A Is For Alison

A/N: Since they are going to be following the books, my theory that Aria is A is not going to pan out. I decided to write a story following the books slightly but making it different. This is my story on the makings of the A Team.

WARNING: Spoilers if you haven't read the books

Summary: My life was stolen from me and I was locked away in a mental institution while she pretended to be me. But now it's time for Rosewood to meet the real Alison DiLaurentis.

"A is for Alison, not amateurs"

Ch 1.

The rocking jerky movement sent jolts of pain through her body, vibrating in her bones. But she couldn't move her entire body felt numb, with the exception of her head. That was all she could feel the exquisite throbbing in her head.

She wanted to move but her body wasn't listening to her brain at the moment. She believed she was conscious, at one point she definitely crossed over into consciousness. Yet still her body wasn't listening to commands. Her eyes were heavy and as hard as she tried she couldn't open them, it was as if someone had sewn them shut.

She tried to orient herself, she felt something soft and cushy beneath her fingertips. A bed? The rocking back and forth continued until it came to a sudden stop. Her body lurched forward against the restraints. Restraints? That brought her mind back into semi-awareness.

She needed to open her eyes that much she knew. Where ever she was she knew she wasn't supposed to be there. Lash by lash she pried open her painfully sealed eyelids, she instantly regretted it. The bright unforgiving light replaced the darkness making her eyes water and she couldn't use her hands to wipe away the tears.

She had to push on focus on where she was, where they were taking her. Her eyes filled with more tears as her vision came painfully into focus and she saw the familiar stone building looming in front of her. Then she remembered what happened. She started pushing against the restraints. "No!" she screamed "No, I'm not Courtney, I'm Alison!" she begged them to believe her.

"You have the wrong one!" she screamed. "I'm Alison" she repeated over and over as they took the gurney off the truck and started wheeling her inside. That bitch had hit her with something making her dizzy and disoriented so when the orderlies arrived they took her instead. She looked down at her arm; she was wearing the ID bracelet that said she was Courtney DiLaurentis.

That meant her psycho sister had overheard their parents plan to have her live at Radley permanently. Her violent mood swings had gotten to be too much and they didn't want to risk anyone finding out about the flaw in their perfect family. That devious bitch had used this opportunity to switch places with her forever.

She supposed it was her fault since she felt bad for her sister when they were younger and allowed her to walk around as her to see what it was like to be normal. As they had gotten older she had started making friends or rather choosing friends and she found herself fighting off her sister's attacks when she wanted to be "Alison", she'd knock her out, tie her up and lock her in the closet. Then when she went back to Radley, she had to be friends with her sister's friends. Courtney had made sure to push all her real friends away by being a complete bitch to them. So now she was stuck with her sisters friends. It wasn't that she didn't like them; she just liked choosing her own friends. And she would not have chosen the nerd, the goth or the wannabe to be her friends. They were clingy and needy and she hated that. The shy jock intrigued her though, it also didn't hurt that she was gorgeous.

She continued screaming at them as they pushed her down the corridors of Radley Sanitarium. "I'm Alison, you have to believe me!" she said as she continued to struggle against the bonds that held her to the gurney. Her fists clenched tighter as she tried to push of the restraints. Nothing pissed her off more than moments like this, moments of unadulterated weakness, the complete and pathetic lack of control. Alison DiLaurentis was not weak.

Her head turned from side to side as she tried to loosen the bonds, they were so tight as if they had welded themselves to her skin. They passed a room where the other patients had stopped what they were doing to stare at her.

She looked at them; great crazy people were staring at her like she was crazy. She wasn't crazy her sister was."I'm Alison" she screamed and caught the look of one girl in particular, a brunette whose eyes were so green she made the plants in the room ashamed they couldn't compete with them.