2 Years Later

"Got everything?" Mom asked, wringing her hands together in fret.

"Yeah, we went through everything last night, mom," Hikaru said from beside Kaoru. At their feet were two backpacks, the last of their insane amount of bags and boxes.

"Oh, my babies are growing up," she cried, letting the tears finally spill, and she gathered the twins into gigantic hugs. She pressed a kiss to both Hikaru and Kaoru's cheeks and squeezed them a little bit closer.

"Dear, let them breathe," Dad laughed from over her shoulder.

"It's not like we're leaving forever. We'll be back in a few weeks," Hikaru offered in comfort.

"That's not soon enough!" she said in indignation.

Kaoru laughed quietly along with his brother, and said, "It'll be okay, Mom." And, of course, Mrs. Nagamu melted as soon as he called her that.

She swiftly gathered Hikaru into her arms. "You little devil, you know that will only make miss you more."

"That was the goal," he said while straightening his long orange hair. Hikaru was right; Mrs. Nagamu never wanted him to cut his hair. He found it very entertaining to taunt her about it. In fact… "Do you think at college I can get a buzz-cut?" Kaoru asked, turning to Hikaru.

"Don't you dare!" she said, pinching his cheeks.

Hikaru opened the front door, peering outside just as a long honk came from one of the cars outside. "Tamaki is really impatient, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he wants to show us everything on campus. I have a feeling today is going to be a long day," Kaoru inputted.

Mom smiled, "Well at least the two of you and Haruhi got into the same university as your older friends." She waved affectionately at Haruhi who was leaning against Hikaru and Kaoru's shared car, waiting to leave.

"Well, we should probably go. We have a long drive ahead of us." Hikaru heaved on his heavy bag and paced out the door, waving at his friends as he strode down the front walk.

Kaoru picked up his identical bag and paused, glancing at his adoptive parents. Yup, he was adopted and proud of it. "Thanks," he said in a small voice. "For everything, I mean."

"Whatever for?" Mrs. Nagamu asked.

"You know, for sending me to college when you technically didn't have to…"

Mr. Nagamu stepped forward and rested a heavy hand on Kaoru's shoulder. "You are just our son as any of our other two boys. And we will be darned if one of our children doesn't get a college education."

Kaoru nodded and smiled, "Okay."

"Oh, Kaoru," Mom piped up, "I noticed that you aren't bringing of your cranes with you. Did you finish them?"

Kaoru's smiled grew to a grin. "Yeah, I finished them two months ago."

"What did you wish for?"

"I didn't wish for anything. I have everything I've ever wanted… Why jinx it with a wish?" Kaoru said.

"Kaoru let's go!" Hikaru called at the curb, opening the driver's door.

"Thanks again," Kaoru said. "Bye!" he called, and rushed out the door and down the path.

"This is so exciting!" Haruhi squealed, hanging out the back window.

Kaoru rounded the car and shoved his bag onto the floor before flopping into the front seat. "And Kaoru and I are going to be roommates!" Hikaru yelled, punching his hand in the air. "Isn't this going to rock?" He turned his head to Kaoru as he started the car.

"Hell yeah!" Kaoru yelled, kicking his feet up onto the dash.

"Hell yeah!" Haruhi echoed, leaning between their seats.

Kaoru smiled as the car behind them honked a second time. He looked behind him to see Tamaki in the driver's seat with Kyoya laughing in the passenger seat. Behind them sat Honey and Mori, talking animatedly. Kaoru gave Tamaki a wave.

"I'm going to give him the finger just to piss him off," Hikaru laughed. He leaned out his window and flagged Tamaki down, laughing the whole time.

The three of them roared with laughter when Tamaki turned a dramatic glare onto them. "Okay let's go!" Hikaru said, putting his hand on the wheel and switching into drive.

They were off, going to college, going on an adventure.

And as Kaoru sat there, listening to the radio and his brother and Haruhi's bickering, he thought about how much his life had changed from just a few short years ago. He smiled.

He wouldn't change a single thing.


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