"BOOOOO!" went the audience as KHL ducked for cover, as they threw various fruits and veggies

"Okay I put Drama as a category that means that not all the worlds can have a happy ending!" KHL shouted,

"Ciaossu." KHL looked to see a small hitman with a green chameleon and a kid with spiky brown hair and brown eyes wearing a white and orange jacket with the number 27 on it.

"Do you need a human shield?" Reborn asked,

"HIEEEE?!" Tsuna stated knowing what Reborn meant.

"No thanks." KHL replied as something fell over the wall protecting them from being pelted,

"Why does a Tomato, have a tuba in it?" Tsuna asked

KHL sweat dropped , "Honestly sheer humor, yes I know it doesn't make sense."

"Okay some of you may have noticed that I cut out a lot of stuff from some of the game that was for pacing also the ending was slightly altered though the constellation is seen it's Sora and Co, along with the new Summon who are seen seeing it." KHL explained,

"You mean Fugeo?" Tsuna asked,

"Right, who I also gave Where's Waldo or cameo appearances too, call them what you will."

"By the way I do have a couple ideas of KHR floating around and I do have something planned for you guys in the future so be on the lookout." KHL told them.

"Uh oh." Tsuna gulped.

I own nothing except the stuff I made up

Wizards Vs. Keyblades

Ven went over how Malefor had sent him spiraling in his head it unfortunately made him drift back to a bad memory.

Ven was sent into the wall he struggled to get up but was merely blasted in response.

"Pitiful sometimes I wonder why I put up with you." Xehanort stated as he took his leave poor Ven just laid there.

Ven sighed, "Am I really that weak?" he asked sadly.


Roxas's stomach growled as he rummaged through the fridge.

"Hey quiet I'm trying to find some food." Sadly there was nothing.

"Look's like we're going food shopping on the next stop." He stated.

"And getting some lunch." He noted as he headed up to relay the need to the others. As he did Lea turned to him.

"No food?" he asked,

"How did-"

"Nova told us this morning." Lea replied.

The Bronzette turned to find him laying forward on his chair.

"Hungry…..need…food!" he mumbled slowly,

"Can you hold out?" Xion asked,

"I can try why?" Nova asked.

"Cause we're coming up to another world!" Xion replied ,

A wand is waved and in a flash of light and sparkly smoke a city appears the wand hovers over top of it as the world name appears
[Waverly Place]

Nova happily chowed down on a third or fourth….fifth maybe breakfast burrito as the group walked down the street,

"Well the food situation has been taken care of now we can focus on the gate Fragment." He stated between mouthfuls.

"This place is pretty busy." Roxas mused,

"Yeah it is it's kind of like Twilight Town." Xion added,

"Yes it is mind you I can feel a magical presence here its kind of strong." Aqua mused,

"What do you figure any Id on that?" Lea asked,

"Well it's only feels strong because it's many sources instead of one but I don't know what's causing it." Aqua replied.

"Maybe this place is just full of magic, I mean I know it doesn't look like the place to find that much magic but you can find it anywhere this world may also have a strong connection or a gate way to a more magical one." Nova pointed out,

Aqua mused, "That's true." She replied as they went forward, walking down the street there were plenty of stores down this way and Roxas had caught sight of a sign that said

'Waverly Place.' However he put at the back of his mind and followed the others to where Nova's pendent had lit up pointing to a sandwich shop called Waverly Station.

"There in all places?" Xion asked,

"I guess so." Nova replied as he walked.

"Hey keep what happened last time in mind!" Lea called as they entered the room Nova kept his eyes peeled his pendent poked towards the kitchen door as he hesitantly looked back at his friends then the door.

He suddenly felt something, a presence inside the kitchen feeling this as a worthy excuse to check it out he entered, however as he did a tall lanky boy with dark hair with a dark blue jacket shirt over a red one with beige pants.

He was followed by a girl also with Dark hair wearing a floral pattern spaghetti strapped shirt over a purple long sleeved shirt and pants.

"Why would you enchant cookies! You were supposed to bring something to enchant not something mom brought in which by the way was for the class!" the boy snapped.

"You said it could be anything." The girl replied,

"Yes! From the night before!" he snapped,

"You can't say that I didn't do my homework because mom brought cookies." The girl replied smugly knowing that she was right.

"Excuse me?" Nova replied taping the boy on the shoulder,

"Uh I think there may be a source of magic in your kitchen, may I have a look?" Nova asked,

"Magic? Are you a…." the boy asked making sure no one could hear him,

"A wizard?" he whispered,

"I don't know what a wizard is but I can do magic." Nova replied cloaking himself in a small force field to prove it.

They were surprised to see a magic different from their own,

"Nova there you are, what are you doing?" Xion asked as she and the others,

The older boy seemed to freeze up,

"Don't worry they're with me they can use Magic too!" Nova replied inwardly grinning at how well he had handled the then simply showed his pendant and pointed to the kitchen.

"Ohh Kid's learning after all." Lea thought smirking,

"Well for out of the ordinary there is that glowing rock we found that Dad is using as a battery." The girl replied,


Jerry managed to get his scheme up and running.

"Perfect if the wizard council lets us keep this rock we'll never have to pay a power bill again!"

End Flashback

"He's using the Gate Fragment as a Battery?!" Nova thought in his head taking a deep breath before continuing.

