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"Hmmmm" I moan.

I love when he kisses me. A small shutter runs through his chest at my unconscious sound, making his hand grip my hair and tilt my head slightly back, allowing him to deepen the kiss. After a moment, I break away gasping for the air his kissing has denied me, not that I mind. I would rather not have to breathe when he's doing things like this to me, I'd rather not have to stop.

He doesn't seem to mind either, trailing his lips down my jaw, behind my ear, my neck, sending waves of heat through me. I'm burning. I can feel the warmth pool between my legs as his other hand begins to lightly trail up my stomach. He always manages to get my clothes off, he's the only one who can, the only one I trust enough.

Another moan escapes me as he carefully nips my collar bone, only to double in volume, as his wandering hand finds my exposed breasts.

I arch my back into him, wanting more, needing more. I feel his reaction to my sounds against my thigh, and teasing him I arch farther up, bending my knee to increase the pressure on him.

I'm rewarded with a deep hiss next to my ear, and the warmth between my legs increases.

"Say my name Katniss" he growls into my ear.

Playfully, I shake my head. This is a game we play often, and he knows what it will take to win. He chuckles as his lips travel from my neck, to my chest. My breath quickens.

"Say my name Katniss" he commands, as his hand travels lower over my stomach.

I shake my head and gasp as his mouth comes down and begin to nip and suck at my breasts.

"Ahh yes" I breathe.

His hand slips farther down, dipping under the hem of my last remaining article of clothing.

He stops moving.

Opening my eyes, I look down and see him starting at me, a mischievous glint shining from his beautiful eyes.

"Last chance" his deep voice growls.

I smirk and playfully snarl my nose. "Never" I proclaim. We both know he'll win.

And with a smile that knows of it impending victory, he smoothly dips two fingers into me making me cry out in pleasure and arch my back, a silent plea for more.


Breathless and sweaty, I jump up from my bed, startled out of my beautiful dream.

I can hear Buttercup scurry across the kitchen, most likely in pursuit of his breakfast.

I glance outside the window and realize the suns already up. I'm late, I inwardly groan. Buttercup isn't the only one who has to eat today, and if I plan on coming home before the sun goes down, than I ought to get a move on it.

With a sigh, I plop back onto my tiny bed, trying in vain to hold onto the dream I was rudely awakened from. I relax again as I remember his lips, his hands…. his voice.

What the hell, I'm already late. What are a few more minutes?

My hand starts to slowly travel down my torso. I close my eyes and pretend it's his. His hands, his fingers…. I remember how deep and rough his voice sounded…

Say my name Katniss… say it

"Peeta" I whisper, as I finish the job he so skillfully started. I lay for just a moment more as my bones turn to jello.

Whether he knows it or not, he always wins.

I hear another tumble in the next room and know I have to get up now, before that damn cat breaks something.

After throwing on some cloths, I quietly tread into our tiny kitchen to find the plates knocked from the counter and Buttercup pawing ferociously at the crack under our back door.

"Damn cat" I mumble as I open the door, and like lighting he takes off into the yard. I should have drowned you when I has the chance, I think to myself as I follow him out the door, softly closing it behind me.

If it were up to me that cat would've been dead years ago, but Prim, my little sister, begged and pleaded to keep him. I only agreed once the tears started, and yeah call me weak, but if there's one thing that'll break my stubborn will, it's Prim.

I laugh to myself as I recall going to town with Gale and Prim when we were younger. I was about 13, which makes Gale 15, and Prim 8. Every time we'd go anywhere near the city square, Prim would start begging to stop and see the decorated cakes in the bakery window. I'd try to tell her no, but really I don't know why I even fought it because I would end up caving, like always.

As prim ooohed and aahed over the fancy cakes, I stood a ways back from the window, awkward as hell. Gale, knowing how I felt about Peeta, the baker's son, noticed my discomfort and started laughin' at me. I scowled at him, but he just laughed harder, making my cheeks redden.

"You're a marshmallow Katniss Everdeen" he proclaims between guffaws of laughter.

Pissed, I punch him in the arm, only making his laughter louder.

Enraged and embarrassed, I completely lost my head and tackled him. Now Gale has about a foot and a half on me- not to mention a good 90lbs, but I held the element of surprise. We went down hard, and for a moment I thought I might actually win, but like always he pinned within 45 seconds.

Beaming at his victory, he sat on my chest, just hard enough to hold me never enough to crush, and grabbed both of my tiny wrists in one of his hands. Then he started to tickle me relentlessly.

"UNCLE" I screamed.

"What?" he asked as he continued his torture.

"UNCLE" I yelled louder, my voice distorted with laughter.

Just as he was about to stop, the bakery door flew open.

"You filthy rats, get off my property! Coming to get your dirty paws prints all over my display cases, never buying anything, scaring off the costumers… get, get out of here before I call the Peacekeepers and let them deal with you." Mrs. Mellark squawked at us, waving her broom around.

All laughter gone Gale and I untangle ourselves, I grabbed Prims hand and gently pulled her from the window, but just as we were walking away I see him frowning behind the counter. Peeta Mellark, frowning at me, a seam rat, for being in front of his store.

Seeing the fence up ahead, I'm pulled from the memory, no longer smiling.

Peeta may think I'm dirty seam material, but I still love him, and every year on the first day of summer I leave a quart of strawberries on his bedroom window sill, because even if he hates me, I still owe him. I'll always owe him. He saved my life, and it's going to take a lot of strawberries to make that up.

I finally make it to the fence surrounding District 12, and quickly slide under it… hmmm I guess Prim isn't the only exception to my wrath, I think to myself as I realize that I would never deny Peeta anything he asked.

"Well you know what they say, 'you're a marshmallow Katniss Everdeen'" I say to myself as I pull my dad's old bow from its hiding place and swing the sheath of arrows over my shoulder.

Looking to the sky, I estimate it to be around 8, I'm really late. Gale's gonna kill me.