An Interesting Class

A boring class has the tendency to be terrible; but if that boring class involves a few good friends to relish in the boredom with you and perhaps play a few games of knots and crosses with you, it can be made slightly better. A class with no friends can also be rather horrid, but if the subject matter is even remotely interesting some of the awfulness can be alleviated. And perhaps any otherwise dull class can be brightened up if your teacher is truly fantastic. An interesting class with friends and a good teacher is a very rare sight indeed, but a truly spectacular one.

And a class with no friends, a terrible teacher, and subject matter that would bore a goldfish is, simply put, pure hell.

Needless to say, Remus Lupin was currently undergoing a most severe form of torture.

He sighed and stretched. Why had he ever decided to take Muggle Studies, he wondered. His grandparents were Muggles from his dad's side, and he understood all the finer points of living without magic – he'd spend more time at his grandma's when he was younger than he did at his own house. He knew what taxes and bills were, he half-understood the stock market. He could change a lightbulb and a tire, and he understood electricity perfectly – he was a rather strange seven year old with a multitude of hobbies that his grandpa was altogether too delighted to encourage. He could wash dishes and tie knots, he could build castles with blocks, he understood the difference between football and basketball was.

He'd got a top OWL in Muggle Studies, and he had no idea why he was continuing it. The thing was, it was an immensely easy course – very, very boring, but also very, very easy – and with all the pressure of sixth year he really did want an easy course, a relaxing course.

But it was so flipping boring he was ready to take Advanced Double-time Ancient Runes Level IV instead of this terrorosity.

He sighed and looked around the room wanly, willing the lesson to be over. Professor Burbage was practically leaping across the room as she demonstrated the difference between football and foosball, which he'd known since he was six (and he was very, very good at foosball, thank you very much indeed.) He languidly scrawled something about the year 1921, not sure why he was, and wondered for the hundredth time what the point was..

He looked over across the room – and caught the eye of a lovely Dorcas Meadows. He sighed wistfully. Another wish, another unattainable hope..

But today, today was different. Because today, as he pretended not to gaze at the beautiful, clever, witty, perfect Dorcas Meadows, this Dorcas Meadows looked up.

His heart leaped across his chest, and he quickly looked back down. But – he couldn't help it – he slowly peeked up.

And for the first time, Dorcas Meadows was looking straight up back at him, a tiny grin on her face. She gave a little wave.

Remus couldn't help the huge grin that split across his face. He knew he looked like an idiot, but he simply couldn't not grin right there. He waved back, trying to imitate her and looking like a blundering fool, but he couldn't care.

She turned back to her books, not before winking at him, and he felt quickly that he was going to bubble over with happiness.

Perhaps this was a rather interesting class after all.

The End