River sighed heavily and stared at him.

Eventually the Doctor stopped chattering and fiddling with the controls and looked at her.

"Why are you staring at me?"

She just sighed, and shook her head, and stared at him.

He stood up straight and pulled his hands in. "Quit staring at me."

"Why, sweetie?"

"Because, because, If you don't, I'll do something." He edged away from her.

"Like what?" she asked, tilting her head, honestly intrigued.

"Quit staring at me!" He edged his way around to the other side of the console. "I'm warning you," he pointed a finger at her as she slowly followed him. "I'll, I'll, I'll materialize somewhere very cold!"

Her eyebrows popped up. "And?"

He scuttled away from her again and pointed at her through the rotor. "And very wet!" he threatened.

"And then what?" she advanced toward him and he flinched sideways, practically turning his whole body away from her.

"And then I shall jump in it!" he declared.

She grinned. "How will that stop me?"

"It'll make me feel better." He darted around the console.

She sidestepped neatly, right into his path.

"You know, sweetie." She reached up to stroke his bow tie. "There are other ways to make you feel better..."

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