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When the third year Gryfindors and Hufflepuffs entered the classroom, they saw that all the desks had been moved to the walls so that a rather large diorama sat in the middle of the room. Anya was crouched down in front of it, drawing runes on a large piece of paper.

"Umm... Miss Anya? Where is Professor Springfield? And what is that?" One Hufflepuff girl asked, startling Anya.

"Wha! Oh, this," Anya pointed to the diorama after composing herself, "is a diorama sphere. Negi's inside. If you will step on a rune, it will transport you to him." Anya demonstrated by stepping on one and disappearing in a bright flash of light.

"Wh- where'd she go?" the Hufflepuff asked out loud.

"Don't know..." George Weasley started.

"But let's follow her." Fred finished as both stepped onto the runes.

In a flash of light, they found themselves on a stone platform in the middle of a desert. They quickly spotted Anya leaning against one of the walls, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Took you long enough! Where are the othere?" Anya complained when she noticed them.

"They should be right behind us." Fred answered.

"But what do you mean it took us long enough? We were only a few seconds behind you." George asked as the other students started arriving.

"It's because time in here is sped up. One day in here equals one hour outside. In here we can have a whole day to practice spells and still not have to miss any classes." Negi explained as he walked up.

"Well, it looks like all of you are here. Follow me." Negi said, walking back the way he came.

He led them inside a large building that he dubbed HQ and to a hallway that branched off in two directions.

"Anya, will you show the girls to their room, please. Boys, follow me." Negi requested as he took the left path.

After putting their belongings in a mass dorm room and claiming a bed for themselves, the two groups met up again in the entrance hall. Negi and Anya then game them a tour. The building was a modern four story with rooms for teaching, sparring, practicing spells, and much more. It also had an armory- Negi didn't bother telling them this as it was off limits- a dining room and kitchen, an indoor pool, library, and a teleportation room that led to several different, smaller diorama spheres that were attached to the main sphere.

"This place is called a diorama sphere. As I've already mentioned, one day in here equals one hour in the real world. The reason we are here is so that you can do the two years of studying that the first years are having to do in one year, and also be able to practice and learn some more spells. Right now, the library is off limits, but later in the year I'll allow you access to it." Negi explained.

"I want everyone to line up in two single file lines. One in front of me and one in front of Anya. The spell we will use will let us know your elemental affinity." Negi said as everyone did as they were told.

Lee Jordan was the first in Negi's group. "I've already cast the spell, so all you need to do is use your wand and summon some of your magic at the tip." Negi instructed, loud enough so everyone could hear him.

When he did, a ball of wind formed.

"Okay, your main elemental affinity is wind, Mr. Jordan." Negi stated.

The Weasley twins were next. When their magic was summoned at the tip of their wands, it was fire for both.

"Can't say I'm too surprised there." Negi said upon seeing their affinity.

"Nope. Not with their younger brother having fire, too." Anya commented.

"So Ron was able to use..." Fred began.

"Fire magic then." George finished.

"I'm beginning to hate it when they do that." Anya whispered to Negi.

"Yes, he was able to use the Ardescat spell." Negi said.

After about an hour, almost all of the students had discovered their main elemental effinity. One girl had light as her affinity.

"Very good, Miss Andrews! To have light as your main affinity is extremely rare." Negi congratulated.

"I want most of you to continue learning the Ardescat spell. The wind affinities, however; you are going to use the Vente spell. And Miss, Andrews, try the Lux spell. They both are beginners spells." Negi instructed.

Several hours passed as the students practiced. A few people caught on and were able to use the beginners spell. Prominent among them were Fred and George who got it in the first hour.

"Alright class! Let's take a break and get lunch." Negi said.

"Finally! Food!" exclaimed Lee Jordan as he and the rest of the would-be mages took a break.

"Go to the dining room and ask for whatever you want. Alcohol will not be served." Negi said, going into the hallway.

Upon first inspection, some believed that not everyone would fit into the dining room, but as more people walked in, the dining room expanded to fit everyone inside.

After lunch, Negi and Anya led the third years up to the third floor and into a classroom.

"To begin, there are two types of mages. Western Mages and Eastern Mages. Western Mages are from this side of the world, in other words, Europe and the Americas. They also tend to be active in this side, though there are a large number of Western mages in Japan. When I use the term 'mage', it will be Western Mages I'm referring to. As you can probably guess, Eastern Mages are from Asia and it is extremely rare to find them in the western portions of the world. Any questions so far? None? Okay." Negi explained.

"There are also two types of Western Mages. The regular mages, who stand back and cast long but powerful spells and the magic swordsmen, who close in for close combat with their opponents. I'm a magic swordsman, while Anya is a regular mage. Since magic swordsmen aren't always capable of chanting spells, we 'pre-load' spells before battle and release them in battle by saying Emittam. There are also healers, but many of them know combat magic too, so I'm classifying them as regular mages. Any questions now?" Negi asked.

One hand was raised. " Yes, what about Eastern mages? Do they have different kinds of mages? And what king of magic do they use?"

"Good question. As far as I am aware, they don't. They do have Shinmei-ryu swordsmen who can use ki and a little magic. They also have ninjas, though they are more mercenaries than allies. As for the kind of magic they use, it is mostly talisman and charm based." Negi answered.

"What is 'key' sir?" a Hufflepuff asked.

"Ki, K I, is physical energy. There are plenty of mundanes- muggles- who can use it, most often subconsciously. Now, you are probably wanting to know more about regular mages, magic swordsmen, and healers; but we'll get into that at a later time, along with pactios. Let's head outside and do some lite exercises before we begin practicing again." Negi instructed.

As they made their way outdoors, many of the students groaned and complained, having never had to exercise before.

"For now, let's run around the HQ ten times, then do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups." Negi said.

"Whaaat? You expect us to that much! I doubt anyone here, besides yourself, could do that!" Lee Jordan exclaimed.

"Hm. You're right. Let's cut that number in half." Negi conceded.

"Aww!" many of the students continued complaining.

"Well, at least it's not as many as before!" one optimistic Gryfindor said, trying to cheer everyone up.

"Let's begin!" Negi said and started running.

An hour later, everyone but Negi and Anya- who just watched- were exhausted.

"Why... did we... have... to do that? And... what part of... it... was lite?" a Hufflepuff questioned, bent over slightly with his arms on his knees supporting himself.

"What do you mean? I normally do a lot more than that." Negi said, puzzled.

"You forget that most people would consider your warm-up exercises as 'lite'." Anya informed him.

"Oh! Sorry!" Negi apologized.

"Now that we're all rested, its time to practice. You'll probably find that it's easier for those who've already learned the spell. For the rest, many of you should be able to use it now." Negi instructed.

Several found that Negi was right when they were able to activate the spell, or easier to use for those who already knew it.

"Professor, why is the Ardescat spell easier to use now?" a Gryfindor asked.

"Because exercise helps the magic flow better." Negi answered.

"Why don't you all shower before supper. When you're finished, do down to the dining room to eat." Anya suggested.

After they had showered and had eaten, Negi gave them the rest of the night to do whatever they wanted. The next day, they practiced, ate a quick lunch, then left the diorama sphere for their next class.

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