One drunken hook up was all that remained of their fairytale relationship. Twenty years ago they both thought they'd be together forever, but after that night, Casey found love with an old flame in California, leaving Cappie and his unchanging ways behind in DC. She thought she had gotten rid of him permanently, that is until that little pink plus sign told her differently. When she told Max the two decided they wouldn't tell Cappie about his child, and that Max would be the only father this child would ever know. Now 18 years later, they are happier than they've ever been. Carson, their perfect son, was anxiously waiting for his college acceptance letters.

"Still no mail Cars?" Max asked, also anxiously waiting to see which Ivy League school his boy would be attending.

"Not yet." Carson replied.

"Well you've got football practice in 20 minutes. How about you go get ready and go to practice, and if any college letters come in the mail, I'll call you." Max responded, trying to calm his son's nerves.

"Thanks dad." Carson said as he ran to his room to change.

Moments later, he emerged from his room wearing his dark green and white football uniform, his helmet in one hand, his dufflebag in the other.

"All set. I'll see you guys later." He said to his parents as he ran out the door.

At practice, Carson was working hard on his passing. Even though he was quarterback, he still needed to show scouts that he was a team player.

"Nice pass Carson!" His coach yelled down the field. Carson continued to throw amazing passes for another hour before coach had the team do drills and run a few plays. By the end of practice, the whole team felt confident they would win the game on Friday.

After practice, Carson checked his phone while he was in the locker room getting changed to see if his dad called. He opened his phone to not a call, but a text.

Call home…college letters came was all it said. He immediately put his jersey and pads away and dialed home.

"Dad!" Carson exclaimed into the phone.

"Yeah, son. You got my text?" Max asked.

"Just now. Who sent me letters?" Carson desperately wanted to know.

"You got letters from Harvard and Yale, as well as Columbia." Max replied.

"Good or bad?" Carson asked.

"I'll let you find out on your own. I know how excited I was to open all my college letters."

"Thanks dad. Any other letters?"

"Well you got one from my alma mater, Cal-Tech. And it looks like you also got one from…" Max paused when he read the return address on the envelope.

"From who?" Carson demanded.

"Cyprus Rhodes." Max said in disbelief.

"Really?" Carson asked excitedly.

"Yeah." Max was still in shock. "I'll let you read all of them when you get home."

"Ok dad, I'll be home soon." Carson said as he got in his car to leave school. "Bye."

"Bye." Max replied as he hung up the phone. Just then Casey walked into the room.

"Telling Carson about his letters I see." Casey said as she picked up the stack of envelopes.

"Yeah." He replied. Casey could tell something wasn't right.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

He took the letter he was staring at and handed it to his wife. When she saw who it was from she became just as shocked as her husband.

"We knew this might happen." Casey said.

"The question is what do we do about it?" Max asked.

"We'll just have to let our son read all of the letters before we jump to any conclusions."

"Sounds like a plan." Max said, leaning in to kiss his beautiful wife. Their kiss was unfortunately cut short by the slam of a door and a dufflebag being thrown across the room as their son ran to the kitchen to open all of his letters.