Chell sat on a rather pitiful looking, burnt companion cube. The sky turning multiple hues of a usual sunset. Her reddened, slightly burnt face was in awe. She never left the area of the shack that she was recently tossed out of, she was too in engrossed in the sunlight and the movement of the clouds. She let out a calm, quiet sigh as the last of the sun was creeping behind the horizon. As if she came out of a drunken stupor, her head and eyes darted around where she was sitting, rotating on the cube. Her face showed worry, annoyance, and slyness. She hopped off the cube.

She stared at the shack door, shaking her head. She started questioning her 'freedom' or 'doom', depending who described it. She took another long look in all directions, even behind the shack. There is no sign of any civilization, just what seemed like a wheat field that would go on forever. She tilted her head, as if weighing her options. Go in search of shelter, food? Or sneak back into Aperture? She didn't want to die outside, what if she couldn't find anything before her body gave out while searching? It's not like she had a meal recently, or fluid for that matter.

Chell shrugged and opened the shack door, a chilly breeze of fake air and familiar smells rushed out, a small smile crept on Chell's face. She knew nothing of outside Aperture, she wasn't about to die from the sun and lack of food. She knew plenty of food storages down-below, how to avoid GLaDOS' cameras, and she still had her long fall boots on; she had more confidence in staying underground than being outdoors. Even if there was a spiteful, killer computer down inside. Chell peered over the edge, the elevator was no where in sight, but she found that to be of her advantage. She carefully lowered herself into the dimly lit shaft.

GLaDOS didn't waste anytime getting back to her business after she did away with the troublesome human that constantly ruined her science center. Her focus was on her two android testers. At least it was, when she last took them apart she didn't bother putting them back together. Whatever equivalent to being bored a high-tech AI can experience, this was it. It wasn't the test solving, she somewhat enjoyed that, but that's not what she was after. The two androids were exhibiting human emotions, showing need, worry, happiness..

Without any other goals, and testing obviously out since it's rather dull and pointless without a real human, GLaDOS had decided to continue on a project that has been long halted, ever since she decided to "get mad" at the occupants that once inhabited the center and released neurotoxin throughout the facility.

Silently and swiftly a claw snaked its way from out under the large machine that housed the AI, it made its way towards a seemingly random spot the floor, as it stopped, the panels of the floor opened up off to the side as a long rectangle crate arose from the newly created hole. It was an old crate, the wood look well aged, as if it would fall apart at anytime. And that's pretty much what it did as the claw dropped it's weight on top of the box. When the sides of the box gave way, and a large amount of what seemed like packing filler flowed all over the floor, a pale human figure rolled ungracefully from the mess.

The claw that opened the box quickly scooped up the android by the waist, it's pale body limp, it's long white hair covering the face, and much of its body as it slumped over, facing the floor.

"Morons.", GLaDOS almost seemed to growl the statement. She was displeased with the way the android was packed. It's long hair was in tangles, dust covered most of it's body, and small packing material had given her a meaningless task to take care of. GLaDOS turned her body around as more panels rose from the floor, forming a table of sorts, the claw gently laid the android down upon it.

"This coding is horrible!", the robot was going through massive amounts of coding of an old program for the android, rewriting bits of pieces, even using some code she acquired from The Cooperative Testing Initiative. "If they were to put me into..", GLaDOS stopped mid-sentence, her sensors detecting movement from inside the center. "You have got to be kidding me..", the sound of annoyance was heard from her, until a few moments passed as her yellow optic glanced about at the android. "Oh, this will be fun. Very fun."

Chell wiped a bead of sweat off her brow. She had been climbing for quite a while, inside access tunnels, staying near the still damaged parts of Aperture to avoid cameras and sensors. She had a rough idea where she was, deep down she worried were her exact location was, fearing that a miss step on top of a testing room or an office would set off the sensors. She took her steps carefully, until she came to a dead stop as the feel of the floor changed. She looked ahead, straining to see in the dark, noting the metal hinges, it was the moveable panels she so easily remembered being used to construct various hallways and test chambers.

'Not good.'

Chell carefully took her foot off the panel, holding her breath nervously. She had a theory on the panels, knowing the no-so-friendly AI could move them at will, she could probably feel if someone were to touch them, or at least be alerted to the fact.


