This occurs around a year after the last episode, No School's Fools Day.

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A Naked Brothers Band Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Someone's Going to Get Hurt

Nat Wolff sighed while he watched Rosalina sleep.

"You really love her don't you?" A voice whispered in the darkness, causing Nat to jump slightly.

"Kristina, you scared me," Nat said. "…Wait, how did you know that?"

"You said so at the premiere," Kristina Reyes explained.

Nat sighed while he rested his head in his hands.

"It's okay if you do," Kristina said in an attempt to comfort Nat.

"…I don't know what I feel anymore," Nat admitted.

"What do you mean?" Kristina's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

And all the words inside my mouth won't come through.

"I still love Rosalina, but…there's this other…girl," Nat whispered. He struggled to find words so Kristina would understand him, but not enough that she would know who the "other girl" was.

They turned towards each other on the large couch on the dark tour bus.

"Rosalina has hurt me so many times in our friendship and even more when we became a couple," Nat continued. "But when I'm with that other girl, I feel…different."

"Different…meaning…?" Kristina asked.

"…It doesn't hurt," Nat confessed.

They sat quietly while they seemed to fade in with the darkness.

"Sometimes it's hard to love Rosalina…" Nat eventually said quietly.


"Because I don't even know if she still feels how I do. I know she still cares about me…and this other girl…I don't even know…"

"Nat?" Kristina asked.


"Is this other girl…I don't want to sound too full of it, but…" Kristina bit her lip.

"What Kristina?"

"Is she…me?"

"Uh…um…yeah," Nat admitted. He turned to look out the window, so he could avoid Kristina's gaze.

"Nat!" Kristina called in a loud whisper to get Nat to look at her again.

"Yeah," He answered in a barely audible whisper.

Kristina gently turned Nat's head so their eyes would meet.

"I do care about you, but if you still love Rosalina…I don't wanna come in between that," Kristina admitted reluctantly.

Nat gently removed Kristina's hands from his face and sighed.

"What?" Kristina asked worriedly.

"…It's…nothing," Nat said with a shake of his head.

"What?" Kristina asked again.

"Whatever I do someone's going to get hurt," Nat confessed. "Either it's you, Rosalina…or me," He whispered.

I've got this pain in my head that I can't shake. When I remind myself I can't get to you.

Suddenly Rosalina moaned in her sleep, causing Nat and Kristina to turn towards her.

Nat and Kristina stared at each other.

"We should probably go back to sleep," Kristina whispered.

Nat looked down, deep in thought. "You go. …I'll come in a little."

"Okay," Kristina said though she wasn't convinced.


Because I'm feeling like I might... Take today and make my way. Through the town, the streets, the pouring rain. 'Cause some days, it seems like the clouds won't stay away.
The next morning the entire band was awake, but no one knew where Nat was.

"Where is he?" Alex Wolff asked. He paced nervously awaiting his brother.

"Calm down, Alex. We'll find him," Cooper Pillot, the band's manager, assured him.

"OF COURSE, WE'LL FIND HIM!" Alex said in a panic. "WHY WOULDN'T WE?"

"Alex, we're all worried about Nat. But you need to stay calm," Rosalina said in an even tone. But in reality her thoughts were a screaming, frenzied mess.

"Maybe we should go look at…" Qaasim Middleton began to say but faded off.

"We should go look at what?" David Levi asked.

"Never mind," Qaasim said dismissively.

The others looked at him curiously, but understood when Nat walked back on the bus.

"Hey guys," He said calmly. "What's going on?"

"HEY GUYS?" Alex mocked loudly.

"What?" Nat asked confused.

"Where were you?" Alex asked with narrowed eyes.

"Chill Alex, I went for a walk," He replied calmly.

"Nat, that was really selfish of you not to tell anyone where you went," Rosalina said frostily. "Everyone was really worried about you."

"Sorry, I didn't know we had to be keeping tabs on each other," Nat said returning her tone.

The rest of the band awkwardly glanced around at each other.

"Nat, Rosalina didn't mean it like that," Cooper said trying to calm down his best friend.

Nat sighed and held a hand to his head.

"Uh...What's the schedule today anyways?" David asked suddenly.

Everyone glanced at David which he returned with a shrug.

"Well we have a signing at 3:30 this afternoon, but practically most of today is free," Cooper said.

"Awesome," David said.

"Sweet," Qaasim agreed, slapping hands with Thomas.

"So we can go anywhere?" Thomas Batuello asked with a smirk.

"No, you can go anywhere within three to five blocks of our hotel," Cooper clarified.

Groans erupted through the group.

"Cooper, there's barely anywhere we can go within three to five blocks of the hotel," Qaasim whined.

"Seriously, we won't get to do anything fun," David agreed.

"It's not that bad," Nat said barely interested in the complaints of his friends.

"Yeah, not that bad for you, since you snuck out and went who knows where," Thomas scoffed.

"Guys, I'm sorry. Those were the orders I got from the hotel manager," Cooper pleaded. "Trust me, it's safer."

"Since when did we care about being safe?" David mumbled.

Qaasim and Thomas nodded in agreement.

"Seriously you guys, how dense can you be? Of course Cooper cares if we're safe or not," Rosalina said with a roll of her eyes.

"Guys…" Nat said with a sigh. "Rosalina's right, just be cool, okay?"

Oh my God. This town, it feels like a headache.

He then left the room, still holding his head which caused everyone to stare after him.

I hope Nat's okay, Kristina thought to herself.

"I'll go after him," Alex said.

He followed Nat back to where their beds were.

"You okay, bro?" Alex asked as he walked towards Nat's bunk.

"Yeah…sure," Nat said. He stared at the ceiling while he was lying on his back.

"What's wrong?" Alex pressed.

"Nothing Al—"

"Yeah right," Alex said with a roll of his eyes. "If nothing was wrong with you, you wouldn't have left without telling anyone…You probably wouldn't have left at all."

"Okay," Nat said, giving in. "I have a killer headache."

"Other than that," Alex said through a sigh.

"I couldn't fall asleep last night…so I stayed up and watched Rosalina sleep."

Alex raised his eyebrows.

"Then Kristina came and we talked, but I still couldn't fall asleep so I wrote."

"How much did you write?" Alex asked curiously.

"One or two songs," Nat said modestly.

"You wrote two whole songs already? Man! How am I going to catch up to that?"

Nat was about to comment when Alex interrupted him.

"But this isn't about me."

Nat just shrugged. "They're written like letters."

"That's different."

"Yeah, the words dear love kept coming through my head."



"You wrote one for Rosalina and the other for Kristina, right?"

Nat shrugged again and turned on his side to face Alex.

I wrote you letters but I forgot to mention that. I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, you're a stranger. Watch your face fade away. Now I'm stuck here.
"I'm somewhat stuck so you might have a chance to catch up," Nat joked with a slight smile.

Alex rolled his eyes when Rosalina walked in. Nat and Alex stared at her, startled by her sudden arrival.

"What?" She demanded in an irritated tone.

Nat's eyes grew semi dark before he turned, so he was on his back again.

She said, "Turn your back cause you'll never understand." I can't get through. I can't get through to you.
Nat was slightly annoyed with Rosalina.

Why does she have to make everything so hard? Nat thought to himself.

Some days, it seems like the clouds won't stay away.

The featured song was Clouds by The Morning Light.

P.S. Thanks to NatalinaFanForever for all the inspiration! :)