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Stuck With You

Chapter 24


Arizona readied her trembling hand.


Callie and Arizona locked their gaze on one another; tears shimmering in their eyes.


Arizona held her breath and cut the black wire in one snip.

Both Callie and Arizona squeezed their eyes shut as the wire snapped apart.

She waited for it. The heat, the flames... to be engulfed in a blanket of fire and leave this earth within a matter of a second… but it never came. No explosion, no white light. Nothing. Arizona slowly opened her eyes and realized she was still breathing. She and Callie lived. She looked up and saw that Callie's eyes were still closed. The brunette seemed to be whispering a prayer to herself as her lips quivered in fear.

"Callie… Callie open your eyes." Arizona softly demanded, shaking the brunette's arm.

"Wh… what?" The brunette muttered.

"Open your eyes..."

Callie slowly opened her eyes and saw Arizona's face before her. "We're not dead?" she asked.

The blonde smiled lightly and shook her head. "No…" Arizona's eyes quickly shifted over to Dmitry. A scowl that read pure hatred was on her face.

The man just stood there, silently watching them. His expression unreadable.

"Here, let me get you out of this…" Arizona began to untie the brunette from the chair at a rapid pace. She was surprised Dmitry had not said a word nor done anything.

Callie let out a gasp of relief and smiled sadly. "We did it… we picked the right one…"

"Yeah, baby we did."

By this time, Arizona had completely untied the brunette and was helping her off the chair. The blinding pain in Callie's leg made itself known again as the brunette struggled to stand. Arizona allowed Callie to lean against her as they stood and turned towards Dmitry.

"Alright you sicko. We played your game. Now let us go," Arizona demanded.

Dmitry stood there with a smirk before bursting into a full on laugh. Callie and Arizona looked on, confused. "You fools. That was not a real bomb," he chuckled.

"What?" Arizona breathed.

Dmitry was doubled over laughing now. "It would not have mattered which wire you cut. I just wanted to watch you suffer. That was very entertaining… thank you."

"You son a bitch!" Arizona lunged for him but Callie held her back.

"Ah-Ah, I wouldn't do that Sergeant Robbins," he warned.

Dmitry dropped his gun and swiftly ripped open his jacket. It was then that he revealed to blocks of C4 strapped to his chest. "Here's the real bomb."

Callie and Arizona looked at him with wide eyes, realizing their nightmare was not over.

"Now, this is how it's going to happen. I'll give you ten seconds, Sergeants. Ten." He shrugged with a smile. "You can try, but there is no way you will escape the radius of the explosion. I want to see you run for your life. That's my dying wish."

Dmitry looked down and pressed a button on the device. It beeped once and the number 10 lit up on the small digital screen. He looked up at the women again with a smile on his face. "See you in hell Sergeants." He hit another button and the count down began.

"Arizona!" Callie shouted in a panic, latching onto the woman's arm.

Dmitry laughed evilly.

Arizona frantically looked around them, as she knew time was running out. There was no way they would make it to the car in time. The blonde's gaze shifted to the end of the pier. It was a good fifty yards away… their only chance.

"Come on, baby… this way…" Arizona urged, pulling Callie towards the end of the dock. "We'll have to jump!"

Callie noticed the direction Arizona was dragging her and caught on to the blonde's plan. She immediately began to run alongside her partner.

"Ah!" The very first step of pressure on her injured leg sent surging pain around Callie's knee, but she refused to slow them down.

"I know baby… but we got to move…" Arizona breathlessly strained as she struggled to hold up her slightly limping girlfriend.

Callie was trying her best to keep up with Arizona's pace, but the pain from her wound was overwhelming. Arizona held onto her, never leaving her side as they pushed and pushed to reach the end of the dock. Both of them were breathing heavily and Callie grit her teeth as she tried to pick up momentum.

Half way there.

"Come on!" Arizona commandingly encourage. "Push baby!"

Callie moved faster, her injury throbbing each time her leg pounded against the surface beneath her. Their hearts thundered in their chest as the knew time was running out. Their lives were hanging in the balance and pure fear pumped through their veins.

"We're almost there!" Arizona shouted.

