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Everyone Has Scars...

"Soubi," Semei grinned wickedly up at his former slave. "How long are you going to pretend that you belong with him? You're a BLANK, remember? You're just filling space until his TRUE Sentouki appears. He's not even here. He knows you're just going to fail him."

Soubi clenched his teeth and hung his head for a moment, feeling the sting of Semei's words. 'He wouldn't. He wouldn't leave me. Please! Say he wouldn't leave me...' He could feel the slight sting of tears creeping out but Ritsuka, standing as tall as his brother, stepped between the two, facing his brother.

"Ritsuka?" Soubi gasped. 'He came...'

"Semei," The raven-haired man quietly growled. "brother or not, I will KILL YOU before I let you hurt my Soubi EVER again!"

Behind his facade, Semei felt waves of anger rolling out from 17-year-old Ritsuka. Quickly regaining control of himself, he chuckled darkly, "Your Soubi, hmm? Finally taking control of him, are we?"

Fury roiled behind Ritsuka's amethyst eyes. "You don't know anything, Semei. And I feel sorry for you." Those deep, purple gems flashed with flecks of gold and red. "He is mine just as much as I am his! I love him! That is a connection you will never have with another human being. You must lead such a pathetic existance." He turned around quickly, looking at his lover reassuringly. Taking his hand, Ritsuka pulled Soubi to stand beside him. "Soubi and I are equals. Not Sentouki and Sacrifice. Not Master and Servant. Equals." With one last look at Semei, Ritsuka's irises danced like purple flames behind ice. "Now, leave!"

Semei teetered backward as if rocked by a shock-wave.

Ritsuka sat kneeling in front of his soul-mate, placing a bandage smoothly over a small cut across the blond's cheek.

"I'm sorry." He said, running his fingers gently along the covered red line. "I should have been there sooner. My teacher kept trying to stop me from leaving early." Setting the first-aid kit down, Ritsuka stretched forward to wrap his arms around Soubi's neck. The tall man just hung his head.

'Semei was right. Who am I kidding?' He thought to himself.

Seeing the pain in his lover's dejected eyes, Ritsuka cupped his hand around Soubi's cheek and lifted his face.

"Soubi, I want you to listen to me, okay?" His voice was soft and gentle. Not an order, but a plea.

Not meeting Ritsuka's gaze, he nodded.

"I don't care what Semei thinks." He stated. "I don't care if out there somewhere, there is some Sentouki with the word LOVELESS scribbled on them. I don't care if that's supposed to be my 'destiny.' 'Destiny' can go to hell. I don't want it." Soubi lifted his tear-filled eyes to stare into Ritsuka's. "YOU are my soul-mate. It's YOU I would fight for. It's YOU who I entrust with my life and it's YOU I would gladly give that life for. The rest of the world be damned." Ritsuka pressed his lips against Soubi's, pouring every ounce of himself into it.

Gently crying into Ritsuka's kiss, Soubi wrapped his shaking arms around his lover's waist.

Ritsuka caressed Soubi's quaking body, trying to ease the pain. 'Damn you, Semei!' he cursed. Breaking their lips apart, Ritsuka pulled his one-and-only close.

"I'm never going to leave you, Soubi." He vowed, running his slender fingers through long, blond hair. "Never."

Soubi lay on his bare stomach, a pillow beneath his crossed arms, staring out the window at the clear view of the crescent moon. Ritsuka loved him. He knew this. But, should he have to love someone so broken? Soubi ran his fingers across the crooked lines of raised skin which wrapped around his neck. He imagined the overlapping bubbled lines which stretched across his thin back. Ritsuka deserved better than that.

Suddenly, he felt the mattress shift on his right, and, as he turned, he saw Ritsuka kneeling beside him.

"Ritsuka?" Soubi gasped. "I thought you left for your mom's house hours ago."

"I did." He said, "But I'd rather be here. At home. With you." He leaned his head down, brushing his lips against the shell of Soubi's ear. "Can I stay?"

"Ritsuka," Soubi sighed. 'I don't deserve you.' "You know you're always welcome..." His voice dropped off as he turned away, resting his cheek on the pillow beneath him.


"You deserve better, Ritsuka." Soubi breathed, facing the opposite wall. "You deserve better than a broken, scarred, shattered BLANK with no place in this world. You deserve better."

Ritsuka's heart instantly ached for his love. With every bit of progress he made, showing Soubi how much he loved him, something always crept in, bringing his lover back down to square one.

As the wintery light from the moon shone in through the window above their heads, the scars across Soubi's back cast wicked shadows across his beautiful skin. Softening his gaze, Ritsuka brought his face down, lightly dusting the raised flesh with his lips. Soubi's eyes flashed open, as the teen continued to kiss along each embossed line. The raven's soft lips swept across each, ending at one which wrapped slightly around his shoulder.

He leaned close to whisper into Soubi's ear, "You're beautiful."

Soubi turned his head to face the man he loved with shock in his eyes.

"I mean it, Soubi. You're beautiful." He pressed his soft, pink lips against Soubi's. "And more than that, you're loving and kind; all after having endured so much pain." Seeing the disbelieving look on the blond's face, he sighed, peeling off his cotton t-shirt and leaned over, turning on the lamp beside the bed.

In the pale yellow glow, Ritsuka ran his fingertips over the dozens of scars which coursed across his skin. Soubi looked up in fear and anger as he saw ribbons of white bandages wrapped around his Sacrifice's abdomen.

"Ritsuka, what happened?" He growled, sitting up with a start.

"It doesn't matter."

"It DOES matter, Ritsuka!" Soubi cried. "This was made, what? An HOUR ago?"

Ritsuka spoke softly, placing his index finger under Soubi's chin and lifting his face up. "Soubi, everyone has scars. They're just reminders of where we've been. Nothing more."

"This hasn't had time to become a scar!" How can he keep defending her! Why doesn't he fight back or just leave?

Ritsuka took Soubi's hand which unconsciously curled into a fist. "But it will."

"Ritsuka!" Soubi ripped out of Ritsuka's grip and placed his hands on either side of his lover's face. "Please, I'm begging you! Stop letting her hurt you."

"Only when you stop letting him hurt you." Ritsuka retorted calmly. Soubi's eyes snapped up to look into Ritsuka's. "The pain you feel when you see my physical injuries from my mother's episodes is the same for me when I see how Semei's word's injure you emotionally." Ritsuka stroked his hand against the pearl-toned skin of Soubi's cheek.


"I love you, Soubi." he hummed, resting his forehead against his Sentouki's. "I love every part of you. Every scar, every wrinkle, every mark, every smile, every sound, every look. I love all of it. And if it takes eternity to prove it to you, I will." He pressed his lips against Soubi's, pulling his body close, being slightly cautious of the wound on his stomach. It would heal quickly, but it still hurt like hell.

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