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[[Chapter 2 takes place one year after chapter 1]]

-||- Everyone Needs Saving -||-

As the summer sun rose into the dusty-blue sky, Ritsuka woke with a smile firmly planted on his face. Without opening his eyes, he could feel Soubi's right arm wrapped around his waist, his hand resting on the small of his back, while the other cradled his head. His own legs were twisted around Soubi's and their slender bodies were pressed against each other.

'I never get tired of waking up this way...' Ritsuka mused, remembering the first time he had woken tucked tightly into Soubi's chest...

~ 8 months ago: 21 December ~





Soubi rubbed a bit of sleep from his tired eyes as his hazy mind registered that someone was knocking on his door. With a groan, he rolled out of bed, glancing at the clock to read "5:47am," and went to answer the timid taps.

He pulled the door back, finding a vigorously shivering Ritsuka, wearing a long trench coat over slightly tattered pajamas, standing on his snow-covered porch.

"Ritsuka!" The blond gasped, pulling the quaking teen inside.

"What happened?" he cried as he helped the raven out of his soaking-wet coat. The boy just stood, dripping water onto Soubi's floor, while his body shook and shuttered.

"Ritsuka? Love, please talk to me." Soubi caressed Ritsuka's cheek, trying to illicit a response from his catatonic boyfriend.

As quickly as he could, Soubi stripped his lover of his wet clothes and his pale hands froze as he saw a myriad of fresh wounds dancing across the pale skin of the younger man's chest, arms, back and neck; lines of frozen, clotted blood spread across the slim torso. The artist was rendered speechless. Each gash was rimmed with faintly shaded purple bruises.

"Baby, look at me." He cooed softly. After a painfully long time, Ritsuka's purple eyes turned to look into blue. The blond let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God." He pulled Ritsuka into his arms, trying to raise his body temperature. He lifted his young lover into his arms and carried him to the bed, tucking him in under the covers while he ran to make some tea.

Ritsuka lay, wrapped in the blankets, while trying to make his body relax. When Soubi came back with a steaming cup of chamomile, he pulled an arm around the raven's shoulders and helped him sit up. Once half of the cup's contents were drunk, the wounded teen was carried into the bathroom so his lover could clean him up and inspect the damage. Satisfied that he didn't need to rush Ritsuka to the hospital, Soubi dressed the lacerations and wrapped the slender chest in bandages.

Soubi gave Ritsuka a change of clothes and helped him, still slightly shaken, into the living room to sit on the couch.

Once the raven was seated, Soubi rose to make some breakfast for his lover until a set of thin fingers wrapped around his wrist.

"Please, don't leave me." Ritsuka said quietly, staring at his feet, unable to meet Soubi's sapphire eyes. 'I'm being so pathetic.' He thought to himself.

Soubi pulled his young lover into his arms, caressing his back. "I'm right here."

As he slowly gained more control over his body, Ritsuka settled further into Soubi's embrace, relishing in the warmth and comfort he received from such a small and simple gesture.

Noticing the change in Ritsuka's posture, the blond decided to see if the raven-haired teen was ready to talk, though he had a good idea what his answer would be. "Ritsuka?" He whispered softly into his young lover's ear. He received a small nod in reply. "What happened?"

The raven shuttered slightly but worked up the courage to speak.

"It's my birthday." He stated matter-of-factly. "I turn 18 today." As he spoke, his voice began to quiver subtly. Though, not subtle enough for Soubi to miss its presence. "I'm having another birthday but 'her Ritsuka' isn't."

Soubi forced himself to take a deep breath before responding. Through clenched teeth he said, "Misaki?"

Ritsuka nodded, though quickly followed it saying, "It's not her fault."

Unconsciously, Soubi's grip on his partner became tighter before he pulled back to look into amethyst eyes. "Please, Ritsuka. Please, move in with me."

This was not the first time Soubi had made this request, and, every time, Ritsuka would answer the same way: 'You know I can't, Soubi. I can't leave Mother.' However, as he stared back into his boyfriend's azure eyes, Ritsuka could see the desperation behind them. They shouted out to him, 'Ritsuka! Please! Let me protect you! Stay with me where I can keep you safe!' After two years of refusing on his mother's account, Ritsuka knew he no longer had the strength to lie to himself. His mother would be alright. Perhaps get better without him around. And, he could no longer deny himself what he wanted more than anything else. He had long since begun considering Soubi's small apartment his home and spent most of his waking hours there, tucked into those pale, loving arms or watching his graceful lover paint. He wanted to live with Soubi. He wanted to share everything with him.