"Hey any chance I could have a look at it, trust me if it's what I think it is then you really don't want it powering your restaurant even if it is powering your restaurant." Nova replied,

"Well that's not up to us we're waiting for the Wizard council to take a look at it and if they let us keep it then we get to do whatever we want with it and the way things are look it's gonna be a backup generator." The boy replied,

"Oh, well hmmm I'm Nova by the way."

"Alex Russo." She stated before her brother could get a say,

"I was gonna go first, Justin Russo!" Justin replied shaking his hand Nova was a little confused by Justin's reaction but shook it off.

"Nova hey!" Xion called as she and Roxas came up with him Roxas gave a 'sup' wave as Nova introduced them and explained the situation.

"It sounds like you found something we're looking for, when is this Wizard Council coming to take a look?" Xion asked,

"Today around noon, which I won't be there for." Justin replied, thinking about a few weeks ago when he had blown up about Alex winning.

"Why not?" Roxas asked,

"There was a noodle incident involving a camera and an award." Justin replied,

"How do the noodles fit in to why you can't be around the Wizard council?" Nova asked,

"It means something happened between them and him but Justin doesn't want to give all the details." Roxas explained quickly,

"So where is it?" Nova asked being a little too blunt however they were soon inside a large spacious lair that if Roxas hadn't actually gone in would've passed off as a meat locker,

"Wow check it out!" Xion mused as they looked around noticing a table of food.

"Don't eat that." Justin stated when he noticed,

Roxas suddenly saw the Gate Fragment glowing more than usual with jumper cables attached to it.

"Is it being used to power the Restaurant?" Xion asked,

"Yeah." Justin and Alex replied simply their dad could be really cheap at times,

"Now what?" Nova asked whispering,

"Simple hang around here till this Wizard Council shows up." Roxas replied,

"We'll have to explain everything to everyone then they should be willing to let it go, but…..why did they make it a battery!" Nova stated,

"Is it really bugging you that much?" Roxas asked sweat dropping.

The question was never answered there was a commotion outside wordlessly the three rushed out to where they found Lea and Aqua taking out some Heartless,

Aqua fired a couple of Spells while Lea send a Chackram flying into the side of a Wizard Heartless burning it. The Heartless Met its doom after Roxas impaled it with his Keyblade he then turned Two-become one into Oblivion and Oathkeeper and got to work.

"DOUBLE RAID!" he shouted sending both into a new Heartless that resembled a Halloween-esque Witch on a broom casting poison and sleep spells as well as a spell that burned Xion on contact.

"Xion heads up!" Roxas yelled sending her a Pacnea which she downed,

"Thanks!" she called as she thrust Competitive Spirit into the Chest of a Soldier Heartless then slicing a Neo Shadow in half,

"GYRO!" Xion yelled sending the metal ball into a Heartless Nova was defending himself from the tackle attack of a Wyvern Heartless he then was fighting with a Hook bat Heartless he managed to catch it on his Keyblade and swing it around knocking it into several foes before finishing up.

"SLAM BUSTER!" Nova called slamming his attack into the ground sending several Heartless skyward,

"PRISIM RAIN!" Aqua yelled sending several colored lights into Shadows killing them,

"Aqua we've got stragglers!" Lea stated as he chasing a couple of Flood Unversed headed back into the restaurant.

"Roxas, Xion, Nova can you handle things out here?" Lea asked turning back,

"I'm sorry I thought we we're best friends?" Roxas mocked,

Lea smirked, "I take that as a yes!" he stated running off. They had rushed through the restaurant and into the hidden room where Aqua took them out with two strokes of her Keyblade having teleported ahead of Lea.

Lea sighed, "I had them ya know." He muttered before seeing a table of food next to him,

"Ooo Cookies, ya want one?" Lea asked holding one up,

"No! and you shouldn't either it's rude and we have no idea where those came from especially since you found them here, this looks like some sort of class room I think, for training with Non-combat Magic." Aqua scolded softening as she mused about the room.

"Non-combat you mean like turning things into frogs?" Lea asked while Cure and the status spells didn't do damage they were still considered Combat spells.

Aqua nodded however the moment was short lived as another set of Floods came in the room,

"Really?" Lea asked as he and Aqua summoned their weapons they rushed the flood jumped towards what Lea saw was the Fragment.

"Oh no you don't he stated stabbing them he then turned and practically jumped into the table his face landing in the cookies as he fell he sat up and just sat there,

The scene suddenly stops as Kusco popped up,

"Hey there, just making sure you didn't forget me you know Emperor Kusco okay from what I'm seeing Lea just swallowed some magic cookies so some weirdness from them is gonna go down"

"Kusco get out of here!" Yelled KHL

"Alright, Alright!"

Scene resumes…

"Lea are you alright?" she asked the next thing she knew Lea had shoved a bunch of Cookies into her face,

"FOOD FACE!" Lea yelled uncharacteristically and Aqua managed to swallow a piece of cookie.


Roxas panted and sighed,

"Man I thought that would never end." He muttered,

Nova fell on his back, "Can we get a drink please!" he whined exhausted and thirsty,

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea it sounds like Lea and Aqua took care of things in there anyway." Roxas replied getting then relaxing at a table but it did not last,



"What?" was the only word Roxas muttered, he turned to see Aqua with her Keyblade over her head chasing Lea around who was screaming like a little kid he finally hid behind Nova who had just come in.