Suddenly, a thundering blast sounded behind them and the dock violently vibrated and shook underneath their feet. Neither one of them locked back.


They pushed off the end of the pier with all of their might and were airborne. Balls of fire rushed behind them nearly engulfing their bodies. The heat of the flames tickled their backs as it missed them by inches. The width of the explosion was the size of a football field and the height reached for the heavens, lighting up the darkening Seattle skyline. Their arms flailed in different directions as they made their rapid descent… Splash! Into the murky and icy cold Pacific Ocean they went.

Foggy brown eyes slowly fluttered open to the sight of a bright white ceiling. The first thing Callie realized was she was alive… the second, where the hell was she? The third, where was Arizona? The brunette tried to move her body but she soon found she was too weak. She moaned slightly in discomfort as she felt a bit of pain in her left leg.


Arizona's voice.

Soon the blonde's face was hovering above her. Callie then noticed her hand was being held.

"Callie? You're awake…"

The brunette swallowed and attempted to speak but Arizona stopped her. "Shh… don't try to talk." Arizona hit the call button for the nurse. "You're okay, baby. Let's just have the doctor look at you first."

Callie felt Arizona squeeze her hand a little tighter. "H… how… how did I get here?" she weakly asked.

"You don't remember?"

Callie shook her head.

Before Arizona could reply, a nurse and Callie's doctor entered the room. They checked her vitals and everything was normal. Callie also learned that she had undergone surgery and a bullet was removed from her leg. After a couple months of physical therapy she would regain full functionality of her limb. All she need now was to get plenty of rest and let her body start healing.

The doctor and nurse left. By this time, Callie was a bit more awake. Still a little woozy from the anesthesia, but after the poking, prodding, a few sips of water, she was more alert.

"My big strong Sergeant is okay," Arizona purred, leaning her face closer to Callie's.

"Mmm, why wouldn't I be? I'm a badass, remember?"

Arizona nuzzled her nose against Callie's before placing a soft kiss on the brunette's lips. The blonde leaned back to look into the Latina's eyes. "So, what's the last thing you remember?" Arizona asked as her fingers gently caressed the ends of Callie's dark hair.

"I know we jumped off the dock… and then after we went in the water… I…" the brunette was oblivious as to what happened next.

"We swam to shore and that's when you blacked out. I kept you warm until the ambulance arrived."

"But you came alone… how did they knew where to find us?"

"Well… an explosion that massive is pretty hard to ignore. Tons of people called it in."

"Oh… right…"

Arizona kissed Callie's cheek and they looked deeply into each other's eyes. They had survived and now they were here, together.

"It's over… isn't it?" Callie whispered.

"Yeah, baby… it's over. He can't hurt you anymore."

A soft knock sounded at the door and they both looked over to see Captain Webber. Arizona quickly stood straight and put a respectable distance between herself and Callie.

Webber lightly cleared his throat. "Sorry to interrupt, but your doctor informed me that you were awake and up for visitors."

"Uh, of course Captain. Come in," Callie replied.

The older man stepped into the room with a small smile on his face as he looked between Callie and Arizona. He could sense their nervousness. "How are you feeling, Torres?"

"I feel… shot in the leg," she joked lightly, earning a small snicker from Arizona.

Webber smiled and nodded. "Well, I'm just glad you're okay… both of you. You're my two best Sergeants on the force and I need you back in top shape."

They both smiled and Arizona gave a salute of her hand. "Yes, sir."

"Well, I better get home. It's getting late and Adele is waiting for me. Good night, Sergeants."

"Goodnight." They both said in unison.

The older man began to leave the room, but stopped and turned towards them once more. "Oh, and by the way… you two make a nice couple."

Arizona's mouth gapped open and Callie's eyes widened in shock. Neither one of them knew what to say.

"Relax... I've known you were together for a while now. Even before I was anonymously sent photos of the two of you outside Sergeant Torres' apartment in a rather, intimate position."

Arizona sheepishly lowered her eyes and Callie bit her lower lip nervously.

"They were sent to me while we were in the middle of Dmitry's case, so I kept the photos under wraps. You had enough to worry about. I had suspected something was going on between you two, but to find out in that way was very displeasing."

