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Skins isn't mine. Sadly. If it was, the second generation would still be having their drama on the show.

third persons POV

She always wanted her own luxury. Her own happiness. Her own definition of freedom. Suddenly she found all that in the angry brown eyes of a yelling woman. She got everything she wished for and more. A Mercedez Bence.

Naomi was late and sure, her mother would kill her finally after many threats, she was sure these were her last ten minutes alive.

It wasn't her fault that she was late, it never was, but Gina didn't care about her excuses. That's what her mum called them. She always just said that if Naomi would want to be on time at the pub, she would. There wouldn't be "reasons" holding her up.

Yeah, she really air quoted the words, that's how lame she was.

It always ended in the same argument. Naomi was yelling at her mother for opening the pub at 7 am. It's not as if any customers would show up until at least 10am. Both knew it but Gina didn't care. She always started going on about Naomi still being a child.

Naomi looked across the street and saw that her bus was already parked at the bus stop. She needed to run and hope that no car would take her mothers chance at killing her on the way there.

Half way across the street, she heard a car stopping, right beside her. She froze. Closing her eyes, she waited for the pain. The car was too loud, it

was too fast not to hit her. She stood still, waiting for the blow but it never came. What came was a car door opening and closing with such a strength she was sure it broke. The next thing she was aware of was someone grabbing her and roughly pushing her forward, making her trip over her own feet.

Still having her eyes closed she couldn't see anything. That's the only reason why her face landed flat on the pavement. "Ugh!" Making that sexy sound she fell and it described her hurtful landing perfectly.

"Are you fucking blind? Turn the fuck around you stupid cow! Why were you standing in front of my car! You could have hit me!" kicking Naomi's foot a woman yelled. Yes, this woman was repeatedly kicking her foot. Naomi was confused, she was convinced a car was about to hit her and suddenly she lay on her face on the pavement with a woman kicking her foot and yelling at her. This wasn't making sense at all.

Vaguely she remembered the doors opening and closing. This could only mean on thing; this woman pushed her! On her FACE! Now she was yelling and kicking her foot! It didn't hurt, mind you, but it sure as hell wasn't necessary! It was very rude.

Turning, Naomi stared wide eyed at the woman standing above her. "AHA! Now you are able to fucking look or what? I swear to god if there is one dent on my baby I swear you will never, ever, be able to fucking look before running again, yeah? I'll rip your eyes out! Yeah!" Eyes' widening even more, Naomi was stunned. No one, no person in her whole life has ever pushed, kicked, and threatened to rip her eyes out!

Naomi heard furious honking somewhere near them but that woman took care of it. She flipped whoever had the nerve to honk at her the bird and cursed them out.

Naomi heard another car door opening, this one not closing this time but she's had enough. Enough was enough. Yeah, maybe she shouldn't have run across the street like a mad woman but she really needed to catch the bus.

Either way, this didn't give that woman, who nearly killed her with her car, the right to threaten her like that. Naomi didn't even touch her precious car.

Standing up, Naomi got the first look at the crazy woman. The woman left Naomi speechless. Well, she was speechless the whole time but this particular time she had a reason. It was the best one to make her speechless. That woman's beauty stole every breath out of her lungs. She was almost the same height as Naomi and had dark purple hair, beautiful angry brown eyes, and a gorgeous face. Looking at her lips, Naomi realized how kissable they seemed and she was fighting against the urge to just take a little step forward and kiss them. Of course, she couldn't do that; it would end in a freaking disaster. Now the lips were mouthing "fucking bitch" at her but she didn't care. They could mouth whatever they wanted; Naomi would still love to kiss them.

She would never again see a person looking that stunning while being mad at the same time. That she was sure of.

After looking to the left Naomi realized the bus was gone. Naomi felt something pulling at her arm, ignoring the woman didn't work because now she tried to turn her back. That was it. Taking a deep breath Naomi laughed. She wanted to yell, argue, or fuck that woman in front of her; but when she wanted to open her mouth, she could only laugh at how crazy this situation was. No one even dared to snap at Naomi so this was fucking amusing to her. This woman, that yapping small woman clothed in leopard print just made Naomi's day.

The face of the woman reddened as if she was about to explode any second, and it made this whole situation even more funny.

"What the fuck are you laughing at, you freak? Are you mental or something? Eff, is she one of you?" In that moment remembering the second door opening, Naomi looked to her right. She saw another woman. This one standing against the bonnet with a big smirk on her face, a cigarette in her right hand, and to Naomi's big surprise a baby on the hip.

"If you mean by one of mine, a person with problems then yeah Katiekins, she is." The brunette grinned. Naomi looked startled at the smirking woman, that's apparently called Eff.

"Problems? A baby ? What the Fuck?" Naomi was really confused. Why this woman called her a person with problems? Was it that obvious? She only didn't catch her bus, is that counting as having problems? The other thing confusing her was the baby. Thinking Katie called her car a baby earlier, not a real baby that could have gotten hurt.

Katiekins scoffed at Naomi finding her voice and speaking. Not impressed at all. . "Yeah? What did you think I was yelling about, you twat?" Shaking her head, Naomi wasn't even sure she was thinking anything at all in the last 5 minutes.