"Don't let her kill me I wanna live!" Lea whined making Nova blink,

"Am I taking my Mark of Mastery Exam?" he asked,

Alex was laughing at this, "I could watch this all day." She replied in an amused tone,

"You don't care about what this means do you?!" Justin snapped a little panicked he had seen this once before.

"What's wrong with you two?" Roxas asked getting over his shock and getting up,

"Lea stuffed food in my face!" Aqua whined pointing at,

"Nuh uh!" Lea stated,

"Yeah huh!" Aqua stated

"Nuh Huh!" Lea retorted,

"Yeah huh!" Aqua snapped back Roxas eyes went to the size of Saucers as the process repeated, with Nova breaking it up.

"Something is very wrong!" he stated.

"What do we do and what's happened to them they're acting like little kids!" Xion stated,

"Why is the lair a mess!" yelled a women's voice soon a couple of adults came in a man with hazel hair wearing a light blue polo shirt with beige pants alongside a Woman with a magenta shirt and jeans.

The man's face was red Roxas guessed this was Alex and Justin's dad and it was instantly confirmed,

"WHO, WHAT, WHERE, ALEX!" he stated pointing at her,

"Why is everything my fault?" Alex asked,

"Because you used mom's cookies for your homework and enchanted them with the kids food spell." Justin replied smugly,

"You said the first spell I found it's your fault for flipping to that page." Alex replied,

"Actually it's probably my fault. I left the door to that room open." Nova replied smiling sheepishly,

"We do magic!" he stated before the parents could ask.

"Well why wasn't the food disenchanted?" Alex's dad Jerry asked,

"Because we don't have enough Undo dust we probably have enough to break the spell on these two that's it." Justin replied wishing he had known that before planning the lesson as there wasn't enough to powder on all the food and keep for emergencies.

"And this is why we have a grocery list and check on things." Theresa stated,

"I told Max to write it down!" Jerry defended as a boy in an orange shirt and beige jeans came down,

"Oh Undo dust I thought you meant Voodoo dust." He replied,

"I wondered why that was on there." Jerry deadpanned Roxas at this point was fed up with all the questions and answers.

"NOBODY CARES! Just change them back!" he stated pointing at Aqua who was turning forks into spoons thanks to a spell book that and Lea who was making funny faces at people out the window.

"This looks like a fun spell!" Aqua stated, Roxas and Xion looked her to see she now had the fragment they then looked at each other and had the same response.


"This Gate Fragment is having a bad day so make it fly away!" she stated as the glowing rock started lift off and fly away.

Suddenly Lea a little jealous snatched the book and ran off with it,

"HEY! Lea that's mine!" she shouted Lea had shouted something back in response but it was too far away to here.

Roxas's jaw dropped and a hand went to his head.

"Why?...just…..tell me that!" he stated exasperated this would not end well what so ever.

"Okay we've got Three hours thirty seven minutes and fifty-five seconds to fix this."

"What if we made them eat pizza it worked on mom and dad." Max stated

"Okay we make pizza wait we don't have the stuff for Pizza." Justin stated Roxas glanced around at his surroundings and got a deadpan look on his face,


"Okay get the stuff for pizza, make the pizza get the rock get Aqua and Lea…"

"Is that their names?" Justin asked the others nodded.

"Get Aqua and Lea back and if all goes well…..which it won't." Justin stated realizing that all three could be anywhere by now.

"Maybe we should use the redo spell." Alex suggested,

"We're gonna try something else first but that is a good back up! And the perfect situation for it, I think our second best chance is use the Undo dust on them that way its less work because we're pressed for time we've got to get that rock back!" Jerry stated getting a look from Theresa.

"So the Wizard council can tell us what it is…and whether or not it's dangerous…..anyway I have a spell that will make sure you don't miss when trying to fix them he stated writing something down then handing a piece of paper to Max, Alex and Justin.

"We'll have to spilt up into three groups!" Nova stated putting on a sarge's helmet.

"Troops each of our teams has a simple task all of which contribute to the greater task one group goes after Lea and Aqua the others, the other get the Fragment the final one should get more Undo dust in case we run out and stall the wizard council!"

"I'll take Xion and…uh what's your name?" Nova asked,


"Max! with me to find the Fragment, Roxas, Alex and Justin will look for Aqua and Lea upon finding our targets we strike with the undo dust without mercy."

Roxas gave a deadpan look while sweat dropping "You watched an army comedy last night didn't you?"

"That means you and I are going shopping and stalling the Wizard council it's the easy job." Jerry stated,

"Still not happy about it." Theresa replied,

"Troops on wards to battle!" he stated running out.

"Don't ask I don't know where that came from." Roxas stated simply before following.

With Xion, Nova and Max….

"Okay If I was a floating rock where would I be?" Xion stated after silently removing the army helmet from Nova's head.

Max however spotted a bunch of balloons, and grinned,

"I'll meet up with you guys…I've got a fool proof plan!" he stated catching their attention then running off towards the Vendor.

"Give me all the balloons you got!" he stated handing the Vendor money Nova and Xion gaped their expectations crushed,

"Balloons won't save us!" Nova snapped in vain then took a deep breath to think.

