A Is For Alison

A/N: Since they are going to be following the books, my theory that Aria is A is not going to pan out. I decided to write a story following the books slightly but making it different. This is my story on the makings of the A Team.

WARNING: Spoilers if you haven't read the books

Summary: My life was stolen from me and I was locked away in a mental institution while she pretended to be me. But now it's time for Rosewood to meet the real Alison DiLaurentis.

"A is for Alison, not amateurs"

Ch 4

She stood in the mirror putting the finishing touches of her make up on. She printed out a picture of Lady Gaga, it was just like painting a duplicate every detail had to be right. Her eyes would be covered by the sunglasses she bought but the eyes still had to be perfect. She would show Courtney what a real Lady Gaga looks like.

She had just finished with the eyeliner when she saw his reflection in the mirror. He was standing in her doorway staring at her, Toby her new step brother. She smiled to herself, dropped the pencil and watched it bounce on the ground before stopping. She bent over slowly to pick it up. Her costume didn't cover much; Lady Gaga didn't like to wear pants. Through the mirror she saw him suck in his breath as he stared at her ass.

He had come from working on his bike in the garage. He only had jeans on and he was sweaty and greasy. She also couldn't help but the notice his abs, he must have spent a lot of time on them to look like that. She shook her head slightly she was messing with him not the other way around. She stood up and whipped her head in his direction.

He jumped a little and looked down at the ground embarrassed than ran into his room. He wasn't quick enough because she had already seen the growing bulge in jeans. She smiled again.

She knew now that her costume would have the effect she wanted it to have. She wished she could call Alison and tell her about it.

She walked down the stairs; it was almost time for her to leave. She didn't want to arrive at the party too early. It wouldn't work if Courtney wasn't there to see her.

"Where are you going dressed like that?" She heard Toby ask from the couch.

"I got invited to a Halloween party" she told him wrapping her head with the hood.

"Whose?" he asked muting some car show he was watching.

"His name is Noel Kahn, do you know him?" she asked making sure the wig and the hood were perfect.

"Yes" Toby answered.

"He's nice" she said.

"If you like tools"

Jenna turned to look at him. "Didn't get an invite?" she asked playfully.

"Why would I? I'm not a hot girl"

She smiled slyly at him. "You think I'm hot?" she grinned as he tried to think of something to say. She knew she looked good and she liked the confirmation. He was her step brother but she had also just met him two days ago at the wedding. And now their parents were off on their honeymoon, leaving two complete strangers home by themselves. Her mother not being around was the only familiar thing since being moved to a new town and meeting her new family. "You just crash it then" she told him.

He sighed in relief from not having to answer her previous question. "Why? I don't want to hang out with any of them"

"Okay, then stay home" she said. "I'm new here, I want to get to know these people before I judge them"

Toby turned back around and un-muted the tv. Now she knew that her step brother was definitely not part of the popular crowd. She said bye to him and walked out the door. She heard the music from the party the minute she stepped outside, which was good because she didn't want to get lost getting there.

She walked through house looking for Noel since he was the only person she knew. She walked out back and saw him standing by the door dressed in scrubs. She walked outside and his smile widened when he saw her.

"You made it!" he said walking over her. "You definitely win the contest for the hottest costume" he said as he took her hand in his.

"I wasn't aware there was a contest" she said to him smiling shyly at his compliment.

"There isn't one, I just made one. Winner gets a free appointment with me" He said with a grin.

"Well just let me know when the doctor's… up…for seeing patients." She said drawing out the last words.

He swallowed and tried to think of something else to say but his mind was elsewhere now. She took that opportunity to scan the backyard. It didn't take long Courtney was standing right in front of her. She turned her head, lowered her glasses and smiled at her.

Even though she was wearing sunglasses too, Jenna knew there was fury behind them.

She had been at the party for an hour and everyone was coming up to talk to her, well it was mostly guys but she didn't care. She liked the attention. "You guys are so nice, I already feel like I belong here"

"Rosewood's a friendly town" she heard her voice cut through the noise. It still freaked her out that she sounded exactly like Alison, she'd have to get used to that.

"I decided to wear my original costume" she told her not missing a beat.

