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"Milan, wait!"

Milan didn't wait. If anything, she sped up, going as fast as her legs could carry her. She had waited for too long. She had waited for them to recognize her ability. She had waited for approval, acceptance, a place to belong. But if you want something done right...

"They might..."

Milan swung around. Her fierce green eyes met calm brown ones. "They might what? Gylace, I'm not sticking around for them to say that I'm expelled. I don't need an invitation to blow this joint! Do I even need to remind you how I got here in the first place?"

Gylace turned her eyes down. "Milan, I know, it's tough, but Master Yoda once said..."

"Master Yoda has said enough already! And how do you know that it's tough? Come to think of it, what do you know?"

Gylace sighed. "I know that I love my sister, and that no attachment rule could ever change that."

Milan swung around in surprise to find Gylace smiling at her sadly. "Gylace, I'm..."

"No need to apologize. You have every right to be upset. I'm angry myself."

Milan grinned. "Gylace, come with me."

Her sister glanced up in confusion. "What? Milan, I..."

"Think of what we can find. Think of the galaxy as ours to explore! No more code, no more restriction, and especially, no more of that irritating, stuck up Master..."

"Milan, stop! Someone might hear you!"

"Let them hear!" Milan hissed, "Let the world know that I from this day forth despise the Order, and I would not hesitate to join the Dark Side if it meant their fall!"

Gylace looked at her twin in horror. She had seen Milan angry, but never this furious, this dark. If the council knew what their bias had turned her into...

"Please tell me you don't mean that."

Milan turned to her sister. She smiled lightly and almost innocently. "Gylace, if you choose to stay here and not come with me, I will respect your choice and the Order alongside it. I'm as jealous as heck of you, but you're also my best friend, my sister, and the only one whose ever accepted me. If you serve the Order and the Republic, then so do I. No matter where I am to go from here, I will not threaten them if you're not threatening them with me."

Gylace looked at her sister with pain in her eyes. Milan had disappointed her, but she had to except that this was what she and the rest of the galaxy had made her. Gylace bit back tears and gave her response:

"Then I guess I'm here to stay."

Milan wasn't astonished and nodded slightly. "I understand, and I hold true to my word."

The two continued to walk out to a balcony of the temple building. It had been silent, but Gylace spoke first:

"They're going to come after you. You may irritate them, but they're still not going to expel and eight-year old and leave her unsupervised."

Milan smiled slyly. "I'm up for the challenge. Besides, if everything works out, I'm going to be running quite a bit anyways."

Gylace groaned as she remembered her sister's intentions. "Oh right, I forgot about that."

Milan turned to her sadly, almost ashamed. "I'm sorry, Lace."

Gylace didn't say anything. At first, Milan thought she was angry, but it was only moments before she found herself in a tight embrace with her sister.

"I'm going to miss you," Gylace admitted, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

Milan hugged back with the same force. "You will always be my perfect twin, who can't mess up to save her life."

She grinned in amusement. "I'll always think of you every time I look in a mirror."

Gylace grinned back. "Well, except the eyes of course."

Green eyes met brown again. "What can we say? Nothing's exactly the same!"

Gylace smirked. "Even clones?"

Gylace smiled, fully aware of her sister's opinion's on the subject. Milan's eyes widened.

"Especially clones!"

Gylace grinned slightly before the tears began to fall again. "You'll visit, right?"

Milan nodded. "Definitely."

"Don't get yourself killed."

"I'll try my best," Milan promised.

Gylace gave the biggest smile she could afford. She took Milan in her arms one more time. As she let her go, the two girls stared at each other. No one knew what to expect next. But one thing was for sure: no distance, no rule, and no personal preferences would ever separate these two young girls.

"Until we meet again?"

Milan shook her head. "More like see you tomorrow.'"

"You mean it?"

"Trust me, Lace. We're going to have a lot of see you tomorrow's." And she wasn't lying.

Gylace choked back tears. "Bye, Lani."

Milan ("Lani") smiled. "Bye."

And with that, Milan jumped. Some that night reported that they saw a young human girl falling into the lower levels of Coruscant. Over the years, more and more reports such as these would be heard. Upon that night began the greatest story of two sisters the galaxy would ever know. Neither girl was aware that one of them would become a Great Jedi Master and hero of the Clone Wars, and that the other girl would inspire her to become such.

And that is were the story of Milan and Gylace Clasga began.

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1. Gylace is pronounced Jill and Lacy, and Milan is pronounced like the city, just in case anyone was interested.

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