"It couldn't have gotten too far, I'll have to cast vanish but if I can get higher I might have a better view." Nova replied.

"Okay let me know if you see anything." Xion stated Nova hid in an alley there was a slight rumble before something flew over them not that they could see Nova from his Keyblade Rider looked as hard as he could,

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea I've got a better view but the city but now it's too small to see." Nova stated before musing,

"I'm thinking about this to straight forward I need to feel for its power." He thought before concentrating waiting his pendant gave off a glow and pointed into the direction to his right.

He saw it in the distance faintly but surely,

"This way!" he stated once he came down from above rushing in the direction heading forward they found themselves in a park.

"Now what? Hey what about-"

"I need every balloon ya got!" Max stated,

"Never mind." Xion replied.

With Justin, Alex and Roxas…..

Roxas glanced around hoping for hide or hair of them so far nothing,

"I don't suppose you have a track people you know spell on the top of your head?" Roxas asked,

Before Justin could answer there was the sound of screaming and crying that sounded all too familiar.

"There they are!" Roxas stated as they found Lea up in a tree with the spell book in hand and Aqua throwing a hissy fit.

"LEAAAAA Gimme back my book!"

"My book!" Lea mockingly replied as she continued to yell and cry,

Roxas's threw his hands to his face in embarrassment and shock.

"I can't watch this!" he moaned,

He turned and suddenly found himself faced to face with a girl wearing an unusual dress staring she had red hair and the dress seemed to be Key and Keyhole themed,

"It just got so much worse!" Roxas moaned face plaming.

The girl just looked at Alex who smiled a little sheepishly.

"Hey Harper."

"Are they….."

"Under a spell, yes." Alex replied to Harper.

"Who's this?" Roxas asked trying to pry himself away from the scene before him,

"This is Harper she's a friend of ours." Alex replied,

"Is this guy a wizard too?" Harper asked.

"I do magic if that's what you mean, I'm Roxas that's Aqua and Lea….believe me when I say that this isn't how they usually act." Roxas replied,

"I've seen weirder." Harper replied casually.

"Good….So at least you believe me." Roxas replied then face palmed when he saw the sight of Aqua climbing the tree attempting to bring Lea down with people rushing by a lady hurried her boy along stating something about not making contact with crazy people.

"Okay before your friends become even larger laughing stocks." Alex replied pulling out the Undo dust Jerry had given them then pulled her wand out,

"On Lea and Aqua I need a Marksmen shot so make this undo dust hit the right spot!" she stated as a soft light hit Lea and Aqua and the dust but before Alex could get some out Lea was out of the tree and running off with Aqua in pursuit.

"HEY!" Roxas shouted rushing after them however Harper saw something that Roxas didn't,




"Roller Skaters." Harper finished Roxas had been pushed out of the way and landed in a fountain nearby he got out soaked he realized something and sighed.

"Today is going to be sucky." He muttered.

With Jerry and Theresa….

Jerry sighed as he sat in the chair next to his wife.

"Okay, lair is clean…and we agree that Justin never does food based lessons again and nothing edible ever goes into the lair."

"Agreed! What time is it?" Theresa asked,

Jerry saw the clock and his eyes widened, "Time to think of a plan because Professor Crumbs is gonna be here with the council in five minutes!" he stated,

With Nova, Xion and Max…..

"Max seriously don't you think you have enough balloons?" Xion asked exasperated,

"Now I do!" he stated.

"Okay you've only told us that this was some kind of full proof plan are we talking about here?" Nova asked,

"I'm gonna tie all these balloons around me and fly up and get the Gate Fragment!" Max stated,

"That's a horrible idea!" Xion stated,

"You have no idea how many factors will make you plan fail there's wind distance, speed, weather-" As Nova listed off various trouble Max had already flown off into the air much to their dismay.

"Now what?" Nova asked,

"I don't know, hopefully he's got more to it than just floating around." Xion replied

The two kept their eyes to the sky passing by Roxas and the others as they went,

"Have you seen Lea or Aqua?" Roxas asked,

"No but if you see Max floating on balloons above you get him down!" Xion replied before she and Nova ran off.

"What has he done now?" Justin asked as they suddenly saw Max trying to go after the Gate Fragment by flying.

"Xion, Nova!" Roxas yelled pointing up however Max's balloons were popped by an incoming Arc Raven Unversed that made Max fall on top of Roxas.

"Yup just like I thought." he stated as Max got off,

"Uh….what are these things?" Justin asked

"Unversed!" Xion stated summoning Competitive Spirit and charging,

"Something tells me that Vanitas won't be too far behind." Roxas stated as he summoned his Keyblades and charged.

"ARS ARCANUM!" Roxas yelled slashing through several floods like butter,

"SHEILDRA!" Nova shouted protecting himself from several Brusiers that tried to strike him only to strike hard when they were stunned, Xion summoned a fire raid to strike down an Arc Raven it fell and was instantly killed by Nova's thunder spell,

Justin had sent a couple airborne with a spell allowing Xion to kill them while they were air-tossed,

"Thanks!" Xion yelled as she ran through several more sending them up into the air and hitting them with Balloonga.

"THUNDER!" Nova yelled hitting them before finishing with a Strike Raid.

the Russo kids had also sent a couple of spells at the Heartless finishing them off and with that the fight ended.

