She lay on a bed, panting; her face was covered in sweat and her hair stuck to her face. Her grip on her husband's hand loosened as she let herself sink into the pillows in relief. Her gaze was stuck on her name plate, Hitachiin, placed on the wall as she breathed to calm down; but it was hard to do so with the babies screaming. Right, the babies.

Mrs. Hitachiin turned her gaze on the nurses in front of her who were squealing about how cute the two twins were with their bright orange hair. Her husband moved away; at first she was confused but then quickly realized that he was cutting their umbilical cords.

"You did it, honey!" her husband shouted, slicing through the incoherent noise. "They're beautiful."

The nurse laid one baby into her arms and her husband came around with the other. Mrs. Hitachiin smiled. They really were beautiful. But then her smile dropped, dreading what was to come.

"Honey?" she called through trembling lips, glancing up at him.

He smiled down at her. "We should name them now," he said softly.

She frowned, peering into the baby's face that lay in her arms. This one was the younger of the two. "Kaoru," she said quietly. "I've always liked that name." The baby in her arms, blinked slowly, suddenly quiet.

"Then this little guy will be Hikaru," her husband replied through Hikaru's incessant wailing.

"Then… then which one are we keeping?" Mrs. Hitachiin asked. Her husband froze; staring at the baby's crying face.

"Are we really still-?"

"Yes," she hissed. "We already talked about this before. We only have the money and the resources to take care of one child. We have to give up one." The nurses discreetly slipped out of the room, leaving these private matters to the couple. Her husband remained quiet.

"I won't be the one who decides this," he muttered. "I won't be the one who turns our child away."

She scowled, looking away. "Fine, then Hikaru will go." Her husband looked up with defiant eyes. "What? Do you have something you want to say?"

He looked back down at Hikaru who was still crying, but a lot softer now. He rocked the small boy until the crying ceased. The baby closed his eyes slowly. "I love you, Hikaru," he whispered to little baby, kissing him on the forehead. "Fine, he will go," he said, now addressing his wife. And so it was decided.

A few weeks later, after both babies had grown, the Hitachiin couple found themselves gathering up their identical baby boys to go the orphanage. It killed Mr. Hitachiin to watch his little Hikaru be pulled from his arms by his own wife to be placed in the horrid place.

Sure, Hikaru had a high chance for adoption because he was so young. And yes, the orphanage was a beautiful facility; not dirty or abusive. But Mr. Hitachiin was still horrified. They could raise both somehow; they could make it, he knew they could.

But still, his wife refused and he was forced to watch her car drive away with his precious baby boy in the back seat. He clutched Kaoru to his chest. That day, Mr. Hitachiin was changed forever; that day, Kaoru cried louder than he had ever cried before.

1 Year Later

Little Kaoru played in his corner as he usually did, squealing and cooing as he built his blocks and knocked them down. He played completely unaware of the commotion in the kitchen.

"You had no right to do that to me! We could have kept him!" Kaoru's father cried. Kaoru took no notice as he played his blocks; screaming was common in the Hitachiin household. It wasn't like he understood fully anyways.

Mrs. Hitachiin groaned. "You bring that up every time we have an argument. Get over it already! It's in the past. Besides, we have another son, you know! But you never pay attention to him. All you do it talk about Hikaru!"

"Well, it's not the same!" he hollered back. And their fight continued on and on. Harsh words and insults were exchanged until it broke both of them.

Divorce. That was their solution. They received joint custody of Kaoru but neither were happy that way either. Both began to resent the small amber-eyed boy. Kaoru was in for a hard life. But little one-year-old Kaoru never noticed the difference.

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