Since Cappie's band wasn't going back on until after Andylicious, Carson decided to check out the entertainment from the other side of the stage. Even though he loved being up onstage, it was still nice to watch the other performers from the huge crowd below.

"Hey Titan! You were awesome!" Superman shouted when Carson and Maddie found their friends.

"Yeah, we can't wait to hear you rock it out again!" Poptart said.

Carson laughed. "Why don't you just have fun watching your alumni big brother first?"

"How y'all doin?" Andylicious yelled out to the crowd. "God it feels good to be back! You know the thing I remember most about this school...its killer parties! What do you say we get this party started?"

His backup dancers started poppin and lockin as the band started playing a hip hop track.

"If the party stops, that don't mean nothin, cause we'll just club hop, and you can never stop a hot party!" Andy half rapped, half sang into the mic, doing the same moves as his backup dancers.

Carson grabbed Maddie; Superman grabbed Lily, and the rest of the KT's found girls to dance with. They were all having fun, especially Carson. If this is what not having a family anymore felt like, then oddly he was ok with it. It was then that he realized he wasn't losing his entire family. He had tons of new brothers and sisters...and a dad, who he had a lot more in common with than he thought. A father that he couldn't wait to share his whole life with, starting with his new favorite place to be...up on stage.

Andy finished his set and brought Cappie's band back onstage. Carson saw his dad grab his guitar and new it was show time. He was having a ton of fun with his friends, but he couldn't wait to kill it again on the drums.

Everyone listened intently, wondering what other crazy rock songs Cappie's band could do. When they first started playing, it sounded more like smooth jazz than anything else. Carson just sat there for a good twenty seconds, knowing all too well that this song was anything but smooth jazz. Cappie gave him the look, and Carson slammed the symbols and started banging out on the drums, flipping the song back into the rock song it needed to be.

"You got a reaction out of me, but you took your time!" Cappie belted.

As Cappie sang the song, Carson noticed something odd about the lyrics. Was he making up stuff about Casey on the spot, or were those the real lyrics to the song? When he saw his girlfriend rocking out, none of it mattered. Carson looked back up at his dad jamming on the guitar. If Cappie couldn't have his ZBZ fairytale, Carson would make sure to have his, just to prove that it was possible for a ZBZ and a KT to make it work. Unlike his mother and father, he was going to do everything in his power not to ruin it.

Even though the party had ended and Carson was back in his own bed, he still couldn't sleep. It wasn't his mother that was bothering him, but rather, his father. After everyone had performed they all stuck around to enjoy the rest of the party. Not Cappie; as soon as his band was done, he left. Carson hoped the departure wasn't permanent, and that he would still come back to see the surprise he desperately wanted to show him. He looked over at his clock, 5:37a.m. He wanted to run right out and find his dad, but it was a little early. He would just have to wait. Until then, since he wasn't sleeping anyway, he decided to walk over to Kappa Tau.

Carson walked down Greek Row and laughed at how trashed it was. Whoever had to clean up that mess had their work cut out for them. He walked into the Kappa Tau house, which was eerily empty, sat on his favorite couch, and started reading through the book that him and his brothers had worked all year on.

As he read through the different stories, he remembered all the alums talking about them. Reading it on paper was one thing, but hearing the play by play of the entire event made even the most minor of stories seem like a life changing ordeal. He wondered why Cappie wasn't into it like his brothers.

He looked at all the pictures and laughed. The way the alums were acting then was exactly the way Carson and his brothers acted now. The crazy parties, the hazing, the Omega Chi feuds, it was all there.

When Carson heard a bike outside, he was shaken from his thoughts. Just as quietly as he had entered, another person came in. A smile came across his face when he saw who it was.

"Hey Cappie." Carson whispered.

Cappie didn't realize anyone was there, so he jumped. "Jesus damn! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Sorry. Didn't think anybody else would be up for a while." Carson said. "What are you doing here?"

"Same thing as you. Wanted to come see the house without all the crazy brothers running around." Cappie replied, slowly walking into the living room, running his hand on one of the walls. "You know this isn't the original KT house."

"Yeah, I know." Carson said. "The real Kappa Tau house is under the athletic center."

"This place looks pretty good though." Cappie said, still taking it all in.

"Not as good as the original." Carson said.

"Nothing is ever as good as the original, that's what makes it an original." Cappie replied, being very profound.

Carson came up with an idea. "How about we go see the original?"

Cappie looked concerned. "You do realize that's kind of impossible."

"Not quite." Carson said. "Just grab the book...and trust me."

A/N = Oh my god...I am so sorry for forgetting about you guys! College has been crazy and my other stories kind of took over my life, but I promise I won't ever let it happen again. :) This story is definitely going to get finished because I know how much you guys love reading it. Thanks for not giving up on me! :)