"Where are Lea and Aqua?" Roxas asked,

"They must've left while we we're fighting and now we have no idea where the Gate Fragment is ahh man!" Nova stated hanging his head.

"Now what?" Max asked,

"We keep trying that's what." Roxas replied,

"That Balloon thing was the best idea I had." Max muttered,

"We'll think of something else, right now we need to do damage control." Nova stated,

"Right a flying rock could expose the wizard world!" Justin stated as he ran off.

"Or maybe no one will notice the flying rock." Alex stated being more calm about it however the group went their separate ways and resumed their search.


Vanitas and Braig searched but found nothing but did learn what had happened.

"So the Gate Fragment is flying around town and two of the heroes are acting like toddlers, things just got a whole lot more interesting." Vanitas replied,

"I say we attack the shop that will bring Roxas and his friends running." He stated summoning Void Gear,

"As if there's no point yet and right now I'm cooking up a scheme to get the rock without a hassle." Braig replied,

"No attacking? Where's the fun in that?" Vanitas replied in an exasperated tone.

"Hey once the old coot gets a third Gate Fragment do what you want." Braig replied shrugging.

Vanitas smiled evilly under his helmet.



With Roxas, Harper, Justin and Alex….

"Lea, Aqua, come out, come out where ever you are!" Roxas called,

"We have cookies!" Alex called,

"No we don't." Roxas retorted,

"Yeah but they don't know that." Alex replied mischievously,

"Gee can't see lying about cookies to toddlers blowing up in your face." Justin sarcastically replied,

Alex was about to say something when Roxas shouted,

"Over there, LEA!" he shouted, Lea was precariously perched on a statue in the park.

"LEAAAA!" Roxas yelled thankfully he got the Pyro's attention,

"Hey Roxas, lookie what I got!" he stated holding the book up,

"Where's Aqua?" the Bronzette yelled,

"Don't know but I got her spell book!" he stated holding it up with a grin.

"Is that bad?" Harper asked fearing the words within the book she knew from experience what problems magic could cause.

"It's okay as long as he can't use that much magic we should be fine." Justin replied,

"Lea has a Keyblade he just doesn't use it as much." Roxas warned, making Justin's eyes go wide with fear.

"Lea whatever you do don't read anything out of that book!" Justin shouted a little spastically.

Lea however got an evil look in his eye and flipped it open,

"Let me pick a random place to put a giant case!" he stated pointing to the left there was a light and falling from the sky on top of the Cabbage Cart was a large dorm chest.

"MY CABBAGES!" the Cabbage merchant cried hopelessly.

Lea flipped through the book and grinned at the sight of a spell.

"This Red head won't lie, he wants lots of pie!" Suddenly there was a small bit of thunder and storm clouds appeared,

"Incoming!" Harper yelled hiding under a park bench Justin looked up only for pie to fall in his face, Alex laughed until a pie hit her square in the head prompting a laugh from Justin at this point Roxas covered in pie was climbing up the statue.

"Lea you get down here now!" he stated however Lea jumped off the up draft from the jump flipped the book to the combat spells page.

"Here's one Thundaga!" he called zapping the statue with Roxas sadly still on it the poor former number thirteen falling like a log.

He got up without a word the other three still wide-eyed at the fact Roxas had taken full brunt of the spell on a metal statue.

"You're good just walk it off!" Harper encouraged Roxas grabbed a potion and swallowed it.

"I feel better." He stated simply before falling to the ground.

With Xion, Nova and Max….

Xion having bought binoculars looked into the sky alongside Nova,

"It's a flying glowing rock you'd think it'd be easy to find." Nova muttered,

"Yeah…well sadly that's never the case." Xion replied speaking from experience where she had spent hours at a time finding a specific Heartless,

"Plus Murphy's Law is beating down on us today," She added.

"Murphy's Law? Who is this Murphy? Is he an ally of Xehanort?" Nova asked,

"No Murphy's Law is a basically where anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Xion replied as she continued to search.

"I see a hawk, and all the balloons the Heartless didn't pop and a glowing floating rock with several ravens after it."

"WHAT?!" Xion and Nova stated in unison they instantly looked to where Max was and there it was now plowing through clouds.

"After that rock!" Nova yelled taking off on his Keyblade glider and rushing after it killing off the Arc Ravens in the process withdrawing Gakushen he made the jump and clung to the rock and was now floating with it.

"That was a bad idea." He muttered wide-eyed passing a glance to the ground.

"AHHH XION HELP!" he cried realizing that he was now too high to jump down.

"Nova!" Xion called as she and Max chased after him,

"Not fun, Not Fun!" Nova yelled as he flew away.

"What do we do how do we catch them?!" Xion asked when they couldn't keep up with the rock.

Max got a sneaky look glancing at Xion's Keyblade.

"Don't tell me…" the raven sighed soon she and Max were on top of a balloonza spell searching for Nova while Xion made it move forward with Aeroga.

"See anything yet?" She asked,

"Over there!" Max stated as Nova clung for dear life.

"A Balloon! Save me!" Nova called when he saw them.

"Hold on Nova we're on our way, Max get out the undo dust! She stated as the balloon was now under Nova Xion stopped using Aeroga and focused Competitive Spirit on the dust.

