see here. IT'S NOT FAIR. I WANT MY SIGHT BACK!

Me: Levi calm down. Denal made a promise and he's gonna follow through it.

Levi: You don't know that. You can't promise what you can't do.

Me: Levi! *hugs him* I have a creative author's liscense. I can do anything I want. Besides. Denal told me he wasn't going to let you lose your sight like Boro. Now do the disclaimer and go back.

Levi: Spottedpelt does not own Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She only owns her OCs which include me! Please review this story. You're helping me get my sight back with every review!

Me: Please help, Levi. I thought this was a good start to this story because Levi is featured in this story along with my real life friend Levi. Clone trooper Levi is in honor of him. Well I'll see you next chapter. I'm also going to feature something similar too this little episode in Slavery in the Clone Wars.