Conference Room

"Boss?" DiNozzo said walking around the far end of the room when Gibbs entered. Gibbs briefly smiled and looked him over.

"Have a seat DiNozzo." Gibbs ordered. DiNozzo sat down immediately at the end of the conference table. Gibbs walked over to him and sat next to him.

"Tell me about this." Gibbs said looking at him as he placed the sealed envelope on the table. DiNozzo looked at it a moment and then picked it up.

"Is that a sealed juvenile record? That is my juvenile record, isn't it?" DiNozzo said in surprise. "What? How did you get that? I was told that was destroyed. I know the charge was dismissed."

"What is this, Tony?" Gibbs asked.

"It was a misunderstanding." DiNozzo said defensively.

"Okay, I believe you, but what is it?" Gibbs asked again.

"How did you get that?" DiNozzo asked flapping the envelope back and forth. He finally set it down in front of Gibbs, when he saw the serious stare he was getting.

"That is still a criminal record Tony." Gibbs stated in a serious tone looking him over curiously but also in concern.

"Am I being fired over this?" DiNozzo asked.

"What is in it?" Gibbs asked. DiNozzo started to get up from the table. Gibbs jumped up and put his hands on both of his shoulders forcing him to sit back down. He stayed there holding him still.

"Answer my question, Tony." Gibbs ordered. "That was delivered directly to Director Vance, so he wants to know what is in the envelope."

"Why didn't he open it?" DiNozzo asked. He spoke in a frustrated tone.

"The same reason that I haven't." Gibbs said. "This never came up on a background check when you were hired."

"It was a misunderstanding." DiNozzo repeated in a frustrated tone with his earlier defensive statement.

"What does that mean Tony?" Gibbs asked gently. "What are we talking about here?"

"Just, go ahead Boss and open it." DiNozzo said.

"I. . .will not be the one who unseals this." Gibbs stated. DiNozzo moaned then he reached over and opened it. Once it was unsealed he handed it to Gibbs for him to read. Gibbs released his hold on DiNozzo and sat down next to him.

"Why can't you just tell me?" Gibbs asked, putting on his reading glasses as he looked at the record.

"Suicide attempt?" Gibbs yelled out in total disbelief. "What!"

"It was a misunderstanding." DiNozzo repeated.

"How!" Gibbs shouted looking him over in concern.

"I had a sports injury. I broke my leg playing basketball when I was fifteen." DiNozzo started to explain.

"Yeah, soooo. . . ?" Gibbs asked impatiently.

"I overdosed on painkillers." DiNozzo admitted.

"I cannot handle painkillers. You know that Boss. Remember. . ." DiNozzo started to explain pointing and massaging his nose. "You remember when I broke my nose?"

"You were a little loopy." Gibbs agreed.

"But, drug overdose?" Gibbs argued suspiciously.

"I just took too many. I had to be hospitalized." DiNozzo stated without elaborating.

"Where was your father!" Gibbs yelled.

"Out of town. He wasn't around when it happened. I was spending the weekend with my grandmother. He didn't come back to town until I was in the hospital."

"You were charged for this?" Gibbs said in disbelief. "Is there more to this story, Tony? There has to be."

"Yeaahhh." DiNozzo said in irritation. "After my mother died, . . . her family would. . .at times try to prove that my father was an unfit parent."

"They used this against him in court?" Gibbs asked, thinking back to the first time he met DiNozzo Senior. "Who are they? Who are you referring to?"

"My late Uncle Clive and my grandmother on my . . .mother's side." DiNozzo said.

"What happened Tony?" Gibbs asked.

"They had him labeled an unfit parent. They really did not like my new stepmom at the time. I had to live with them in Baltimore for over a year." DiNozzo said with a haunted look in his eyes.

"That is when I met Wendy, when she was still a high school music teacher." DiNozzo said in a lighter tone.

"Tony." Gibbs prompted him to focus after he got quiet. DiNozzo looked at him surprised that he wanted him to continue. "Ugh, then my dad got divorced, and I ended up spending most of my senior year back at the Rhode Island Military Academy again." Gibbs shook his head his disgust.

"You went back to boarding school then?" Gibbs said angrily. "Did this just happen once?"

"No. Oh you mean my dad losing custody?" DiNozzo asked. "No, I lived with my grandmother right after my mother died too."

"Am I going to be fired over this?" DiNozzo asked.

"No." Gibbs repeated, shaking his head.

"I didn't know this file was still around. I thought it was destroyed." DiNozzo said.

"I know Tony." Gibbs said softly looking DiNozzo over.

"How did Raimey find out about this?" Gibbs asked. "He is the one that mailed it to Vance."

"What! Really?" DiNozzo jumped up from the information. "Well, I overdosed while I was staying at my grandmother's mansion in Baltimore. Raimey was just a street cop then. I first met him when I was in the hospital." Gibbs grabbed the file off of the table.

"All right Tony. I'll explain this to Vance. You have nothing to worry about." Gibbs said shaking his head. "Let's get out of here."

Gibbs waited for Tony to stand up. He placed his hand on top of his one shoulder to give him a pat before they left the room.

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