"C… captain…" the Arizona stuttered. "We… we were just…"

"Save it, Robbins," Webber cut in, holding up a hand. "I don't care about your personal lives. You do as you please. I'm not going to fire you… however, I can no longer allow you to be partners on the force. It would create conflict. Is that understood?"

They both nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Good… and on top of that, I order you both on two weeks paid vacation as soon as Torres here is fully recovered. Go somewhere nice. You got that?"

Both of them grinned widely and felt the weight of anxiety slip off their shoulders.

"Thanks, Captain," Arizona perkily squealed, grasping Callie's hand and squeezing it tightly.

Webber nodded and walked out of the room. Callie and Arizona looked at each other, not believing that just happened.

"Wow…" the brunette breathed. "I was not expecting that."

"It's good for you and you need to eat."

The brunette shook her head like a stubborn child. "No, I want French Toast," Callie grumbled folding her arms.

It was the following morning and Arizona was sitting halfway on Callie's bed holding a spoonful of wiggling jell-o to the brunette's mouth.

"Callie, stop acting like a baby. You can't have anything that heavy in your system. Doctor's orders."

"Oh, what does he know..."

"Calliope Torres, if you do not eat this jell-o right now, there will be no sex… that is… when you're better."

Callie chuckled lightly, not buying it. "Right…"

"I'm not joking," the blonde seriously replied.

The brunette raised a skeptical eyebrow. "You're serious?"

Arizona only stared at her.

"You really think you can hold out?" Callie challenged.

"You really want to find out?"

Callie contemplated this for a moment and studied Arizona's expression. The blonde looked dead serious and she knew testing Arizona never ended well. Whenever the blonde said she would do something, she rarely bluffed about it. Callie rolled her eyes and reluctantly opened her mouth.

"Good, girl," Arizona triumphantly smiled as she spooned the red substance past Callie's lips.

The brunette dramatically cringed and swallowed the wiggly dessert. "Oh, God..." she murmured, before swallowing. She folded her arms again and pouted.

"Oh, it's not that bad."

"It is bad if you're craving syrupy delicious carby-goodness. I'm mad at you now."


"Because you used sex against me."

Arizona smiled wickedly and leaned in closer to whisper in Callie's ear. "Because I knew it would work..."

The brunette shivered as Arizona's husky voice tickled her ear. The blonde leaned back a bit and smiled mischievously as she looked into Callie's eyes. Their faces were inches apart.

"You're evil," Callie stated.

"You love it though…" Arizona purred back. She placed a lingering kiss on Callie's lips and the brunette immediately swooned.

Callie smirked with her eyelids half closed. "I do…"

Arizona leaned back in and began a slow, sensual kiss. Callie kissed her back and allowed Arizona to take the lead. The blonde teasingly poked out her tongue, running it along Callie's bottom lip. The Latina took the hint and granted Arizona's tongue access to her mouth. She moaned softly as the blonde maneuvered and teased just the way she liked it. Arizona was amazing with her tongue and Callie felt as though she would pass out from this overwhelming feeling. Arizona pressed her upper body into Callie's and groaned at the touch. They were lost in each other.


The blonde quickly ripped her lips away from Callie's and both women looked towards the entrance of the room. There stood Mrs. Robbins holding a pot of flowers.

"Don't smoother the poor girl, she's trying to recover," Barbara teasingly scolded.

"Mom…" Arizona grumbled, as she blushed furiously.

Callie only laughed and smiled at Mrs. Robbins who was now entering the room. "Thank God. Your daughter was trying to choke me to death with jell-o."

"And her tongue by the looks of it."

"For love of God, mom, stop!"

"Oh, chill out, Arizona," Barbara stated, placing the flowers on a nearby table. "I know you can't resist your hot Latina woman."

"Mom!" Arizona shrieked, completely mortified by her mother's comments.

Barbara smirked and stood near Callie's bed, placing a comforting hand on the brunette's shoulder. "How are you feeling, sweetheart?"

Callie was still recovering from her fits of laughter and took a deep breath. "F… fine…" she managed to get out. "It's good to see you, Barbara."

