Hello, hello ladies :)

So, this isn't a chapter I'm afraid...sorry.

But it's something better, yay!

I got Reddawg82 to write a fic with me...she wrote the cruise Naomily fic...shit I'm so bad, I never remember names. Voyage of discovery? I think..and the Switch which, lets be honest here, was fucking brilliant :) She's a legend.

So now there's a one-shot out, made by the both of us, and I'd like you to read it and tell us if that works or if we should go and hide under a fucking rock until that blows over. ;) It's Katie/Naomi, who else, and it's sooo different than Mercedez Bence/Something to die for and The Switch, it was really fun to write. It's light and fun and not as heart-wrenching as the others.

Hope you like it, hope you give it a try and hope there's some positive response...or any, really.

All right.

Here's the link to the story: s/9597120/1/Innocence-Destroyed-in-Paradise

And here is the profile link, not like there's much up but yeah: u/5015474/Red-sAshes

Have fun, man I had fun writing it, and see you there :)