Finally, after two long years, he looked into Soubi's eyes and whispered softly, "Okay."

Soubi could hardly believe his own ears. After all this time, Ritsuka had agreed. He would not have to spend any more nights lying awake at night, worrying about what might be happening inside the Aoyagi household. He would never again have to leave his love behind in his bedroom, praying that Misaki would leave him alone that night. He would no longer have to count, daily, the number of new bandages gracing the opalescent skin. As realization dawned on him, he pulled Ritsuka into his chest gripping the younger's shoulders and quaking with overwhelming relief.

"Thank you, Ritsuka. Thank you." He softly repeated those words over and over again.

The mantra echoing in his ears quickly shook free Ritsuka's frozen soul and tears of pain and all-consuming joy spilled from his eyes, ripping loud sobs from his chest. 'It's over. It's over.' He chanted to himself. 'I never have to be afraid of what I'm going to be fed for dinner. I never have to try and make as little noise as possible when in the house so as to save myself a potential beating. The person I'm going to be coming home to every day is warm and loving and would NEVER do anything to hurt me. He loves ME. He loves me as I am NOW. I never have to be without my Soubi ever again.'

The couple stayed tightly wrapped in each other's embrace, Soubi rubbing Ritsuka's back while the teen allowed 8 years of anguish to flow out as streams of salty water. After an hour, Ritsuka's sobs became softer and, finally, stopped as he fell asleep cradled in his lover's strong arms.

Purple eyes opened slowly. Ritsuka took in his surroundings and found himself lying on a soft mattress beneath a thick quilt while a pair of slim arms were wound around his stomach. He looked over his shoulder and found the sleeping form of his Sentouki. Time caught up with him and the events of this morning returned to his mind. He was wrapped in the embrace of the one he loved and had devoted his whole being to and he always would be. A smile tugged at the corners of his thin lips as he tucked himself further into Soubi's chest. 'I love you, Soubi. Always.' He thought as he slipped back into contented sleep.


Pulled from his musings, Ritsuka felt Soubi's body twitch lightly as the burning yellow light of the sun struck his hooded eyes. He let out a quiet chuckle as he stretched to press his lips against his waking lover's.

A satisfied groan rumbled up from Soubi's chest, feeling those warm lips he knew so well moving deftly against his own.

"Good morning." Ritsuka murmured.

Soubi's mouth pulled up into a contented smile. "Good morning, love." Ritsuka wrapped his arms around his artist's neck, pulling himself flush against Soubi's firm body, and connected them in a slow kiss. Quickly, the kiss became far more fevered and their bodies were rolling against one another, passion seeping from every heated breath.

The raven found himself straddling his blond. "Soubi," He sighed, rocking his heated groin against his lover's. "I need you. I need you so badly. Please!"

The combination of Ritsuka straddling him, dominating him, at the same time as submissively begging was too much for Soubi. He hungrily attacked his young lover's panting mouth, gripping the pair of bare alabaster thighs.

"Aa-... S-Soubi." Ritsuka moaned. "Please! R-Ravish me."

With a soft growl, Soubi tore off Ritsuka's large t-shirt and claimed a pink nipple with his mouth. The raven gasped sharply as his lover bit gently on the sensitive flesh. Soubi ran his tongue up to the tensed skin of his throat, sucking, nipping, and lapping at the marble column.

"Nng...Nah! God, Soubi!" Ritsuka shook softly as his body was wracked by the talented mouth of his boyfriend. That very mouth traveled higher and pressed its lips roughly against the pressure-point just below Ritsuka's ear, tearing a sharp gasp from the 18-year-old.

Ritsuka's pale fingers threaded themselves in long blond tresses, tugging slightly. Soubi drew his calloused hands down Ritsuka's bare sides as he dotted the teen's neck with love bites. Damn the name. Those red marks were all the two of them needed to prove their connection.

Ritsuka's blunt fingernails raked down his blond's strong chest, leaving pink trails in their wake. A quiet growl rumbled beneath the raven's fingers.