"Same here, sweetie. Daniel will be up here soon, he's parking the car."

Callie smiled softly and glanced at her present on the table. "The flowers are beautiful, thank you."

"You're very welcome. I'm just glad you two are alright. That Dmitry man was demented. He had no right to do this to you. I personally would have liked to deck him in the face and then let him blow himself up."

"Mom, how do you know all this?"

"The news, sweetie. There was a big story released this morning about the two of you."

"Great…" Arizona mumbled. "More publicity."

"Do you have room for two more visitors?"

All three women looked at the door to see Daniel holding a furry orange bundle in his arms.

"Awe… kitty…" Callie cooed, holding out her arms.

Daniel grinned as he walked into the room and handed off the kitten to Callie. "We thought he would help brighten your day a little."

Callie grinned like a little kid. "Oh, he is."

The kitten immediately rubbed its body against Callie's stomach, purring. It then laid down on the brunette's lap, curling itself up comfortably. Callie began to gently pet him and Arizona smiled at the sight.

Callie looked up at Daniel. "Thank you for bringing him."

"You got it, kiddo," Daniel nodded.

"Callie, sweetheart? Have you heard from your parents?"

The brunette's heart sank a little and Arizona noticed the change in Callie's expression. "Um, no actually. My family and I are… in a bit of a rift right now… as in no talking terms."

"Oh… well I'm sorry to hear that," the older woman sincerely replied. "But I'm sure they'd want to know if you're in a hospital recovering."

"Mom…" Arizona interrupted, knowing this was a sensitive subject for Callie.

"It's fine, Arizona," Callie reassured. She looked at Barbara and smiled softly. "I will inform my family, Barbara. Don't worry."

"But I do worry. If you were my daughter I would be worried sick. I am worried sick and you're not even my flesh and blood." Barbara cupped the brunette's cheek. "But it feels like you are. You promise me you'll let them know?"

Callie felt old memories of moments like this with her own mother flare up and tears began to form in her eyes. The affection… the motherly touch… she missed that. "I promise…"

Arizona's parents stayed for another 45 minutes or so, talking and laughing with the two women. This really made Callie feel at home. Like she was part of a family again. She looked down at the kitten that was now playfully pawing at her fingers. "You know what? I think I have a name for him."

"Yeah? Let's have it," Barbara said, while the other Robbins listened in as well.

Callie smiled. "Timmy."

"Timmy?" Arizona questioned. "As in…"

"After your brother, Tim. I mean, look at this guy. He's strong, brave… smart… I think Timmy is the perfect name."

Arizona walked over and stood next to Callie on the opposite side of her mother. She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the brunette's cheek. "Me too."

The brunette turned to Mr. and Mrs. Robbins. "Is that okay with you, Barbara? Mr. Robbins?" Callie asked.

"Absolutely," Barbara beamed.

Daniel gave a small smile and nodded in approval.

"Well, then…" Callie smiled, lifting the kitten up, looking up at his squinty face. "Timmy it is."

Later that day, Callie had convinced Arizona that she was fine staying by herself, so the blonde decided to go home and take a much needed shower. But she said she would return as soon as she could.

Staying true to her promise to Barbara, Callie phoned her family. First, her sister Aria and then Mark, telling them what happened. Both of them sounded worried, but Callie reassured them that flying out to Seattle was not necessary.

Moments later, she was watching a boring infomercial on TV and a knock sounded at the door. She looked over and her heart skipped a beat. It was her father. Callie had to blink a few times to make sure he was not a mirage. "Dad?"

"Hello, Calliope. May I come in?"

Callie only looked at him, not sure how to react to his presence.


The brunette had never seen this side of her father. He was wearing one of his man expensive suits that usually made him look confident and powerful, but in that moment, he looked vulnerable and very unsure of himself.

"Um, yeah... Sure."

He tentatively stepped into the room and stopped a respectable distance away from Callie's bedside.

"How did you know I was here?" Callie asked, looking at her lap.

"Your sister told me. I was in California on business and I took the quickest flight out as soon as I heard."

