Chapter 1

One question I've always asked myself is why. Why does everyone hate me? Why does everyone try to kill me? Why am I so different? I guess I should start at the beginning. Since my very first memories, I've always been alone. I must have had a mother and father, otherwise I'd never exist in the first place, but not once was there ever a mother or father in my life. I assume when my mother birthed me, she abandoned me the instant I left her body. Since my infancy, I had to learn how to take care of myself, how to fend for myself, and most importantly, how to defend myself. Every time I meet a fellow pokemon, they immediately attack me. Not for battle mind you, they attack me to kill me. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I always asked myself why everyone hated and hurt me. Did I do something wrong? Was I not supposed to be here? When I grew up I learned the answer to these questions. Yes I did something wrong, I lived. Yes I wasn't supposed to be here, I was something that wasn't supposed to exist. An anomaly, an abomination. When I was what humans call a teenager, I learned just what I was. My mother, and by proxy me, was a pokemon known as Cresselia, and although I have the same body shape as my mother, I am something else. Where other Cresselia are gold, I am a ruby red. Where others are pink or purple, I am jet black. Where others are magenta or blue, I am silver white. And where others have purple eyes, mine are an eerie, luminescent blue. Because of these differences in color, I guess the other Cresselia knew what my father was. If they weren't trying to kill me, they called me nightmare spawn, midnight demon, abomination, though those were some of the nicer names, I had been called far worse during my life.

Thirteen moons later, I find the species of my father. Apparently they are known as Darkrai. These pokemon are a lot nicer to me compared to others, seeing as they don't attack me, but they generally ignore my very presence altogether. When was eighteen autumns old, I had had enough. Everyone tried to kill me for something I never did. Well if they call me an evil monster, I'll give them an evil monster. Soon I started fighting back, and soon learned what type I was. Apparently, I was both a psychic and a dark type, if what I learned about fighting was correct. I was also very powerful, having my mother's species high endurance and stamina, and my father's species speed and offensive power. I also learned of my powers. Like all Cresselia, I could bestow sweet dreams to sleeping people and pokemon, but I also had the ability of a darkrai, allowing me to lock someone within those dreams for eternity, which I constantly exercised. Soon, I never lost a battle, and every time I beat someone, I trapped them in an eternal dream. Then they came. I don't know just what kind of pokemon they were, but they were powerful. The two nearly killed me that day, but I managed to flee. I didn't know which direction I was going, nor did I care, I just flew as fast and as far as I could. I can't remember exactly what happened, but apparently I managed to get myself to a new place entirely. One thing remained though, the glares, the hate filled names, the attacks. Oh well, nothing a few attacks couldn't solve. However, one day, I was caught completely unawares. A group of bug pokemon with blades for arms ambushed me. When it was over, not an inch of me was left unmarred. I had been stabbed, slashed, had chunks of flesh missing, and I was losing a lot of blood, fast. Soon my vision swam, and the pain numbed, and to my surprise I actually looked forward to death. Nothing could be worse then the life I had lived. Fate though, either still wanted me to suffer, or decided I had been screwed over long enough.


Everything starts going dark, and I hear voices.

'Leave me alone'

The voices get closer and louder, I start feeling burning pain on my wounds

'Let me sleep'

The voices are frantic. Something tries lifting me, but I seem to be too heavy.

'Why won't you just let me die?'

One of the voices says something, then something hits me. There's a feeling of weightlessness and the pain vanishes, then all is silent and still. I must have finally died.


The last few rays of the setting sun started to vanish, cloaking the land into darkness. In a roadside pokemon center, three trainers, two boys, and a girl, were arguing while waiting for the emergency room light to turn off.

"Ash Ketchum, what possessed you to go near that pokemon? Did you see how Pikachu reacted to it, and I've never seen Togepi so scared before." Sure enough, the little spike ball pokemon was still hiding in it's shell, trembling and huddling close to it's surrogate mother.

"Well what did you want me to do Misty, just leave it there? It was dying, I wasn't just going to walk around it and pretend it wasn't there." Ash snapped back.