"Ritsuka..." Soubi purred, wrapped up in their passion, as he curled his fingertips underneath the waist band of his lover's boxers, pulling them down those pearl-satin covered legs. Growing impatient, Ritsuka began to regret his request to be ravished. 'I don't know if I can wait that long!' The teen thought as he pulled off Soubi's only article of clothing; a pair of blue pajama pants which draped loosely on his hips. Once the cotton garment was stripped from his lover's body, Ritsuka pressed his hot, hard member to the blond's. Both let out pleasured gasps at the sensation which was well-known by the two and yet still surprising each time.

"Fuck, Ritsuka!" Soubi cried huskily as he began to rock his hips against the teen's. His mouth hungrily nipped and laved at the exposed skin of his soul-mate. The expert ministrations Ritsuka was privy to were sending his body into a frenzy.

"P-please, Soubi! St-stop teasing m-me!" He pleaded, his voice quaking. "I can't t-take it anymore! PLEASE!"

Soubi placed three fingers at Ritsuka's thin, pink lips. Without a moments hesitation, the raven took the digits into his mouth, seductively twisting his tongue between the slender appendages. The artist moaned loudly, recalling how good that wet muscle feels when twisting around another part of his anatomy. Growing as impatient as the teen above him, Soubi pulled his hand from his lover's mouth, quickly placing them at the raven's entrance.

Shaking with anticipation, Ritsuka nodded his consent and he instantly felt the first digit press into his puckered hole. He let out a soft sigh, relishing in the familiar sensation. His muscles needed very little preparation, as they had stayed up until late the night before performing this very same act. Very soon, Ritsuka was rolling his hips, pressing down on the three fingers buried deep within his body.

As the pyramid of fingers pressed against his prostate, Ritsuka's back bent in a beautiful, contorted arc and he shouted, "God, Soubi, I'm ready! I need you!"

Nodding once, the blond spat into his hand, lubing up his stiff, aching rod, and plunged it into his partner's tight canal.

"FUCK!" Ritsuka cried as Soubi, with practiced precision, struck his prostate hard.

No matter how many times they made love, whether it was slow and romantic or hot and frenzied, Soubi took a moment to watch Ritsuka's face. They had been together for years and lovers for months, yet he still had to remind himself in these moments that this was not his imagination. His beautiful Sacrifice was above him, impaled on his member, his flawless face contorted in pleasure, loud moans of Soubi's name echoing from his parted lips.

Ritsuka was aware of this tradition of his lover. At first, these fleeting stares had made him feel exposed and uncomfortable. However, he quickly learned what they meant to Soubi and ever since, he had come to relish these soft moments where he knew that all of Soubi's mind and soul was focused on nothing but the two of them.

The teen slowly rolled his hips down on his lover's penis, eliciting a sigh from the older male. Roused from his thoughts, Soubi quickly snapped his hips up, startling his raven in the best way.

"R-Ritsuka, y-you're s-so tight." He said through clenched teeth.

The raven gasped and cried as his body was wracked with delicious sensations. "Gyah... Nnn... nah! … Soubi!" His slender frame quaked as he bounced on top of his lover, aching for more.

"So-Soubi! I'm-"

"I know." Soubi moaned, pounding frantically into Ritsuka. "Cum for me, love."

"Ah- Gah- S-Sou-SOUBI!" Ritsuka screamed, throwing his head back, and coated his and the blond's chests in milky white semen.

Soubi groaned loudly as Ritsuka's channel clamped down onto his pulsing member. After only a few strong thrusts, he called his lover's name as he met his own climax.

Ritsuka fell forward, catching himself before he could crush his Sentouki. The two lay panting and gasping, trying to slow down their pounding heart-beats.

The raven leaned forward, dusting his lips on the shell of Soubi's ear. "Thank you." He hummed softly.

The artist brushed his fingertips across Ritsuka's cheek and tucked a swath of hair behind the teen's ear. "What for?"

Ritsuka leaned in, lightly kissing his soul-mate's lips. "No matter what, you've always stayed with me. For so long, I felt so alone."

Soubi looked softly up at his boyfriend, and said, "You'll never be alone again."

Ritsuka smiled. "I know." He gave his lover one more peck on the lips before sitting up, rolling off the bed, and made his way to the bathroom.

"Ritsuka, don't hog the shower. You know I've got a class to teach this morning."

The slender teen turned his head slightly to look back at the blond with a mischievous glint in his amethyst eyes. "Then what are you waiting for, professor?"

'When the hell did he become such an active fucking TEASE?' Soubi thought before leaping from the bed after his kitten.

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