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A Naked Brothers Band Fanfiction

Chapter 5: I Still Love Her

The next day at noon David, Thomas, and Qaasim ran through the tour bus in search of Nat.

"Nat!" Qaasim and Thomas both called.

"Where are you, dude?" David called.

All three of their frantic voices overlapped the others'.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Nat asked, emerging from the room that held their bunks.

"You have to see this," Thomas said.

"See what?" Nat asked.

He followed his friends to the couches.

"David, show Nat what we found on my computer," Thomas said.

David glanced at Nat worriedly.

"Are you sure he should see this?" David asked.

"He has a right to know," Qaasim answered.

"Yeah," Thomas agreed.

David cautiously turned the screen around on Thomas's computer. An online version of a magazine article was displayed. It read: ROSALINA'S MYSTERY BOY in large, red font. In smaller, black script it read: Who could Rosalina's new BF be?

I thought I had my girl but she ran away…but I'm fine with it

Nat stared, practically frozen, at the medium sized picture of Rosalina and her "mystery boy" talking in a restaurant. It appeared his eyes were the only thing moving as they scanned the article. Nat eventually broke his stooped stature and stood to his full height.

"Are you…okay?" David asked cautiously.

"Yeah, I'm great!" Nat said with forced enthusiasm.

David, Thomas, and Qaasim glanced at each other worriedly.

"…Great," Qaasim said.

"This just makes my decision easier," Nat mumbled to himself.

Before any of them could ask what he meant, Nat started to walk to the front of the bus in search of Kristina. It was at that moment that Alex walked onto the bus.

"Hey Alex…have you seen, Kristina?" Nat asked his brother.

"Yeah, she's outside," Alex told him.


Nat started to leave but Alex blocked him.

"Alex, I have to—"

"What's wrong?" Alex asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Nothing," Nat said quickly.

"Yeah right," Alex said skeptically.

"Fine!" Nat said. "Maybe…I'm a little upset, but I really have to go talk to Kristina."

Nat quickly maneuvered around his brother. As he exited, he heard Alex yelling forcefully at Thomas, David, and Qaasim.

"Hey Kristina," Nat called when he found her leaning on the bus.

"Hi Nat," Kristina said with a smile.

Nat sighed.

"Kristina…I've made…I've made my decision," Nat said.

"Okay," Kristina said encouragingly, trying to appear calmer than she actually was. "And…?"

"I'm sorry," Nat said. "I…I think…I just want to be friends."

"I understand…" Kristina said slowly.

"No, let me explain?" Nat pleaded.

Kristina nodded solemnly.

"The guys…just showed me this article claiming Rosalina has a new boyfriend."

Kristina gasped.

I thought I had it all but I gave it away

"And, as stupid as it is…it hurt me. It made me realize, as much as I like you Kristina…I still love Rosalina just as much as I always did. I don't think there's going to be anyone else for a while."

"It's okay, Nat," Kristina said patting his shoulder. "Are you going to talk to Rosalina?"

Nat sighed. "I guess I have to."

"Well you could talk to her now…Never mind! Let's go back on the bus!" Kristina said quickly.



Nat turned around and saw Rosalina…with the same boy from the article…hugging.

"Oh…" Nat mumbled.

"Hey you guys," Rosalina said happily as she walked up to them.

"Hey..." Nat and Kristina said at the same time.

"What's up…?" Rosalina asked confused.

"I'll leave you two alone," Kristina said.

"Thanks Kristina," Nat mumbled.

Kristina nodded and went back on the bus.

"What's up?" Rosalina asked again.

"I made my decision," Nat said.

"Really?" Rosalina asked, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Yeah…I'm…not dating anyone."

"What? Why?" Rosalina asked.

"Like you don't know," Nat mumbled.

"Obviously I don't!" Rosalina snapped.

"I know what's been going on Rosalina!" Nat snapped back.

"What's been going on?"

"You've been seeing some guy!"


"Don't deny it! I just saw you with him!"

Rosalina took a deep breath to calm down. She shook her head slowly.

"Nat, do you remember what I told you earlier?"

Nat looked at her confused.

"About how I was leaving to go see my dad's friend's son?"

"But…how is there an article about it already?"

There is? Rosalina thought to herself. The paparazzi…

"I was out with him yesterday for a little too after we ate," Rosalina admitted.

"But you're not dating him?"

"No!" Rosalina said through her laughter. "We're just really good friends…kind of like you and Little Grace, huh?"

"No," Nat said with a laugh.

"Yeah, it totally is," Rosalina mock argued.

"Whatever," Nat joked.

"Don't you 'whatever' me, Nathaniel Wolff," Rosalina joked. "I'm going to get you for this."

"Do it later," Nat mumbled.

Rosalina stopped laughing while Nat slowly leaned towards her. She quickly reacted and leaned towards him. They gave each other a long passionate kiss before they hugged.

"I love you, Rosalina," Nat said while he rubbed her back.

"I love you too," Rosalina said while she squeezed him back.

"Nat?" Rosalina asked suddenly.


"Will you…be my boyfriend again?"

And this is the part where you find out who you are
Nat laughed lightly.

"Of course I will."

They gazed at each other and smiled affectionately.

"You guys made up," Jesse said with a smile.

Nat and Rosalina jumped suddenly at Jesse's arrival.

"Yeah, we did guys!" Nat said the guys a little louder.

The tour bus door opened to reveal Alex, Qaasim, Thomas, Kristina, David, and even Cooper.

And these are your friends, those who've been there from the start

"We weren't listening," Thomas joked as the group made their way to the reunited couple and Jesse.

"Yeah right," Rosalina said jokingly.

They all laughed happily as Tuffy was walking up.

"Tuffy, guess what?" Nat called happily from the center of the group. "Rosalina and I are back together."

"That's great!" Tuffy said. "What's even greater is I found a gas station, so we can get to our next stop!"

They'd had to stay an extra day in their current spot due to that problem.

Everyone cheered.

Through all the cheering Kristina made her way over to Nat.

"Congrats," She whispered to him with a smile.

And Nat smiled back.

And every care you used to have just seems to float away

The featured song was Whoever She Is by The Maine.

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