"I'm surprised you even showed up. Especially, since you had business elsewhere." Callie looked at him then. "Is there another reason why you're here? A different agenda? Because I'm not up for another lecture," Callie defensively stated.

His face fell somewhat at his daughter's words and he nodded. "I deserve that. But no, I'm not here to lecture. I want to apologize for my previous behavior."

Callie looked at him, confused. Carlos Torres, apologizing? This was new.

"Calliope... I had no right to put you in danger for my own selfish reasons… I wasn't thinking about how you felt and what position I was putting you in. I treated you unfairly... yet, you still did what I asked of you… even if you hated me."

Callie lowered her eyes to her fidgeting hands.

"I didn't realize that, but I do now. You did it because we're family."

"Are we?" Callie softly asked.

"Yes… and you're my daughter, Calliope. My strong, courageous… and beautiful daughter..." His voiced became strained. "I will no longer abandon you, mija. I love you. That has never changed."

Arizona had heard a man's voice in Callie's room and hung back by the door. When she poked her head discreetly around the doorframe and saw Carlos, she decided it was best to wait in the hall.

"You... you really mean this?" Callie asked in a small voice. A tear trickled down her face.

"Yes, Calliope… truly."

The brunette tentatively reached out her hand and Carlos stood near the bed. As he took his daughter's hand, tears filling his eyes. This is the first loving contact they had shared in years.

"Thank you..." Callie whispered.

Carlos rubbed the top of Callie's hand gently and they soon moved in for a hug. The brunette felt more tears escape as her father held her. She was still in disbelief that this was happening.

"Dad?" She asked, as they broke the embrace.

"Yes, mija."

"You know... I'm still in love with a woman... and if you're not comfortable with that..."

"Speaking of Arizona..." Carlos gently cut in. A small smile was on his face. "I wish my being here was because I came to my own senses, but I'm afraid that's not the case... she is the one who really convinced me to change my ways."


"Yes... via a phone call about a week or so ago. She scolded me in a sense, but I deserved it. She made me realize how wrong I was for treating you the way I did. It really made me stop and think about things… my family. My priorities were all wrong and she made me see that."

The fact that Arizona had done this for her made Callie love her even more. She smiled lightly.

"She's a good woman," Carlos continued. "And if she has the brass to standup to me the way she did, I believe she really loves you."

Callie smiled softly. "She does... thank you, Dad… for finally understanding."

"I should be thanking you... for being the daughter every father wishes for."

After a few more moments of friendly talk and exchanged hugs, Carlos finally left the room. As he was walking out, he spotted Arizona a ways down the hallway, leaning her back against the wall.

Arizona noticed Mr. Torres approaching and she straightened herself up.

"Arizona…" he politely greeted as he stood in front of the blonde.

The blonde was baffled that Carlos had actually addressed her by her first name. "Uh, Mr. Torres."

"Watch my daughter for me."

Arizona gave a dutiful nod. "I always have."

Without any further words, Carlos stepped forward and before Arizona realized it, the older made had her embraced in a hug. Arizona was so surprised she did not have time to respond to the brief display of affection. He pulled away and gave a nod. It seemed to be a nod of approval, before he walked away and down the hall. Arizona looked after her him for a moment and then went to Callie's room.

When she stepped inside, Calliope was wiping tears from her face with a tissue. The brunette looked up when she sensed someone walk in.

"Hey…" Arizona quietly greeted.


"I just saw your father," the blonde stated, moving into the room. "Are you okay?"

A soft smile played on Callie's lips and she dabbed the last of her tears away. "I'm better than okay. My father just apologized to me and accepted me for who I am."

Arizona raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Really… well, it's about time."

Callie laughed heartily and took Arizona's hand in her own. Arizona loved that laugh and felt her heart flutter hearing it again. It had seemed so long since she had last heard it.

"This is all thanks to you, you know," Callie smiled.


"Yes. You called my father. Gave him a verbal lashing… remember?"

"Mmm…" Arizona squinted and thoughtfully shifted her eyes toward the ceiling, pretending to ponder the question. "I might have."

Callie gave Arizona a 'don't bullshit me' look.