"While I do agree with you Misty, Ash does have a good point. I mean, we couldn't just leave it there. Still though, I wonder what kind of pokemon it was, I've never seen a pokemon like that before."

"You see Misty, Brock's on my side here, and whatever it is, it's mine now." said Ash proudly.

"Still, I'm worried about Pikachu." said Brock. "He hasn't come near us since Ash caught that pokemon. It's starting to worry me." Ash and Misty agreed with the older boy, something wasn't right. Pikachu was sitting on the other side of the pokemon center, well away from the trio.

"Hey, Pikachu," Ash called to the electric mouse, "What're you doing over there for? Come be with the rest of us." Pikachu just sharply spoke bits of his name, the tone of which expressing anger and annoyance. Ash was startled, Pikachu never spoke like that to him before.

"Huh, hey Brock, you have any idea why Pikachu sounded ticked off?"

"It could be because you haven't cleaned yourself up yet you moron!" Misty yelled. Ash looked down at his clothes, and blushed in embarrassment when he saw that she was right. His shirt was covered in blood when he had tried lifting that pokemon off the ground. After changing into a fresh shirt in the bathroom, Ash tried calling Pikachu again. The yellow mouse came closer to them, but still kept some distance between the group. Finally, after five hours of waiting, the emergency room light blinked out, and Nurse joy came through the door, though she appeared to be a bit banged up, and that worried everyone.

"What happened nurse joy? Did that pokemon attack you?" asked Brock, who was being serious around nurse joy for once. Said Nurse just shook her head.

"That's the strange part. The pokemon never did anything, yet the Chansey started attacking it as soon as they saw it. I've never seen them do something like that before. This is just from me defending the poor thing." Nurse joy then handed Ash the pokeball containing his newest pokemon. "I've healed it up as best I could, though it took quite some doing without the Chansey cooperating. Some of the deeper wounds are still healing though, so it should do nothing strenuous for about a week." Ash took the ball from Nurse joy with a polite thank you. He noticed the ball was miniaturized, and the button was lit red, indicating the trainer had six active pokemon already and the ball was locked until he made a transfer. Going over to the phone, Ash called professor Oak, and after three rings the man picked up.

"Yes who is it? Oh Ash, what has you calling this late at night?"

"Sorry professor. I caught a new pokemon earlier today, but I had to keep it because it was in serious need of medical attention. I want to keep it on me, so I'm sending Heracross over to free up some space."

"A new pokemon you say? Well I look forward to seeing what you've caught. Alright, send Heracross, I'm ready for him." Ash nodded, and placed Heracross' ball on the transport machine. The machine started to hum, and the ball was teleported to professor Oak's lab. Immediately after, the pokeball containing Ash's newest pokemon unlocked.

"Thank you professor, and sorry for disturbing you so late at night."

"Not at all Ash, I look forward to seeing your newest catch. Good luck out there boy, good night." And with that, the professor ended the call.

"Well I don't know about you two, but I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed." said Misty, and headed up the stairs to the bedrooms.

"I agree Ash, I'm also quite tired, and it's very late, so I'm going to hit the hay." said Brock, and he followed Misty up the stairs. Pikachu also followed them, leaving Ash alone in the lobby.

"Well, might as well see my new pokemon, seeing as I didn't get the best look of it earlier." With that, Ash expanded the pokeball, and let out the new team member. The pokemon was still asleep from when Nurse Joy was healing it, but Ash didn't mind. The pokemon was, in his opinion, gorgeous. It's head and underbelly was a rich vibrant red, while it's top was a beautiful sleek black. It's head was shaped like a crescent moon, with two horns angling outwards on both sides of it's lower jaw. On it's forehead was a beautiful luminous white gem, and it's ribbon-like wings and tail, along with the two small paws on it's chest, were the same color. Ash watched it sleep for a bit, marveling at how serene it looked, then he returned it to it's pokeball and went upstairs to get some much needed sleep.


