I Would


I would. Sometimes I say I wouldn't, but they know I would. I'm a tough greaser and everything, but I hate to admit it, I would. My two younger brothers are everything to me, but it's more than I can take. I open my drowsy eyes and take a look at the two kids, kids in front of me.

"Darry!" My baby brother, Ponyboy greets as I open my eyes and let out a groan. The boy's eyes shine with excitement and I follow his gaze to a brown package in his hands.

"What's that, kiddo?" I ask him. He puts it in gently on my hands and smiles at me happily.

"Happy birthday, Dar!" My other brother, Sodapop tells me. I touch the small package in my hands and take the brown wrapping off of it to discover a small journal-like book. I open it to the first page and a small piece of paper falls out. I gently open it and begin to read.

Dear Darry,

I would never trade you in for anything in the world, and I know you wouldn't either. I am so happy you made it another year, with that of our lives being very messed up and such, but I would like to tell you that I would never trade you for anything. I wouldn't. I Love You, Darry. You are such a great brother and i hope you realize this.

Ponyboy Curtis

I let a tear escape my face and I smile in the direction of my youngest brother. I smile and thank him for the letter that fell out of the book and continue onto the book…

"When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and I ride home."

I set the book down and got out of bed, drawled in by the scent that came from the kitchen. To my surprise, I saw Steve and Two-Bit attempting to cook breakfast.

"Happy birthday, Superman!" Steve congratulates. I thank him and sit down on the table. My brother wouldn't trade me in for anything, he told me so, even if yesterday I had yelled at him for being late from the movies. Only last month I had grounded him for a long time, only two months ago I had laid a hand on him, and then all hells broke loose.

I pig out on the burnt food laid out in front of me, inhaling every piece of food cooked for me on this eventful day. It had already started out so well, so flawless. Except for one thing…

The food is soon gone, so everyone heads to their intended fields. I drive to the roofing business and start on my work. I attempt to carry two bundles of roofing, which I easily nail and slowly and carefully place it on the wood that has so carefully been placed a while back. Every single piece of roofing I place, making me feel depressed. Am I wrong to feel the way I do? I can't be wrong, if it feels so right.

I head home right after. Everyone is sprawled out on my couches. I would. I would. I would.

"How was work?" Soda asks me. I'm too tired to put up with his act so I just nod and sit down on the large armchair in front of me, soon noticing the emptiness.

"Where is he?" I ask everyone and they shrug.

The contained anger starts to build up inside of me for a while until the tension grows and I feel as if I'm going to blow. The anger keeps building up more and more, but I know why. They all stare at me and I'm aware of that.

I see a familiar figure approach from the darkness and the door swings open. He doesn't need time to explain. This is so unwanted for. I march right over to him and before his open mouth gets any word out of it, I do what I said I never would. I strike him on his face this time, in front of everyone and he runs out again. He has no Johnny this time, I think smugly.

Everyone's expression is uncalled for so I roll my eyes and go inside of my room. It all comes out, what I just did. I hit Ponyboy Curtis. My brother that went through hell two months ago. I made it worse. It's all worse, but I know why.

Maybe he thinks its all anger and stress and maybe he wouldn't, but for I change I would.

I would trade my brother for a chance in life, to go to college and find a girl. I would trade him in for success. I'm so sick and tired of this.

I would.

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