"You look great it in it…maybe even better than me" She said almost sincerely. Jenna wanted to say I know, but she had already used that. "Scram" she said to the two guys she was talking too. Jenna was lucky she was wearing her glasses to hide her shock when they both left.

"Wow, you say froggy, they jump" she said removing her glasses.

"They're not as dumb as they look. They know they need me"

"Congratulations" she said to her. Alison was right about her sister. They would need to take her off her high horse.

"I can make it really easy for you to fit in here. If I accept you everybody does"

Jenna had to work to hide her smile. She got invite to her group meaning she was a threat, which is exactly what they wanted to happen. "I know how it works"

"We're a tight group but I think there's room for one more"

She was definitely not her sister, she liked her sister. "I appreciate the offer, but I like to pick my own friends" she told her, putting her glasses on and leaving her standing there, pissed off. No one says to no to her, because no one knew that she wasn't really Alison DeLaurentis.

She made her way through the crowd when Catwoman stepped in her path. "You're definitely the best Gaga" she said.

She leaned forward a little. "Better not tell Alison that"

"She doesn't scare me"

Jenna smiled, she liked this girl. She hated the imposter pretending to be Alison too. They could use that. They would need a team if they were going to pull this off. She took her glasses off "I'm Jenna"

"I'm Mona" she replied almost shocked that she was being spoken to like a person. She wanted to talk to Mona some more but Noel came over, put his arm around and led her away. She said bye over her shoulder to the girl. If she wanted her help she couldn't be rude.

Later on when she was swaying her body with the music, she felt someone's eyes on her. She looked and saw Pocahontas dancing with a guy but her eyes were locked on her. She smiled at her and kept swaying her body. She loved the attention, any attention, girls or guys it didn't matter to her.

Alison gave her brief descriptions of her sister's friends. That was Emily the sporty one who apparently liked girls. She saw the other three around but for tonight her main focus was fitting in the town.

As it got later older kids started showing up. Noel's brother Eric's friends and they showed up with more alcohol. They kept offering her weed and she declined she'd done enough drugs to last her a lifetime at the hospital and all of those were ten times stronger then what they had.

"Say no to drugs" A cop said walking up behind her and handing her cup of beer.

She smiled and took the cup from him but didn't drink it. "Are you here to bust the party?" she asked.

"How do you this isn't a costume?" he asked her.

"Because it's not a costume, I know what a police uniform looks like" she told him. The police were called to her house on a constant basis and each time she thought her mother would tell them truth but she always lied and that monster continued to beat them.

"Why don't we keep that our little secret" he said with a wink.

"Whatever, it's not my place to tell" she told him.

"You're a smart girl, I can tell. Mature too" he said leaning forward and placing his hand on her thigh. She slid away from pretending to stumble and spilled her beer all over the ground. Because he was right she was a smart girl. He most likely put something in her drink.

The cop walked her home in the pretence of protecting her but as he was doing that his hand kept sliding down her back to her ass. Apparently the cops in this town didn't have boundaries. She waved goodbye to him and started walking to the house when she heard someone call her name.

She turned around and she walked out from behind the garage. "Alison, what are you doing here?" She asked surprised. "How did you get here?"

"Since I've been a good little girl, making friends and all. They let me go on the camping retreat. So then I snuck out and took cab here"

"Did you see her? Did she see you?"

"Yes, and of course not" Alison said with a smile. "I just had a little fun with her. She made this elaborate prank to play on the girls so I helped…make it more realistic." Alison said gleefully. "She'll definitely want to know who's messing with her now"

"Why didn't you just switch places with her?" Jenna asked.

"I don't want to switch places with her. I want to get my life back" Alison told her strongly.

Jenna nodded, then smiled. Courtney did need to know that she can keep her Queen bitch status, but they were going to have some fun with her.

"I need you to drive me back now" Alison said interrupting her thoughts. "There's no cabs running this late"

"With what? I don't know how to drive" She told her.

"Just take your dad's…"

"Step dad" Jenna interjected.

Alison rolled her eyes. "…your step dad's classic mustang. I saw it in the garage."

"I can't do that"

"They're not home are they?" she told her more than asked.

"Well, no…."

"Where are the keys, I'll drive"

"I still have to get back"

"It's not hard, keep your hands on the wheel and stay between the lines." She walked over and put her hands on her shoulders. "You can do this Jenna, you can do anything"