"On this Gate Fragment I need a Marksmen shot so make this Undo dust hit the right spot!" Xion yelled as the stone lit up along with the dust one toss and Nova fell on the balloon the stone in hand.

With Jerry and Theresa….

"Where are they?" Theresa asked,

"I don't know but we're in trouble guess who just showed up." Jerry replied when they heard knocking,

"Hello….the door seems to be stuck." Professor Crumbs called,

Theresa gave her husband a dead pan look.

"What?" Jerry replied.

With Xion, Max and Nova…

"I'm just glad we have this now." Nova muttered stuffing it into his pocket.

"Don't forget it needs to be checked out by the Wizard Council." Xion pointed out,

"At this point that's the least of our worries we need to find Roxas and the others so we can find Aqua and Lea."

"Do you guys hear crying?" Max asked, they didn't respond.

"I know random." Max replied somewhat apologetically.

"Normally but yeah I hear it too." Xion replied,

"Let's see what it is." Nova replied soon after find Aqua sitting and Crying by herself.

"Gimme!" Nova stated taking the remaining Undo Dust from Xion.

"On Aqua I need a marksmen shot so make this undo dust hit the right spot!" Nova called before throwing the last of the undo dust on Aqua she immediately straightened up and wiped her eyes and looked around confused.

"Have I been crying? Xion Nova what's going on?" Aqua asked,

"We'll explain on the way right now Lea under a spell that's making him act like an irresponsible child is running around with a spell book!" Nova stated.

"That's not good!" Aqua stated,

"How'd he end up like that?" she added as an afterthought.

"Actually the question is how did both of you end up like that." Xion replied as they went to explain.

With Roxas, Justin, Harper and Alex….

"Lea where are you, answer me!" Roxas called having gone off from Alex and the others to search then sighing the red head's trail had gone cold and the bronzette shook his head.

"Where is he?" he suddenly heard something that filled him with dread rushing over to see Lea surrounded by Heartless but doing nothing.

"Lea!" Roxas shouted rushing into battle and killing them all off fighting them off alone.

"LEA DO SOMETHING!" Roxas cried, Lea did nothing leaving Roxas to finish the fight alone.

Tired, Roxas was at least grateful that he had finally found and caught up to Lea.

"Lea we need to get you back to the others!" Roxas stated,

"Why should I?" Lea asked not wanting to move,

"Because, I said so!" Roxas snapped,

Lea mused and said, "Nope don't wanna!" he stated Roxas growled,

"Okay when will you want to?" he asked,

"Never!" Lea gleefully replied making Roxas growl even more,

"You're coming with me!" Roxas stated grabbing Lea's arm and pulling however making whining sounds Lea.

"Lea, stop being so stubborn!" Roxas shouted however the Pyro still wouldn't budge,

"Leaaa!" Roxas growled trying to pull him then got an idea.

"Well, if you won't come back you'll miss the surprise." Roxas replied.

"Surprise? What surprise?" Lea asked,

"Nothing important now you don't want to come with me, soooo." Roxas replied,

"Yeah, yeah I do I wanna see the surprise!" Lea stated childishly making Roxas smirk since his back was turned to Lea.

"You promise to be good?" Roxas asked, holding out his hand.

"Don't shake unless you mean it." Roxas replied,

Lea shook his hand and Roxas nodded,

"Alright let's go." He stated leading Lea around he needed to be quick Lea right now had the attention span of a walnut so he had to find them quick too bad they hadn't thought to meet back somewhere.

"Guys heeeey!" Roxas called hoping it would work however nothing his hopes were just beginning to fall when he saw Xion's group.

"Guys!" Roxas shouted rushing over.

"Please tell me you have some Undo dust left!" he begged,

"Um well….Xion was about to reply when they heard a ringing."


"Yes I know but Roxas and Justin decided to split up!" stated Alex.

"Hey!" they all shouted, Alex looked over and saw Roxas with Lea.

"Just found them, gotta go!" Justin yelled into the phone then rushing over Undo Dust in hand throwing on Lea before he could react.

"Huh, why are we in a park?" the Pyro asked confused.

Roxas sighed in relief, "Finally." He muttered sighing in relief that the spell on Lea had been broken,

"Why do I feel like I've been running around all day?" he stated,

Aqua sighed having been told, "It's a long embarrassing story."

"And painful." Roxas added remembering that he had been zapped on a large metal statue.

"Okay I'd love to sit and chat about our day and how it's been but shouldn't we get back to the Substation before the Wizard Council do?" Justin asked,

"Yeah!" Xion agreed with the group rushing back to the Substation.


"Again my Husband is so sorry he locked you in the lair….aren't you Jerry?" She asked.

"Oh yes very!" Jerry replied almost doing the I'm-not-worthy-bow however the group just charged in with the Gate Fragment in hand.

"We're here!" they all shouted showing the rock and handing it over to professor Crumbs who was a man in a black outfit with a pointy hat with a funny hat and a long white beard similar to that of Merlin or Yensid.

"Ahh Alex and Justin Russo."

"We're their friends we do magic!" Nova stated,

"I've got this…." He whispered to the others as they patiently waited for Professor Crumbs to examine it alongside the Wizard Council.

There was suddenly a ring from the phone,

"Hello?" Max asked picking it up, "It's for you." He replied passing it to Crumbs,

"Hello? Mhmm uh huh yes, thank you that frees up my day completely alright I'll bring it down."