Ash woke up bright and early the next morning. Normally he'd sleep in 'til lunch rolled around, but today he was excited at the prospect of getting to meet his newest pokemon. Quickly dressing, he headed out to the field behind the pokemon center.

"Okay you, out you come." he called as he tossed the pokemon's ball, and in a flash of light, his newest pokemon appeared. It was still asleep, but stirred moments later, and slowly opened it's eyes. It looked around in confusion, which was normal, then looked at itself, expressing shock and curiosity upon seeing it's newly healed body. The pokemon then focused it's gaze on Ash.

'Are you the one who saved me?' asked a melodic voice that seemed to fill Ash's mind. Startled, the trainer looked around for the source of the voice, but saw only the pokemon in front of him.

"Is that you?" he asked, and the Pokemon nodded. Ash smiled. "Yup, I'm the one that got you to the pokemon center. You're all fixed up thanks to me and Nurse joy." Cresselia was absolutely shocked. No one had ever helped her in her entire life. As such, she had no idea how to respond to such a situation. Her instincts were screaming at her that this was a trap, but something about the boy in front of her made her disregard her instincts for the time being. Just then a yellow bolt of lightning smashed into her.


Ash couldn't believe it. His newest pokemon could actually talk, wait till he rubbed that in Gary's face. He would have started asking questions, but then Pikachu showed up and started shocking the pokemon for no reason.

"Pikachu stop!" Ash yelled, trying to stop the yellow mouse, but Pikachu charged up another Thunderbolt attack, and fired it at the new pokemon. This time though, Ash intercepted it, and immediately felt the difference. Normally when Ash was shocked by Pikachu, it just stung some. This was a real electrocution. Pikachu immediately canceled the attack when he saw he had struck his best friend, and Ash collapsed to the ground twitching. This allowed Cresselia to shake the initial attack off, and she silently snarled.

'I should have known better. He was just being nice so I would drop my guard and his little rat could kill me.' Immediately, Cresselia shot off into the woods, fleeing as fast as she could. Ash tried to call out to the pokemon, but his body was still a bit unresponsive from that vicious electric attack. Pikachu rushed up to him, asking if he was alright, if the worry in his voice was any indication.

"I'll be alright Pikachu, but we've got to get that pokemon back." Pikachu immediately got angry, harshly speaking bits of his name, and sparking his cheeks. Ash had had enough of it.

"I so wish I could understand you right now. That way I could learn just why you hate that pokemon."

"I believe I can help you there." said an accented voice, startling Ash.

"Whoa, don't sneak up on me like that." said Ash as he managed to calm himself down. He then took a good look at the newcomer. The girl practically screamed witch with her clothes. She had a heart shaped face and orange red hair, most of which was concealed by the large conical witch's hat she wore. On her shoulder was perched a Murkrow.

"Um, what do you mean you can help me?" Ash asked, and the girl smiled.

"My name's Lily, and I'm a pokemon sorceress, don't give me that look, it's the truth. Anyway, I believe I have a spell that will allow you to understand the speech of pokemon. Normally the spell is temporary, but my grandmother and I have made some alterations to the chant and ingredient list, and we believe we have made the spell permanent." Ash's eyes went wide. It was every trainer's bedtime wish to understand their pokemon like they were speaking english. Then he remembered the task at hand.

"Well Lily, I'm very interested in your offer, but one of my pokemon's run off and I need to find it." Lily's shoulder's slumped and a downtrodden look adorned her face.

"Oh is that how it is? You don't believe me and think I'm crazy. You know, a simple 'no' would have sufficed." Ash's eyes widened at this.

"What? No no no, I'm really down a pokemon here. You can help me look for it if you want. Did you see something black and red fly off?" Lily thought for a moment, trying to recall such a pokemon.

"Come to think of it, I did see something matching those colors fly off into those woods over there," she said, indicating the mentioned wood.

"Well come on then, I have a feeling it's neck deep in trouble." With that, Ash grabbed Lily's hand and the two dashed into the woods. After about thirty minutes of searching, the two heard an explosion and decided to investigate. Sure enough, there was Ash's new pokemon, getting ganged up by about ten others.