"Okay, I did. I just couldn't sit there and let him treat you that way any longer. I mean, you're amazing Calliope and for him to be so blind and not see that… it drove me crazy. When you hurt, I hurt, and he was hurting you… emotionally. So, I gave him a little wakeup call."

"You gave him a dose of that lethal Robbins' speech, huh?" Callie smiled softly, a loving twinkle in her eyes.

"That I did…" Arizona chuckled lightly and lovingly brushed back Callie's bangs.

The brunette looked up at her and knew in this very moment that this was the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

"Marry me, Arizona…"

The smile on Arizona's face slowly slid away and she regarded Callie with an incredulous expression. "Wh… what did you say?"

"I… I know we haven't been together long but… I just know… every time I look at you... hold you... I know, deep down you're the one. You make everything… right… and you make me happy. I don't have a ring or anything and I know this isn't the most romantic place… but this could be like a pre-proposal, if there is such a thing… and I love you more than…"

"Calliope," Arizona firmly interrupted the brunette's rambling.



Callie's lips slowly curled into a smile. "Yes, you…?"

Arizona nodded with a full on dimpled smile. "Yes, I'll marry you."

Callie's grin lit up the room and pure happiness filled her soul. Arizona leaned in and pressed her lips against the brunette's, sealing the promise with a kiss.

It had been nearly three grueling months of recovery and rehab for Callie, but that was not the part that bothered her. It was the no sex part. It was not like she and Arizona did not try to make love. They tried! Many, many times, but whenever things got hot and heavy or they were close to reaching a peak of pleasure, Callie would yelp in pain because of her knee… and they had to stop. Different positions would not even help. It was frustrating to say the least, but Callie still needed to heal. A hole in the knee was not going to miraculously seal itself overnight.

Callie offered to still pleasure Arizona in other ways but the blonde would not have it. "If I can't give it… then it's not's fair for me to get it." The blonde had said. So, they were at a standstill.

In three days, they would be flying out to Miami for a much needed vacation. Callie was hoping the random stings of pain would subside by then. So, she began to monitor the pain levels in her knee each day before vacation. On the first day, pain was minimal. On the second day, it was even less. And by the third day, Callie went 24-hours without pain. She was excited, but did not want to tell Arizona until they reached Miami.

In order to sell that she was still aching with discomfort, the brunette made sure to limp while they walked through the Seattle and Miami airports.

When they reached their suite at one of her father's hotels however, Callie could not contain herself any longer. As soon as Arizona closed the door behind them, she pinned the blonde against the door, kissing her wildly.

Arizona was pleasantly surprised and kissed the eager Latina back, wrapping her arms around Callie's body. The brunette pushed herself flush against Arizona and wasted no time claiming the blonde's mouth with her tongue. Arizona groaned at Callie's aggressiveness and dug her nails into the brunette's back, pulling her closer. Callie moved her kisses along Arizona's jawline and under her earlobe while undoing the front of the blonde's jeans.

"Baby…" Arizona breathed, loving Callie's wild streak. "We can't… your knee…"

Callie slowed her movements and placed a soft kiss on Arizona's lips. "Let me show you something…"

The brunette took a step back and Arizona looked at her confused. Callie bent down into a full squat position before standing up once more. Arizona's mouth gaped open. "Wh… Callie… when?"

The Latina smiled. "I didn't have any pain all day yesterday." Callie moved in closer and pressed her body against Arizona's, backing her into the door once again. "I wanted it to be a surprise."

Arizona smacked Callie in the shoulder. "You big faker!"

Callie only chuckled.

The blonde cupped Callie's cheek affectionately and smiled at her fiancé's sneakiness. "This is great, baby..." she cooed.

"You know what else is great?" Callie breathed against Arizona's lips. "Being able to make love to you again…"

Arizona's eyes darkened with arousal before she wrapped her arms around Callie's neck and aggressively pulled the brunette's head down, desperately molding her lips against Callie's. The brunette moaned as she and Arizona's tongues dueled for dominance. Never breaking the kiss, the blonde pushed herself off the door, making Callie walk backwards. Soon they found themselves falling back onto a huge white couch in the living room of their massive suite.