"Everyone I have good news and bad news." Professor Crumbs stated,

"Okay." Everyone replied,

"The good news is someone was kind enough to give me a verdict about the stone." Crumbs replied,

"What's the bad news?" Nova asked,

"Don't say it!" Jerry moaned he knew all too well what was coming.

"The Rock is very dangerous and needs to be confiscated immediately fortunately there are gentlemen down stairs highly trained for this sort of thing and have agreed to take it off your hands." Crumbs stated as he took it down stairs.

Jerry hung his head in defeat however our heroes were uneasy.

"Something's not right…" Aqua muttered,

"We'd better get down there." Roxas replied as they did so finding a bunch of Unversed.

"Look out!" Aqua cried cutting them all down saving Crumbs however finding the Vantias was flaunting the Gate Fragment in front of them before tossing it into a Dark Corridor.

"Oops." He mock deadpanned.

"Vanitas, Braig!" Roxas snapped,

"Hey Kiddo, Poppet, Flamylocks, long time no see." Braig replied,

"That depends on who you ask." Lea curtly replied,

"Yeah cause for us a million years would be that!" Nova stated trying to add to Lea's snark.

"Now that's just hurtful." Braig replied as Vanitas summoned more Unversed,

Alex and Justin had come down to see what the fuss was about,

"Yeah...I see what's happening here." She stated,

"What?" Justin asked Alex just gave him a deadpan look,

Immediately the battle started Roxas and Vanitas clashed striking Vanitas was fast enough to block and parry blows from both Oblivion and Oathkeeper meanwhile Xion began to clash with Braig while Aqua concentrated on the Heartless Nova pulled Professor Crumbs unconscious inside.

"Stay in here!" he yelled loudly before going to assist Aqua.

"THUNDER RAID!" he yelled zapping several Arc Ravens that went by before cutting down a couple of Floods,

Aqua spun around using Light bloom to kill off several Xion meanwhile was busy keeping shieldra spells up to keep from being shot.

Vanitas had knocked Roxas back with a dark Fira spell before trying to impale him.

"ARS ARCANUM!" Roxas yelled hitting Vanitas hard but getting a powerful attack in return, Roxas rolled out of the way of another blow as he downed a potion and jumped,

"THUNDER!" Roxas yelled striking after the spell hit and knocking Vanitas into the air with several combos.

"ARTIC THRUST!" Xion yelled slamming the spell into Braig as he reloaded his sniper and struck. Xion blasted back tried to regain her footing only for Roxas to catch her causing both to be struck by a combined attack from Braig and Vanitas.

The two were sent into the ground Lea who had been helping Nova fight off several Heartless rushed to their aid and pulled out his Keyblade Flame Dancer the hand guard was one of his Chakrams while the shaft and teeth were a large fire the curved at the top.

Taking good aim he landed a powerful slash on Vanitas who was burned as he rolled in the air from being caught on fire.

"Just evening the odds." He muttered before helping Roxas go after Vanitas the three going on a three way clash.

"FLAME VORTEX!" Lea yelled summoning a large fire tornado that trapped Vanitas the Masked boy despite being burned managed to get out as the attack fizzled.

Then dismissing it and summoning his Chakrams Roxas used Oathkeeper and Oblivion to link to Lea's chakrams, and with that Lea began to spin round and round Oathkeeper had fire on the edge burning Vanitas and cutting into him as they spun.

Vanitas however covered himself in a black sphere and sent several black copies of himself sending them at Lea and Roxas the duo trying to dodge but we're bombarded.

Xion who had just managed to knock Braig back saw that Vanitas was about to finish them.

"We need to do something!" Justin yelled rushing out with Alex following more cautiously Justin muttered a spell as Xion yelled out for a Stopga spell however the two had clashed with each other just as they hit Vanitas who was knocked back he groaned and woke up helmet knocked off and saw himself in the window as a five year old child.

"WHAT WHAT THE!? I'M FIVE YEARS OLD!" Vanitas screeched unable to believe it,

Alex however looking around as she saw Nova and Aqua take the last of the unversed out noticed something.

"Where's that eye patch guy?" she thought she looked around and saw that Braig had gotten to higher ground aiming at her brother who was gaping with the others at the now child Vanitas,

"Justin! This bad man with an eye patch is no longer not a guinea pig should fill his slot!" she yelled a blast of magic and light hit Braig there was a squeak and with the sniper now back in two pieces was a guinea pig with Braig's scar, scarf and eye patch and hair style was a Guinea pig.

Braig pig shook his head and looked up,

"Whoa what happened to you Sparky?!" Braig asked in a high pitch voice,

"The same thing that happened to you!" Vanitas snapped Braig looked at the window and sharply turned on Alex with a tiny yell.


"You'd think he'd would've turned into a rat." Lea mused however before anyone could react Vanitas opened a dark corridor grabbing Braig rushed through.

"You'll pay for this!" he snapped rushing through,


"Well they did say it was dangerous I just they didn't show us how." Justin replied as he cleaned the kitchen,

"At least they didn't damage the Sub Station thanks for that you did a great job." Jerry replied,

"Happy to help Alex and Justin leant a hand there in the end too so thanks though I'm not quite sure what happened in the end Vanitas is a five year old and Braig's a Guinea pig." Xion mused,

"Again you'd think he would've turned into a rat." Lea replied,

"Why?" Alex asked in a mouthful of fries,

"Cause he is one." Lea muttered Roxas nodded in understanding.

