The long walk to Dumbledore's office took what Winston and Hoss thought forever, and when they all got there, Fudge was beat red, and when he spoke, he showed it. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE?! I HAD PEOPLE APPARATING TO THE MINISTRY IN A PANIC ABOUT SOME WHITE GIANT! AND WHO IN MERLIN'S NAME ARE YOU TWO? Fudge raged, the lightning storm really reflected on his mood, because right when he started yelling, a lightning bolt hit right where the room was, but it was next to it, so it just hit the cobblestone ground on the grounds.

"Mr. Minister, We are the ghostbusters, and we were called from New York by Dumbledore to take care of the poltergeist Peeves. As for that White Giant, that was Gozer, in its manifestation of this etherial plane, a white marshmellow monster named Mr. Stay Puft, back in 1984, we were fighting gozer, and it told us to choose a form that would bring about the destruction of all mankind here, fortunately, Ray picked an easy form to kill, a previous form, such as a giant sloar would have been harder to get rid of. But as for why Gozer was here, it could be one of two reasons, either we caused it somehow, OR, someone summoned him onto this dimension and area." Fudge and Dumbledore did not really understand most of it and Fudge still wanted another explanation.

"Dumbledore, WHY ARE THEIR MUGGLES IN HOGWARTS?" Fudge then asked. "We needed to get rid of Peeves, and these men are the only way to do it." Then the door opened, and Snape came in, saying, Headmaster, are you sure that the only way to get rid of peeves would be to hire men, who deliberatly destroy an area, then capturing the ghost, for all we know their could be a hazardous gas in them, making us think that we will need them again, and also, they destroyed my stock, and knocked me out."Snape said.

"Mr. Zeddemore, Is this true?" Dumbledore asked

"Well, Brainless here also needed to include the fact that he almost got in the way of our stream, so we had to do something."

"Is it true?" Dumbledore asked, again.

"Yes, its true, this man has no brain" Hoss said. Remembering the story Ray told him about the meeting with the mayor, but Snape did not take so kindly that, he took out his wand, aimed it at Hoss, but Dumbledore stopped him with expelliarmus. "Well, that's what I heard." Hoss said.

"Dumbledore, take us all except for Snape to this location, and I want to know who they are." Fudge said.

Fudge, Dumbledore, Winston, and Hoss all apparated to the firehouse, Fudge told them they were getting their memories modified again.

"Sir, if you modify our memories it could cause us all to completly forget this job, and we would most likely be put into an asylum." Egon said.

"Oh, better then you knowing about us." Fudge said. Tensions were escalating at the firehouse, Slimer was about ready to attack Fudge, not something that Slimer normally gets ready for, he was probably the friendliest ghost possible, next to Casper. Peck silently snuck outside just in case, he knew about the wizards ever since the ghostbusters were after that witch who they were told was a Death Eater, even when the ghostbusters were mindwiped, his plan was that if the guys were mindwiped, go to the mayor with the video recordings of Dumbledore apparating at the firehouse, out of it, back to it, and using his magic there, and then, he would say it was an act of war, that the wizards were getting ready to attack all Non-magical people, not exactly a smart plan, but when has he ever come up with a good plan?

"Sir, if you mind wipe us, you will have to accept the fact that this world will be heading to a disaster of biblical proportions." Venkmen said. This got through to Fudge. "What do you mean, biblical?" he asked. "What he means is Old Testament, Minister, real wrath of God type stuff. fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling!" Ray said. "40 years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes." Egon said. "THE DEAD RISING FROM THE GRAVE!" Winston loudly said. "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. MASS HYSTERIA! Venkmen said. "Enough, I get the point. So, what do you want me to do?" Fudge said and asked. "Explain why we where mind wiped the first time."

Fudge sighed deeply, and said "That Death Eater you killed, It was one of Voldemort's best supporters. The reason we mind wiped you was to protect you." He said. "Who's Voldemort?" Hoss asked, The question that was on everyone's mind." Dumbledore decided to explain that one. "Voldemort was a student of mine, who turned into the most evil wizard the wizarding race has ever faced, His first killing was in 1939, and that is the first confirmed, and his last was in 1980, it was because of a baby that he vanished, no one knows where he is now." He concluded. "Why has no one caputred him?" Egon asked. "That, no one knows, and before this meeting gets more complicated, We need to leave, and If you make an unbreakable vow to never talk about us with the Muggles, then, we will not mind wipe you." Fudge said.

"What's tha?" Venkmen asked

"To put it to it's basics, you break it, you die." Fudge said."Sir of all the things we have faced that try to kill us, we have only faced one wizard, so if we ever talk about wizards, first we will tell the public about the giant sloar, the chupacabra, Chtuhu, Dracula, The wolfman, the Sandman, and other supernatural monsters, then we will talk about the friendly wizards, who wanted help with a ghost." Ray said. "Fine" Fudge said. " We are trusting you with this, so don't go chatting away about us."

When Dumbledore and Fudge apparated back to England, Peck came back in, and got in alot of trouble, "Hey, do you clowns want to keep your job, then quit questioning my methods." He said.

Hoss and Winston realized they still needed to empty the traps, so they then went to do that.

For the rest of their lives, neither one of them said anything about the wizards to the general public.

A/N, the witch that they are talking about is one of the episodes of the real ghostbusters cartoon

Well, end of the story, I do hope you guys had as much fun reading this as I had fun writing it.