Author's Note/Disclaimer: This includes the first part of the fight with Sephiroth. Only a few of them get involved in the fight this chapter.

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The group of nine got closer to the fire and the person that caused it. She was worried about what might happen to her or her friends. She looked over at Natsu, who looked pumped and ready to fight. Happy was flying above and had as much enthusiasm as Natsu. She noticed that Zack seemed to be rather enthusiastic as well. It seemed the two of them were similar.

Erza then came up to her and told Lucy," This fight is going to be very dangerous. From what the guild master told me, this Sephiroth was the strongest warrior in the guild. More powerful than any other member. He also used a bit of magic, and even though he didn't have skills on the same level as a mage, he was good at it. He might be hard to beat."

Lucy sighed and looked at the ground. She was afraid. This wasn't going to be easy and she knew it. Erza's words had done nothing but confirm her worries. She wondered if they could even beat this man.

They'd gotten close enough to the fight to see the people already there. One had long, black hair that was spiked back and red eyes. He wore a red cloak that was frayed at the end. Underneath was a black outfit. On his arm was what looked like gold armor with claws. The same gold armor was on his legs as well.

In his hand was a three barreled gun. He loaded it with pellets she recognized. The were for basic fire magic. You just had to add a little bit of your own magic and they would shoot out on fire. There were other pellets as well. White ones for air magic, light blue ones for ice magic, and green ones for Earth magic.

There was another two people right next to him. Both were in black suits. One of them had the suit jacket open and the white button up underneath was untucked. On his head, he had goggles on pushed up to his hair line. He had red spiky hair that ended in a long ponytail. He also had two red marks on his cheeks that were, like his hair. His eyes were a blue color as well.

She had only been able to see him for a moment before he went back to fighting with some kind of rod. It looked like sparks were coming from it. It must've been an electric rod.

The other man in the suit had dark skin. He wore black sunglasses, so Lucy couldn't see his eyes. He was bald, but had a small goatee on his chin.

He didn't seem to have a weapon, which meant that he must fight with his fists. Just as she thought, he got in a fighting stance and went to attack.

The last one also had on a suit. He had long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes were black as well and there was a tilak in the middle of his forehead.

He had a gun as well, but his was just a normal gun. He had no special bullets either. All of them were fighting hard, but she could tell they weren't trying to hurt him. This was their friend after all.

The person they were attacking had a dark smile on his face. His hair was smooth, long and silver in color. His blue eyes had an evil look in them. He wore a long black coat with silver pauldrons. Underneath the coat he had on black pants with no shirt. He also had on black boots. A large black wing came out of the right side of his back.

He held a long sword in his hand. From the way he fought, she could tell he as good. Her eyes could hardly follow his movements as he blocked all of the attacks thrown at him. He laughed a bit and spoke.

"Pathetic," he said," You think you can beat me, but you aren't even trying. You need to fight to kill if you even want to match my skills."

He then went to attack all of the people there, but Genesis had blocked it with his own red colored sword with a silver edge. She hadn't even seen him move, but there he was. "Get out of here!," he told the others there.

Three of the four left, the ones that were injured. The one in the red coat stayed. "I'm not leaving you," his voice was rough," I haven't really been injured."

"You're just too stubborn sometimes, Vincent," Cloud came up next to him and drew his sword.

The two that had clashed swords then both jumped back. Cloud then went forward and went to attack Sephiroth only to be blocked. This gave Genesis enough time to use some magic on his sword, possibly an augmenting spell. His sword was now glowing red.

Genesis went to attack now and Cloud backed off. The two swords clashed again and this time there was a flash, followed by a strong wind. When she looked back up, there was a crater underneath both of them. The both of them then started fighting. The movements were impossible to follow this time, the two only seen every few second when they clashed.

Angeal then took out his sword and joined the fight as well, somehow managing to keep up with the movements of the other two. Just being near the fight was dangerous as craters were caused and anything nearby was cut to pieces.

The one she now knew was Vincent had shot a few times whenever he could. He hadn't gotten many hits with how fast they were moving, but he kept shooting at Sephiroth.

Erza then changed her armor and weapon, ready to join the fight as well. "Wait, you can keep up with their movements?," Lucy looked surprised. "It's not that hard," Erza said," Maybe you should just stay out of this if you can't either." She then jumped into the fight.

"Don't count me out," Zack smiled, running over as well, taking out his sword. Natsu and Gray didn't move though. She could tell they were having just as much trouble following the fight as her. It was on a whole new level well beyond their skills. The guild master didn't join the fight yet. He stayed behind with them.

She just watched the fight now, or tried to. She knew that they wouldn't be able to join the fight until it started to slow down.