"I know Professor Crumbs tried to rush back inside after he saw him." Max replied,

"Why?" Aqua asked,

"Eye patch everyone knows eye patches are evil." Crumbs stated,

"That might be a bit Stereotypical." Aqua thought.

"Hey thanks for the meal but we got to get going maybe next time we come we won't have to chase spell bound friends of ours." He joked,

"Yeah me and Alex will be able to show you around." Harper replied,

"We'll be sure to eat here when you get back and stay a little longer next time." Jerry replied,

"We'll remember." Roxas replied with a laugh.


Adrian sat she touched a button on her cell phone everything was set for when the brats returned to Radiant Garden, she suddenly caught wind of a dark corridor with to her surprise a Guinea pig and a toddler rushed out,

"Vanitas?" she asked the boy growled in response,

"Where's Braig?" she asked Vanitas showed the rat in a man handled position.

"What happened?" She asked,

"You we're lazy that's what happened!" Braig snapped.

"Oh no I can't come on a grunt mission I'm busy!" Braig mocked,

"You're saying you can see into the future did you know freak spells would turn us into this!" he snapped,

"Someone's grumpy and didn't the master say she needed to find someone for him for when the idiot squad gets back?" Vanitas replied,

"I remember that part of the morning." Adrian replied,

"Yeah yeah a copy through and through." Braig muttered still furious,

"What?" Vanitas asked,

"You're a replica kid so of course you're going to do what the old coot says the Vanitas I knew did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted maybe I should just call you lap dog." Braig spat hotly making Vanitas's eye twitch.

"Hey Adrian, got any food recipes for rodents?" Vanitas asked,

"As a matter of fact I do, a couple in fact for a dish called cuy." She replied,

"Sounds good." Vanitas replied,

"HEY we don't need to go there that's cannibalism!" Braig snapped,

"Not really you're a Guinea pig." Adrian pointed out.

"DON'T EAT ME I WAS JOKING…ha ha don't you people have a sense of Humor?" Braig asked the response was being tossed away like a rag doll,

"I don't know who the Master sent you to talk to but they ain't seeing me like this!" Vanitas snapped snapping his fingers summoning two scrappers.

"You go find the Master tell him what's happened!" he stated to the one of the left and it took off,

"And you find me a juice box!" he snapped the other vanished with out of sight,

"So who did you talk to and why does the old coot want him around?" Braig asked having recovered,

Adrian smirked, "That would be telling."

-Kingdom Tales 16-

A random man in the Radiant garden picked up a carton of milk while music played he then saw an Unversed pick up a couple of juice boxes Apple and orange it noticed the man's presence looked at him and disappeared.

"AAAHHHHHH!" the man screamed running away and he never went back to that market.


Keyblades obtained


Strength +7 Magic +13

Ability: Magic Finale: Xion's final spell before all of her magic is used up and must recharge is the strongest

Appearance: the bottom center of the hand guard is a wand with Magic shooting up from it and curving over the hand guard is material used for dresses the token and links are sandwhiches.


Witch: a Heartless that casts status spells they are very annoying as they tend to prefer putting their foes to sleep

Special Attacks and spells

Novato: Slam Buster: Hits the opponent with a powerful downward blow

Alex Russo: A Wizard in training she is a bit lazy and care free but talented in magic though often at odds with Justin she cares for him deeply as shown when she cast a spell on Braig to save him (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Justin Russo: A Wizard in training and the oldest child while Alex is naturally talented at magic Justin's talent and expertise comes from hard work and study like his sister though at odds with her does care for her deeply (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Max Russo: A Wizard in training and the youngest Russo he has an unusual way of thinking as shown when his plan for getting a then flying Gate Fragment was flying on balloon power however he seems to have his own set of smarts (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Jerry Russo: Once a wizard himself he owns a Sub Station a bit of a Cheapskate he tried to use the Gate Fragment to power the Sub Station it worked but he had to give it up when it would only bring the Russo's trouble (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Theresa Russo: Alex and Justin's mother unlike her kids she is mortal she owns the Sub Station alongside Jerry the two worked to keep the Wizard Council and Professor Crumbs Occupied until all the problems that magic food had caused had been solved…even if it was locking them in the lair (Which was Jerry's idea) (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Harper Dinkely: Alex's best friend she helped to track down a missing and at the time spell cast Lea she is a bit of a fashion designer this dress being good for the Russo's latest visitors Roxas and Co she also seems to be the voice of reason between the two (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Professor Crumbs: The Head of Wiztech he alongside the wizard council he was almost tricked into giving the Fragment to Braig but realized it was a trick because of his eye patch and was subquently knocked out however he recovered just fine (Wizards of Waverly place 2007)

Sorry this took so long guys I've struggled with this chapter and I am really hoping it turned out okay anyway yeah I turned Braig into a Guinea pig I didn't for something I thought he might do in KH3D and the quote "Aww thank you Sora's heart for pushing him further into our clutches" was it! Anyway I've also done a collaboration with XDSTICH called a chance encounter so be sure to check it out!

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