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Well, you guys voted that you wanted a NaruSaku story so here it is! I already had this idea, so here it is in story form. It's kind of... dark? No, tragic? Bloody? I don't know. I'll just say tragic. But I owe you guys after my extremely long vacation. And yeah, Spring Break is about to start so I'll write over that week's time, aaaannnd eyah. I think that's all I had to say. Enjoy! (hopefully)



Naruto felt the rage pounding through his veins like it was his blood. With the Nine-Tails in him, it kind of was.

But nothing before even compared to this; this unbelievable, burning rage that overwhelmed his mind and all his thoughts, controlled his body and left him with a desire to destroy the cause. Claws came out of his fingertips, and his eyes turned to slits as his vision turned into a red haze.

The rage began burning outside his body, covering him in the Nine-Tails' chakra. A laugh escaped his lips –or, a growl from his snout?- as the power surged through him. Hate fueled his rage, and his rage fueled his power.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Naruto let go of his mind. The Nine-Tails took over, and after that, Naruto had barely any idea what was going on. Everything was red. He felt his claws ripping into flesh, and gained satisfaction from it. Blood spilled. Voices screamed in terror; it filled him with pleasure.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

The desire hit the Nine-Tails again.

Chakra began welling up into a little ball of energy, ready to be released. It was let go, and went to unleash havoc. Destroying, killing what was in its path.

It was great. Magnificent. It made him feel terrific – no, not him. Not Naruto. It made the Nine-Tails feel that way. Naruto was just subjected to feel the same.

But as his claws ripped through flesh a few times, and he picked the enemy up and threw the body far, Naruto felt that same cruel joy as the creature inside him. He faintly heard a smash through the Nine-Tails' ears that said that the body had hit something. There was a scream once, then a loud, wailing, painful moan, and lastly a cry for help. They all sent the feeling of power to him. There were words, too- but Naruto couldn't make those out. They weren't loud enough, but sometimes, they sounded like his name.

There were others before that, too, and Naruto killed them. They were cruel, merciless enemies, but nothing compared to the Nine-Tails. Nothing compared to a monster.

It was over quick, of course. When he was so powerful, and those others didn't even stand a chance. Slowly at first, Naruto eased out of his rage. The fire inside him extinguished. The chakra disappeared from his body. The claws were gone. His eyes turned round and blue before closing as he fell to the ground.

Naruto –for now, he was himself- pushed himself up, looking around through squinted eyes. He barely had any energy, but he could see. He could see it all.

He was in a large crater. The trees around it were burning. Carnage was strewn across the ground, and blood was pooled in multiple places. A bird circled overhead, letting out a cryl.

The bodies were all the same. The same grays, browns, and blacks of the enemies. No color. Just the continuous bland bodies.

Just the still pink girl, lying in a pool of blood. Broken.

Naruto's energy left him. Everything went black.

Yeah, soooo it's super short. But it's the prologue and I'm about to upload the next chapter right now, then the next one tomorrow!