"Not a baby, how was I supposed to know you were talking about a real baby, I thought you meant your fucking car!" She snapped, grinning when she saw Katiekins looking startled. Yeah, she could be as much a bitch as Katie was and after finding her voice again, she would prove it.

"Well I didn't, so what the fuck were you doing standing in my way?" Naomi shook her head again, this girl was unbelievable. Right now, she really didn't have time for her or her smirking friend. Turning her head to Eff Naomi nodded towards the baby.

"The baby okay?" she asked sincerely. No matter how crazy this Katie was she never would want a child hurting because of her. Eff nodded, looking at the baby in her arm.

"You okay buddy?" bouncing up and down in Effy's arms his eyes lit up. He was giggling and spitting, probably happy someone finally remembered him. "Kay, kay!" he squeaked, then throwing his arms and sticky fingers into the brunettes hair. Naomi smiled, this was just too cute. She was a sucker for cute babies and this one was really adorable.

"You need a ride?" the brunette asked, making Naomi laugh. She couldn't be serious.

"You can't be serious! No she fucking doesn't!" Katie yelled out but the brunettes smirk only grew. Katie's outburst didn't faze her at all. It seemed to amuse the brunette, if her face with its permanent grins and smirks was anything to go by.

"Of course she does Katie, she didn't run across the street for fun you know, she wanted to catch the bus you made her miss so yeah, she does. Come on, get in!" With these words, the brunette sat the baby-boy back into his car seat and sat behind the wheel.

Katie rolled her eyes, huffing, but followed soon and sat in the back beside her cute son. Naomi didn't think long about getting in the car, she WAS late and these three people were amusing, all differently but amusing. She decided this as she sat in the passenger seat. They made her laugh. She liked that.

"I'm Effy by the way and that lovely lady back there is Katie Fitch, the little guy is her own made devil. What's your name buddy? You gonna tell the nice lady your name?" Looking through the rear view mirror Effy winked at the boy who clapped his hands, laughing loudly. Naomi really liked children. She liked the happy ones especially, like he was.

She wasn't dumb and was fully aware that he probably could yell as good as his mummy. She always thought that you could really tell if a child is happy. When they jump around, laugh a lot and are not scared of being loud they were happy. She was also convinced that you can see if the people around the kid are happy. Like Effy. She was joking with him, making him laugh and didn't ask him all serious to repeat some stupid words. Naomi hated that. People forcing their kids to say words all the time when others were around. Poor kids. Naomi always told them that it's alright; they will say the words eventually anyway to her. She was always right, no surprise there. Kids talked more when they weren't being forced to. They had fun.

"His name is Bence." Naomi couldn't hold the laugh in when she heard that name out of Katie's mouth. Looking behind her, she was met with the purple haired woman glaring at her, again.

"Shit, sorry, you're serious, aren't you? Well, pretty. Pretty name." Naomi giggled and Bence giggled with her. Looking at him, she saw for the first time what a beautiful baby he was. Blond locks, light brown eyes and dimples. He looked different. Handsome. Most babies looked the same to her. She never really could tell if it's a boy or a girl when they are under a year old. However, it seemed this baby was really taking after his mum and a handsome father. "Hi Bence, so nice to meet a little handsome man like you, I'm Naomi!"

He looked at her serious and then at his mother who was about to slowly shake her head but Effy snapped at her. "Katie for fucks sake, how often do I have to tell you, don't scare him just because you don't like people! He will end up weird!"

Katie was blushing and this had to be the cutest thing Naomi's ever seen. She couldn't even be mad at Katie any more for trying to make Bence scared of Naomi because this was a different side of her she liked. Katie looked sheepish with a faint blush covering her neck and ears.

It didn't last long though because Katie snapped out of it as soon as she saw the smile playing on Naomi's lips. Instantly she was glaring at the blonde again before looking back at her son, who was trying to gain her attention by pulling on her sleeve. Katie nodded at him with a warm smile and he laughed.

Naomi wasn't fast enough to react. One second she adored that little guy and the next she had his hand slap her face. The whole car broke out into laughter, even Naomi after a second of shock.

She looked at Katie who had a red face and was laughing loudly out of her heart. She saw her dimples and her trying to regain her breath. Through her laughter, Katie tried to speak but didn't really succeed. Katie's laughter interrupted her own words. "He...he wanted …... his hand... give... you a high five!" Still full on laughing Katie turned to him and kissed him on the head. Bence was bouncing around and pretty happy with himself, he made everyone laugh and he loved it.

He didn't know what he did but it was fun. After a couple minutes everyone was able to breath again without starting to laugh and Effy asked where Naomi needed to be.

No more than five minutes later, they parked in front of the pub and Naomi sighed, looked at the clock, and knew she was as good as dead. Then she looked back into Katie's glaring face and knew that if she survived that woman, her mother had no chance. She smirked at that thought.

"What is your problem? Eff, all the time I catch her smirking at me, or smiling or some other creepy shit like that. Tell her to stop and to get out of the car! We're at her lousy pub, that alcoholic bitch!"

