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Epilogue-The Island Boys-A Link to the Future-

There Is a Legend on Destiny Islands about two boys well known by all who live there and could tell any visitors of the many adventures and Mischief they'd get into who are they? One is a cheerful Red Head the other a calm and collected Violet

Kiro ran as fast as he could to keep up with his Purple haired friend Takeshi running towards the hill to star gaze they knew not of their heritage or the adventures their parents had or the legends about their fathers, all they knew was that other worlds lied beyond the sea,

"Wow! Kiro hurry up!" Takeshi called he saw the red head run up he was fast but not as fast as him! He was in his usual attire of a red shirt with a different brighter shade of red around the bottom, and tan shorts with bright orange red sneakers,

Kiro immediately turned away from Takeshi wearing a Gold shirt with a gray bottom and rimmed sleeves, short leaved and black pants to stare into the sky.

"WOOOOWW, oh, WHOA!" Kiro yelled having fallen on his back he groaned a little in pain as Takeshi knelt beside him looking him over,

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I wish I didn't fall though," Kiro replied making himself comfortable,

"Wow!" he said quietly again,

"Yeah!" Takeshi agreed,

"Hey Taki,"

"Yeah Kiro?" Takeshi replied,

"Do you ever wonder what stars are, I mean…sure people think that they're balls of gas but do you think they're something more? I do!" Kiro stated,

"Hmmmm I heard a legend that says every star is another world and the light is their Hearts shining down on us." Takeshi replied,

"Wow that's weird! But we both know that there are other worlds out there!" Kiro replied,

"Yeah." Takeshi agreed,

"Hey Taki how do you think we know this?" Kiro asked,

"We just do." Takeshi replied with a giggle,

Kiro nodded, "Takeshi when we're older let's go on real adventures not Kid stuff you and me against the worlds!" Kiro declared,

"I'll take you up on that!" Takeshi replied, and with that they made a pinky promise!

"Ya know you both could've at least brought blankets!" said a voice that made them jump,

There was Sora in more casual attire a simple black hoodie shirt with short white sleeves a blue belt and red capris, he was with Riku who was wearing a White shirt with a yellow collar and rimed sleeves with a second stripe above and a big yellow V in the middle, along with Black jeans and a silver belt,

"Sneaking out I see." Riku replied,

"Nuh uh! Aunt Crystal and Mommy let us come out here!" Kiro protested,

"Then why is there no blanket?" Riku asked leaving Kiro tongue tied

"Uh…well…ya..See." Kiro stuttered,

"Well that's why we're here," Sora said setting one up.

"You're no fun." Riku scoffed, jokingly,

Kiro happily ran on to the blanket as Sora sat down and cuddled up to him,

"Every star is a light." Kiro said quietly,

"Yeah, they're beautiful," Sora replied,

"Takeshi any thoughts?" Riku asked,

"I'm the only one who says normal things." Takeshi replied making a small joke at Kiro expense,

"What about that thing about how the stars are other worlds and the light is their Hearts shining down?" Kiro hyped,

Takeshi sighed, while Riku laughed

"So much for that eh Taki?" Riku asked, Takeshi grinned sheepishly,

"I think I'm the only one who says normal things; you all say weird stuff sometimes!" Sora replied,

"Riku too?" Kiro asked,

"Yup!" Sora replied,

"No matter where anyone goes the light that's the brightest to them is the one most special to them and will lead them back home." Sora stated quietly.

Both boys looked at each other.

"That was weird!" they said in Unison,

Sora flinched comically, and sighed "Well what can I say?" Sora stated,

Suddenly a bunch of stars started to fall,

"A meteor shower!" Takeshi stated,

"Let's follow them!" Kiro stated the two boys hopped up and ran towards the beach and watched as they all fell into the sea,

"You and me?" Kiro asked,

"Against the worlds, someday soon!" Takeshi answered, it had been settled they would see the outside worlds, sealing the promise with a Pinky swear.

In time the worlds would be saved by these two Heroes who stood underneath the same Blaze of Stars.


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