Warning: Spoilers for S8's Baltimore, Broken Arrow, and Recruited. Spoilers also for S7's Inside Man, Man Walks into a Bar, and Flesh and Blood. Also, references to S5's Corporal Punishment and to S6's South by Southwest.

Author's Notes: There are certain details about Tony's childhood that I wanted to tie together.

Previously on NCIS:

From S8's Man Walks into a Bar:

DiNozzo laughs, "Ok. Doctor. You want to do this now? Why not? How far back do you want to go? My mom died when I was eight. They sent me away to school when I was eleven. I almost lost that kid in Baltimore. Are we doing it? Am I doing good?"

Squad Room

"Ugh! I do NOT believe this. . . not again!" McGee yelled at his computer screen. Ziva jumped, while Tony just looked over in surprise from the strong reaction from McGee.

"Timmy?" Tony asked shaking his head encouraging him to explain why he was so angry at his computer screen.

"I can't believe I am scheduled for another polygraph." McGee whined.

"Yeah, yeah we all know McHot you are. You Polygraphing Mc-Grady-Magnet." DiNozzo said with a grin.

"Oh yeah, then why wouldn't Agent Grady go out with me then?" McGee shot back in frustration. DiNozzo raised his eyebrows in surprise of the response.

"Didn't Abby have something to do with that Mc-UnFaithful?" DiNozzo shot back.

"I don't know why she was so jealous. Agent Grady didn't even go on a date with me. Abby and I aren't dating either." McGee questioned. "But, every time that I submit to a polygraph that one question comes up."

"Which question is that McTimmy?" DiNozzo asked.

"Have I ever committed a crime?" McGee stated.

"Ah, yes we have records, don't we?" DiNozzo said with a laugh.

"That was supposed to be removed." McGee argued frustration clear in his tone.

"Ha, ha. You need to just let it go, McGee." Ziva said laughing.

"Let it go. Let it go. I have to put that on any job application I fill out now." McGee stated.

"Are you planning on leaving us, McGee?" DiNozzo asked in a more serious tone.

"Something you want to share McGee?" Gibbs asked as he entered the squad room.

"No Boss, I have to go for a polygraph again." McGee mumbled.

"Oh McGee, you hot stud you." Gibbs said sitting down at his desk.

"Boss, every time that I go for a polygraph I am asked the same question about having a criminal history." McGee whined.

"Well, yes McGee you are a federal agent." Gibbs stated.

"But, it wasn't my fault. I did not have a history until we had that case last year, where Tony and I got arrested for trespassing at the impound." McGee continued to complain. Gibbs nodded and shook his head at hearing about this again.

"We were supposed to be cleared." McGee stated. Gibbs nodded in agreement.

"I will talk to the Director, again." Gibbs said sounding a little exhausted about the subject. As he said this, Gibbs' cell phone began to ring.

"Gibbs." Gibbs said into his phone. "Yeah, Leon I will be right there." Gibbs looked up to his office as he said this, thinking that Vance had to be listening to their conversation. However, he was surprised when he was not standing there.

Vance's Office

"Gibbs." Vance said as he watched Gibbs enter his office.

"Nice timing. I wanted to talk to you about something." Gibbs said.

"Oh yeah." Vance said holding an envelope in his hand, as he looked up at Gibbs. "What about?"

"It can wait." Gibbs stated.

"No. I would rather hear what you have to say." Vance said with a groan. "I don't want to have to talk about this." Vance said slapping the envelope on the table.

"McGee and DiNozzo still have criminal records." Gibbs stated. "It was supposed to be cleared last year."

"Yes, it was. I actually thought that they were cleared. I will look into that." Vance stated.

"Thanks, Leon." Gibbs said looking over at the sealed envelope that Vance slapped over on the table.

"Now, what is that?" Gibbs asked.

"Speaking of DiNozzo and criminal records. . ." Vance said shaking his head. "That was mailed to me yesterday from former police Major Frank Raimey. You and DiNozzo arrested him last week, didn't you?"

"DiNozzo worked in Baltimore, how long?" Vance asked.

"A little over two years." Gibbs stated.

"What criminal record are you talking about?" Gibbs asked in confusion. "I know everything there is to know about him, Leon."

"That is a sealed Juvenile criminal record." Vance stated. "Any idea what he did?" Gibbs shook his head. Gibbs then turned and looked at it curiously.

"Now, you are just as curious as I am." Vance stated.

"It doesn't make sense, Leon. He was hired ten years ago. We do background checks." Gibbs said.

"Yes we do. How did Raimey get these records? How did he know about these records?" Vance asked.

"The timing is definitely suspicious. Raimey had this ready to use against him." Gibbs stated.

"It is suspicious." Vance said. "As an employer, I would like to know what it in that."

"Then open it." Gibbs said. Gibbs found Vance's reluctance amusing.

"What?" Vance asked irritated by the smirk he was getting from Gibbs. Gibbs simply shook his head.

"Everyone has something to hide." Vance stated. "Remember that envelope that Trent Kort of the CIA gave you on me?"

"Yes, I do." Gibbs said. "You had a file on me too, Leon."

"You never opened the one from Kort." Vance pointed out.

"Nope." Gibbs responded.

"I am more curious then concerned about this, depending. . ." Vance admitted.

". . .on the charge? Why don't you just open it then?" Gibbs asked. "But?"

"Raimey obviously knew about it, and DiNozzo still worked at Baltimore PD for two years without it being an issue. Go talk to him." Vance ordered picking the envelope up and handing it to Gibbs. "Go find out what this is."

"DiNozzo." Gibbs said after hitting his speed dial. "Meet me in the conference room." Vance nodded and returned to his desk.