Arizona was straddling the brunette's hips as she pressed her body against Callie's, thoroughly kissing the Latina. Callie's hands were on the blonde's jean clad ass, massaging and pulling her closer into her crotch. Arizona whimpered at the friction and then sat up yanking her top off and throwing it across the room.

Callie looked up at her with a smirk. "So, I guess we're not going slow…"

"Fuck, slow. I haven't had you in months and it's been killing me."

"Me too…"

Within minutes the two helped each other remove their clothing and they were now both topless only wearing their panties. Arizona began to grind her drenched center against Callie's and the brunette whimpered in pleasure, closing her eyes. The blonde was grinding deep and hard. Callie felt Arizona's warmth against her own and the fact that the blonde was wearing a thong turned Callie on even more. They both groaned at the delicious friction they were creating between their centers, but it was not going to last long, and Callie didn't want that.

"Baby… stop…" Callie managed to get out. "This is going too fast…" She moaned when Arizona moved in a slow sensual circle.

"You feel so good…" Arizona groaned. "I can't…"

Callie bit her bottom lip, knowing she was close to cumming. Not yet… with all her strength she flipped them over so she was now on top.

She straddled Arizona's hips and pinned the blonde's hands above her head. "Yeah, you can..." Callie growled. She latched her lips around the erect nub of Arizona's right breast and began to suck. The blonde was panting and her body squirmed underneath Callie. The brunette released her hold on Arizona's wrists and switched her mouth to the other breast. The blonde gasped and threw her head back, digging her fingers in Callie's dark tresses, pulling her closer. The brunette moaned as she enjoyed the feel of Arizona's nipple in her mouth.

The blonde grabbed onto her head and pulled her back up. Their lips met in a wild kiss. Callie's hands pushed down at Arizona's thong and the blonde helped her completely remove them. Callie ended the kiss and looked down at Arizona. She slowly slid her fingers down Arizona's slick clit and glistening folds. Arizona moaned and pushed her hips upward. Callie watched her face as she continued to lightly stroke her.

"Calliope, please…" Arizona let out in a breathy whisper. "Please don't tease me…"

"What do you want?" Callie whispered, centimeters from Arizona's lips.

"You know…" she whimpered.

"Tell me…"

"Fuck me… fuck me, please…" the blonde begged.

Callie trembled at Arizona's words and soon slid three fingers into the blonde's aching need.

Arizona arched her back and silently gasped. "Yes…" she moaned, closing her eyes as she was filled.

Callie took in the sight and her eyes darkened. Arizona looked so hot. She began to pump her fingers at a steady pace.

Arizona began to move her hips, desperately wanting to reach her climax. "Yes, baby… give it to me…" she breathed.

Callie pushed herself into Arizona, deeper and faster, loving every whimper and moan that escaped past the blonde's lips. Arizona was always so responsive to her touch and she felt her fingers being sucked in and out of the blonde tight center. She was in heaven.

"Don't stop…"

"I won't…" Callie whispered back. Arizona's inner muscles began to clamp around her fingers and soon the blonde was a shivering mass of pleasure beneath her.

"Ahh… ahhhhh! Fuck! Oh, yes, Calliope!" the blonde screamed as an orgasm racked her body.

Callie slowly placed loving kisses all over Arizona's face as the blonde came down from her heights of ecstasy. The brunette then laid her head against Arizona's sweaty neck. When the blonde finally found the strength to move, she cradled Callie against her body.

"Wow…" Arizona panted. "I needed that…"

Callie giggled and placed a kiss on Arizona's chest.

"Sit up," Arizona stated in a rather commanding tone.

The brunette furrowed her brows, but climbed off of Arizona and sat up on the couch. Arizona stood from the seat and got down on her knees in front of Callie. The brunette's breath caught as Arizona reached forward and began to inch down her panties. When they were off, the blonde pushed open Callie's legs and eyed the miraculous sight before her. Slowly, lustful blue eyes connected with brown and Arizona gave a wicked smirk.

"It's your turn, Sergeant."

The End

A/N: Yes, it's really the end this time. We've finished another adventure together. I hope you all enjoyed! Please let me know what you thought of the finale! Much love and thank you for all your support!