"Goodness, when you said it would be neck deep in trouble, I wasn't expecting this. Those pokemon sure aren't pulling their punches either." Suddenly, Murkrow flies at it, and starts joining in on the attack. "Hey, stop that. Murkrow get back here. Oh, I'm so sorry Ash, I have no idea what's gotten over him."

"It's alright Lily, my Pikachu's been acting the same way. Well come on, we've got to save it."

"It's weird though Ash. You see, I also fancy myself as a successful pokemon empath, meaning I can feel the emotions of pokemon around me, and what I'm picking up from these Pokemon is a mix of hate, anger, and most of all, fear, fear of your new pokemon. She scares them so badly they are lashing out at her. The strange thing is though, I know what that pokemon is, and though I've never seen one myself, I know that other pokemon never act that way around them."

"Lily, can we continue this later, my pokemon won't be able to take much more." said Ash. Bringing out his pokemon's ball, he successfully managed to recall it, but by doing so, garnered the attentions of the mob of other pokemon, who were glaring at the boy.

"Lily, what are you getting off them?" Ash asked quietly.

"They're unsure. The feel that if you've caught her, that means she's under your thumb, but at the same time they don't know if you can control her." Ash nodded, then turned to face the group of pokemon.

"Alright, I don't know what's going on between you guys and my new pokemon, but I can assure you she'll mean you no harm while I'm around." That seemed to assure the other pokemon, because they started to disperse, though a few would still look over their shoulder in suspicion. Murkrow also returned to Lily, though the bird would shoot a suspicious glance at Ash every once in a while. The two returned to the field behind the pokemon center, and Ash brought his pokemon back out.

'What do you want?' she snapped, causing Ash to step back. Lily could see the altercation coming a mile away.

"I'll just leave the two of you alone. I got to give Murkrow a check up." she said, and hurried away. Ash was startled by the venom in his pokemon's voice. When he first heard her speak, she sounded so serene. Now her voice was cold, biting, and venomous. He also noticed that the pokemon never moved her mouth when she talked.

"Listen, I'm sorry about what happened earlier, I have no idea what came over Pikachu." The pokemon just snorted, the first actual sound Ash heard her make. He also noticed that the pokemon's eyes were constantly shifting, roving all over her entire field of vision.

'Why should I believe you? You probably had your Pikachu try to kill me on purpose while you held my attention. Like you're doing right now!' With that, the pokemon spun quickly around and fired a powerful Ice beam at Pikachu, who had been trying to sneak up on her. The attack connected, and sent Pikachu flying back, frozen in a block of ice. The pokemon then cast her furious gaze back to Ash.

"That was not my intention." said Ash, backing up as the pokemon threateningly advanced.

'How do I know that? All my life I've been through every form of trickery imaginable, all in the efforts to kill me. So how can I trust you? How do I know this isn't some elaborate scheme to kill me, or break me?' Ash threw his bag, and his pokeballs to the side well beyond arms reach, so that he was now at the complete mercy of the pokemon.

"There, I can't reach my pokemon, and I have nothing, nor can I do anything to hurt you." said Ash. The pokemon narrowed her eyes, suspecting a trap. Ash then felt an invisible force start to pat him down, searching for anything threatening in his pockets. The only things found were his Pokedex, and his wallet, which were carelessly dropped to the ground when they were deemed safe.

'Fine. Know this though, I hate you. I will not work with you, so don't even try to order me around. I won't fight unless I'm attacked first, and I'm not some trophy to be displayed. The only reason I'm not killing you right now is because the attacks on me have lessened since I've been around you. If that wasn't the case I would have just killed you while you were defenseless, and freed myself.' Ash gulped, and nodded. This pokemon was worse than Charizard.

"Can you at least give me your name, so I at least have something to properly call you." The pokemon seemed to think for a minute, if the movement of her eyes were any indication, before snapping her attention back to Ash.

'Very well. I am technically what's known as a Cresselia, but I'm also something else entirely.'


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