Naomi was stunned, again, for the 1000th time that morning. It was feeling like that. "You do realize, I am looking at you right now, and you are telling all this directly into my face, right?" Katie just rolled her eyes and huffed again as Naomi continued to speak.

"But I really don't want to cost you any more of your precious time Katiekins." Grinning, she knew that would set the girl right off again and it did. Katie's mouth opened to attack her again but Effy's melodic voice interrupted whatever Katie was about to yell. Again. It seemed that Effy was able to shut that girl up. Naomi was clearly impressed and wondering how long they have know each other? Somehow, she didn't believe that Katie would allow being talked to like that, by some random mate.

"Katie, beware, its almost 100% positive people who smile and smirk at you want to kill you. The smikers of the world are out to get you."

Katie rolled her eyes again, murmuring a 'whatever' and Naomi found herself wondering if Katie was losing her wits. She just ignored the others in the front seats and turned around to her son. No remark. No argument. She was clearly done with this argument.

"Maybe she actually is one of three people in the world who don't want to kill you after you open your mouth. You should ask her out on a hot date and then marry her, because that doesn't happen often." Naomi's grin grew at Effy's words and she winked at Katie. She was sure Katie would actually demand that Naomi was getting out of the car right now and jump of a cliff but that didn't happen. In fact, no attack happened. The opposite happened.

Surprisingly she saw Katie blushing again. No way, could this crazy woman play for her team? If she did, could she really be interested or was she just embarrassed? Naomi took her chance. Her mother always said; if you find somebody who can make you laugh on a day you want to off yourself, keep that someone for as long as you can. Don't let that pass.

No one made Naomi laugh that much in such a short time without even trying as Katie did. So Naomi rummaged in her bag, looking for a pen and something to write her number on it. Because she just knew Katie needed to make that step, she couldn't like, stalk her or something. That wouldn't get her a date with Katie. It would maybe get her in a hospital if she was lucky. No, Katie needed to be in control, or at least feel like it. That much was obvious.

"Don't talk stupid Effy; she's not even gay for fucks sake! Not everyone around you rides on the rainbow bus, you know." Naomi heard Katie hissing at Effy and had to grin. Finally, she found an old receipt and wrote her number on the backside. Slowly she opened her car door and stepped out, surprised at finding herself actually nervous. She didn't get nervous about girls. Being rejected never scared her or made her shy. Right in that moment, she felt all that and more.

Taking a deep breath, she turned around and opened Bence's door. Crouching down she tickled him. "Bye my cutie, see you soon." she whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. Smile firmly plastered on her face.

"Don't call my son a cutie, you don't even know him! Freak!" snapped Katie right away. Naomi looked into angry brown eyes and smiled her killer smile. The one that always made girls happy. Or melt. Or stalk her. Like that Sophia girl last winter. That girl was seriously creeping her out. She had her whole room full of Naomi's shit. Not so bad? Well, shit Naomi threw into her garbage. Enough said. Naomi wondered briefly when she's seen the other girl the last time but came up blank. Was a while ago. From one day to the next one it was as if she was imagining Sophia lurking around the pub at every hour of the day. She decided to stop dwelling on that fact and concentrate on much more important matters. A date with Katie was a good choice.

She gave Katie the receipt and winked.

"I wasn't talking to him, cutie." she whispered, slowly turning around walking up to the pub, hips swinging.

At the door, she turned back to the car and saw Katie's eyes following her body up until they met her eyes. Yeah, Katie checked her out. Her smile always got her this reaction and she was thanking all gods up there and around that Katie certainly liked it too. She waved at a nodding Effy and opened the door with a big smile on her face, entering the pub.

Her mother cornered her before the door could close. Her face turning from angry to confused in seconds as she realised the good mood Naomi was in. "Where have you been?" It didn't come out like it usually did, disappointed and mad but slowly and confused.

"Well mother of mine if you need to know, I just met the girl I'm gonna marry. She almost ran me over with her car, pushed me down on the pavement, and kicked my foot. Katie's eyes tried to murder me, I think. Then she gave me a ride and insulted me the whole time." Naomi explained dryly and Gina's eyes widened with every word she said, not sure if her daughter lost her mind.

"She, she seems nice? Bring her over for a pint." Gina stuttered out unsure. Seeing that beaming smile on Naomi's usually sad and angry face confused her. She hasn't seen that smile since Naomi turned twelve and puberty kidnapped her; Gina hoped to see it again but she never did, until this very moment. This rude girl must have been something special to make her bored daughter smile like that again.

"That's not a good idea, mum. She has a baby. His name is Bence but maybe I'll invite her for breakfast before all the drunks get here. That way he can come too. Someday." Smiling Naomi went behind the counter. She saw the clock, it read 7.33 am. Exactly forty minutes with Katie saved her morning. Maybe the forty minutes saved her whole week.

"A baby, yeah, a baby shouldn't be around drunks, breakfast then. I'll just go run my errands, are you all right though? Didn't hit your head or something?" Gina was a little worried seeing this version of her daughter, the one laughing her head off behind the counter at the moment. Its been ten years since she heard that sincere of a laugh.

"Not in a bad way, Mum, not in a bad way." grinned Naomi with bright eyes.