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Chapter Three

Everyone stared at Gilan in expectation. The young ranger fumbled for something in the table, but eventually fell asleep on the floor.

Everyone stared. Zulla kicked him experimentaly.

"Yeah, he's dead."

Will glared.

"No he isn't. He just fell asleep from no caffeine."

"Okay-Wait, what?" Siobhan said, sounding frightened.

"He fell asleep from lack of coffee." Auryon said slowly.

"Then it could happen to any one of us!" Keiro said in terror.

"Balls." Mana said, summing up the situation.

"Oh! Idea!" Zulla shreiked.

Dramatic music began to play.

"We need something to tide us over for a bit. I think sugar should do the trick. And where's the music coming from?" Zulla said, shooting the random band a glare.

The music stopped.

"Yeah, but how are we supposed to get sugar? I'm not just eating the stuff flat out." Halt said.

"Duh. Put it in the sugar. No, wait, put the tea in the sugar- PUT THE SUGAR IN THE TEA! GOD!" She said, fumbling over her words. The Ranger scowled, before grabbing the mug she had refused earlier and dumping eight spoonfuls in, stirring it around in the hot tea before taking a sip.

Everyone looked on sceptically.

"Oh my god... IT TASTES GOOD!" Zulla shrieked.

Everyone scrambled for the sugar bowl.

Mana sighed, getting up to buy another round of tea.

"Hey, Brantly, Violet, little help here?"

The two looked up to see Mana struggling with several mugs, and got up to help her.


"Not a problem."

After everyone had their fill of tea, and someone force-fed the sleeping Gilan sugar until he woke up, they set off for Norgate fief, figuring they could ask for coffee along the way, and worse come to worse Malcolm might have some coffee. After all, people were too scared to go near him, or even in thee woods. Maybe the theif hadn't gotten to him.

"It's going to be a long trip..." Siobhan sighed. (Heh, try saying that five times fast.)