Okay, so this is my first official fanfiction! I am absolutely in LOVE with PLL, and most of all Ezria! 3 Since I've become pretty much obsessed with reading fanfics about this couple, I decided to make one! Hope you all enjoy, please rate and review :))

Chapter One: The Bombshell

Aria looked at the calendar across her dimly lit room and sighed. It was practically screaming at her that it was September 1st, marking the one year anniversary since she met Ezra at Snooker's. She hadn't seen or heard from him much since he left six months ago to live with his parents in New York. No—that was a lie. He had tried to stay in touch with her; it was Aria that was pushing him away. He would hate her, no, despise her from keeping this from him. What was she supposed to do when everything around her had seemed to be falling apart? Ezra was leaving. Her parents didn't trust her. Mona was –A. Maya was dead. The one thing that had kept her sane was falling back on him, having him comfort her. He was the light through all the darkness in her life. But when she found out news she never would have thought to hear while she was still in high school, she couldn't ruin his life, more than she already had. He had given up everything for her. His job, his reputation, she was NOT going to take away his freedom. She wouldn't tie him down with the unborn baby in her growing stomach, which at this very moment was reminding her that in just three months, she would become a mother at seventeen.

The last time Aria has spoken to Ezra was four weeks after their dance at the masquerade ball, an hour before she found out about their baby. After that, Aria ignored his calls, deleted his texts, and tried everything to get him out of her mind. She already had enough to deal with, she couldn't break his heart. He needed to figure out what he wanted to do, and if he wanted to be with her. She had thought about calling him many times, just to see how he is doing. Would he have found a job? Gotten a new girlfriend? But she knew she wouldn't have gotten through an entire conversation without her breaking down completely. She ran her hand across her round stomach, lightly, tears flowing down her cheeks. She thought back to that awful Tuesday afternoon, when she had broken the hearts of the two most important people in her life: her parents.

Aria paced up and down the hallway of her house. How could she do this? Telling her parents about her relationship with Ezra was one thing, but telling them he was going to be the father of her child? She wasn't prepared for this. Her heart was pounding against her chest, beads of sweat collection at the nape of her neck. She rubbed her fingers together, fidgeting, and finally took one deep breath and looked into the eyes of her parents, Byron and Ella. They kept a steady gaze back, wondering what could be going on with Aria. Bad grades? Drugs? Expulsion? If they only knew. Aria was thankful that Ezra was nowhere near Rosewood for this moment. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead a sob ripped at her throat. She looked away from her parents as fresh, salty tears began to form in her eyes. With all the crying she had done lately, how did she have any more?

"Aria, baby? What is it?" Ella asked sympathetically. She hated seeing her daughter like this. What could possibly be so wrong that would get her all worked up after everything she had already been through?

"M-mom, dad…" Aria was at a loss for words. She should just tell them. Quickly. Rip the bandage off. "I'm pregnant." She mumbled. The two words came out of her mouth so fast they formed one word. But it was evident on her parent's faces that they had understood what she said, and they were not very happy.