"Destiny!" Hawk ran up to me as soon as I showed up. "Caixsa and Xasech—"

"—Have been swapped for Aryx and Xemichal. I know, and God have mercy on your soul."

"What do you mean?"

I sighed. "Nothing you need to worry about yet. But… where is Xemichal."

"In his makeshift room."

"I need to talk to him." So Hawk and I went to where Xemichal was staying. And when I opened the door… he was making out with Clairex on the bed. And I mean seriously making out. Like, probably on the way to sex making out. Xemichal had his shirt off, and—as far as I could tell—Clairex was topless as well.

Hawk was stunned silent, face redder than a tomato, so I took charge. "Xemichal! Clairex!" The two jumped, and Xemichal turned and Clairex pulled the bed sheet up to cover her chest. "Come on. Can you spend some time not making out or having sex?"

Xemichal walked up to me, glaring down at me. Compared to my stature at five-foot-one, he was a giant, probably around six feet tall. "What do you want?"

I glared back at him. "I came to see how you all were doing."

"We're just fine. Now go away," he hissed.

I stood up on tip-toe to seem more formidable. "Do you want me to add another scar to your collection?" Along with the one on his face, Xemichal had quite the collection of scars all over his torso. He gave me one last glare, and backed off. "I didn't think so." I turned to Hawk. "Come on, let's go. Aryx is next."

We exited the room, closing the door, and Hawk finally spoke. "What. The. Hell?" He gasped.

"I have to censor most of their activity. They are quite the hormonal teenagers."

Hawk was silent again, still blushing. We came to Aryx's room. "Is there anything I should know about him?" He asked.

"No. Not really." I heard the sound of a drill. "Sounds like he's fixing up his machines. Come on."

We entered, and Aryx looked up from his gear. "Dest!" He got up and dashed over to me. "It's good to see you here! How's Xion? Is she doing okay? She's not crying or worried sick, right?"

"Don't worry, Aryx," I reassured him. "Xion's a strong girl. She's perfectly fine."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. I was just worried about her."

"I came over to check up on you guys. How are you?"

"Pretty good. Mostly working on my gear." He lowered his voice slightly. "The sound overpowers all of the noise Xemichal and Clairex make."

"Remind me after all this is over to make the walls soundproof."

"Can do. That'll be nice. I mean, it's not like I don't like them—oh, wait. I don't—but I can't stand listening to their 'activities'."

"I can't blame you. Take care, Aryx."

"Bye, Destiny."

We left that room. "I see why Xion chose him instead of Xemichal."

"Yeah. I can't blame her either."

"Are Xemichal and Clairex… usually like that?" Hawk asked.

"No," I said. Hawk breathed a sigh of relief. "Normally they engage in BDSM. I guess they don't have their toys, so they're going vanilla."

"Why are they like that?"

"Search me."

"No, I mean, why did you make them like that?"

I stopped walking, silent. For once, Hawk had stunned me. "It doesn't matter. Come on, we need to go see Xenri."

"She's been here a while. I thought you were checking on the newly swapped."

"Xenri's a special case. Today was supposed to be her exam."


"Her monthly check-up. For the baby. She's six months in, now."

We got to Xenri's room. I went inside. She was just sitting on the bed, rubbing her tummy. It was somewhat large. The baby was finally growing fast.

She looked up as I entered. "He took a while growing last month. He's finally getting big," she said.

I smiled and rubbed her belly. "Hey, little guy. Won't be long until you get to see the world, huh?"
"You'll get us home before then, right? Axel will want to see his son being born."

"It's a boy?" Hawk asked.

Xenri shook her head. "We've haven't seen yet. We haven't had the equipment. But I have a feeling…"

"You asked Ula, didn't you?"

She blushed. "She's not sure either. But she thinks he's a boy."

"Well, you're lucky. Today you'll know for sure," I said. I brought out the ultrasound. "See?"

Xenri sat up. "Cool!" She rubbed her tummy again. "Alright, little one. We're gonna get to see you for the first time!" She sighed. "I wish Axel were here to see."

She really missed her fiancé. "Don't worry. I'll take a picture and show him."

She smiled. "So… how does this work?"

Just lie back, stay still, and we'll have a picture of your baby." So I did all the work. The ultrasound machine started scanning and scanning… taking a picture of Xenri's unborn baby… and finally it showed up. It printed out the picture, and I showed Xenri. "Congratulations. You were right." In the picture was a baby boy.

Xenri was smiling. "Kaen," she breathed. "That's his name. That's what we decided. If he was a boy, he'd be Kaen. And he is."

She sat up. "Go tell Axel for me. Please."

"Don't worry. I'm on my way." I looked at Hawk. "I'll talk to you later." And I dematerialized and went back to my dimension.

It wasn't too difficult to find Axel. He was sitting in the nursery he and Xenri had made for their baby, their son… "I went to see your fiancée." Axel turned, surprised at my sudden appearance. "And… well… here." I handed him the picture.

Axel's eyes widened. He looked at the picture. Then me. Then back at the picture. "A son. He's a boy. I'm going to have a son!" I smiled to myself. If nothing else was going right, at least some things were turning out okay.