Whew! Well with the main story of Legacy done, Now I can get started with this; it's the Birth by sleep to my fanfic KH re: Legacy basically so yeah its set twenty years before Kiro begins his adventure and stars Sora and friends! So here ya go

In Special Honor of Kingdom Hearts's 10th Anniversary


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Thinking of you wherever you are,

We pray for our Sorrows to end and hope our hearts will blend now I will step forward to realize this wish

And who knows starting a new Journey may not be so hard or maybe it's already begun

There are many worlds but they all share the same Sky

One Sky-

-One Destiny

Rain hits the water leaving a ripple and then in gold the words


Come up

Prologue: The Final battle

Sora was panting relentlessly he had done it he had freed everyone even Terra who was the hardest to free from their torment.

Sora stared up and glared at the old Master who made him fall into and struggle with the Darkness by his side where Ventus Terra and Riku, it was still hard to believe that the Xehanort he had come to know before his Mark of Mastery (Which he still had yet to pass) was the result of him possessing Terra another of his victims.

The True Xehanort was in a monster version of his armored form with him at the Coreā€¦but Sora didn't need to see his face to know that Xehanort was glaring back.

"This ends now, Xehanort!" Terra yelled and the four charged at the rouge Keyblade Master, he merely blocked them and sent them back Sora leapt to his feet,

"You'll have to better that that old man! LIGHT!" Sora called, and to Terra's surprise Riku and Ven had disappeared, Sora was now in silver and black attire with white wind patterns floating with him Ultima Weapon and to Xehanort's curiosity Wayward Wind.

"Wayward Wind? BAH! Why use my pathetic Ex-pupil's Keyblade?" Xehanort mocked than took a shot at him which Sora blocked with Wayward wind rather quickly then came in for an attack from Ultima Weapon, getting a direct hit,

Sora grinned at his success, "That's why I used it!"

Xehanort growled, "This ends now boy!"

With a roar they charged at each other creating a massive explosion forcing Terra to cover his eyes.


Sora's eyes snapped open, he looked around and saw that he back in his own room he sighed happily that he was it had actually been a week since what he hoped was the final battle with Xehanort; he had done something close to the impossible.

Reconnected what and whom was lost.

There was a knock,

"Yeah?" Sora called.

"Get Dressed!" Sora's father called,

"What's up?" Sora asked as he pulled open his drawers,

"A new family is moving in the Ishius and you and I are going to help them move in!" Tyler called,

"Speaking of which, you should let Riku know that they have a Daughter about his age!" Sora's dad told him slyly,

"Any others?" Sora asked in curiosity, coming out in a simple black t-shirt and red shorts.

"A Boy about thirteen years old." Tyler replied,

"Cool!" Sora piped,

After saving the world, and a whole lot of people Sora appreciated that his entire schedule only called for lifting boxes.

This is merely the Prologue next will be chapter one so...no teasers yet but I still have Time Quest Chronicle chapters and Final Mix scenes to work on they be posted alongside this hopefully