As she took her step back, she heard a sound she was familiar with. The panel started to move.


She spun around quick, taking a large step to pick up instant speed. This failed, as she was still concentrated briefly on the panel she first stepped on, not realizing only that panel had sprang upwards to block her way, but the one right in her path also had.

'Wha.. ow!' Chell ran right into a panel that was now flipped vertical. She staggered back, slightly disorientated, she noticed it was too late to do anything, all four sides were blocking her in now. In a panic she started grabbing at what were small walls to her. Silence came, but briefly, as the panel under her started to move, but strangely slower than the others, like it was teasing her. She had took a glimpse of what was under it, hoping for a lighted room. She saw nothing, just complete darkness. Chell's heart started pounding, she tried to see if her arms were long enough to prop herself up on opposite walls, to keep from falling, but they were too far apart. Chell took in a deep breath, and decided it would be best to just ready herself to jump, and hope there was a landable surface.

Chell landed with a graceful step. Her long fall boots had once again saved her from bone crushing injuries, even though the fall wasn't all that high. She looked up at where she had fallen from just in time to see the panel close, locking any bit of light out of the room. She braced herself were she stood, not knowing where she was, or what was around her. A minute had passed, until the silence was broken.

"I don't think you understood when I threw you out out my facility." GLaDOS finally talked. Chell noticed it didn't come from.. everywhere. Was the speakers broken in this place? Usually the sound came from every direction from multiple sources, this was, different.

"As much as it is impossible, I'm glad you came back." GLaDOS voice was coming from a different direction this time, Chell's head turned as she found the new direction of the voice.

The darkness was starting to get to her. She was never afraid of the tests she's had to endure, or the insane AI spewing toxins and turrets at her. This was different, she couldn't see.

"There are tests to be done," the AI continued. "Except these will be a little different.." Chell was still following the voice, she stood defensively. Her breath and pulse were faster than they have ever been. She didn't know if she was just genuinely scared, or it was the adrenal vapors in the air, perhaps both.

Chell could almost feel something directly in front of her, as if someone where watching her, invading her space. At that moment, two luminous, beautiful yet eerie, yellow eyes started glowing inches from her face. In a panic she swung her hand out, only for it to be grasped and held firmly in place.

"This is not part of the test protocol." GLaDOS' stern voice loudly rang from in front of a very confused Chell, who was now pulling her arm to escape what it was that had her wrist. The grip on her wrist only tightened, making Chell more frantic as the pain worsened, and more disorientated from the darkness around her.

"Please refrain from.." GLaDOS stopped mid-sentence as Chell faintly cried something unintelligible, she felt stunned as surge flowed through her.

The AI was silent, speechless, then she spoke again. "And here I thought you were a mute lunatic.. well, you still are a lunatic, and a monster."

Chell slumped over, trying to hide her face with her free hand from the overly bright, hot, lights that filled the room, she was briefly reminded of the sun she sat under only hours before. She struggled to open her eyes. All she could make out in the blur of brightness was the white floor, which felt just as blinding as it reflected some of the light, and a figure, a woman, standing in front of her, the source was that was gripping her wrist.

"I didn't understand what that gibberish was, but that was a first. Shall we see if we can get you to vocalize again?" GLaDOS voice had a hint of mischief to it. "Think of it as a test, I know I will. Because it is.", the AI was eager to record any vocals, hopefully words her mute test subject might utter out. During all the tests she's observed, the times she murdered her, not once did she hear Chell speak.

Chell forced herself to look up, squinting her eyes. Her mouth opened slightly, shocked at what she was seeing. By what she could make out, there was a beautiful, milky colored woman standing in front of her, with their hand still squeezing her trapped wrist. The pain in her wrist was put aside, ignored, as she was examining the woman, confused to even see another human being. The woman's hair was long, down to her mid thighs, and pure white with heavy layers. Chell's eye trailed up from the legs to their face, noting the slender figure was different than her own, she stopped as she stared at her face. The same yellow piercing eyes were staring back into hers.

"Yet again, you display evidence of lunacy." The android's lips moved as GLaDOS' voice emitted from them. She hated to be examined, stared at, like a test subject.

Chell eyes widen, she shook her head in disbelief. Was what she was seeing true? She let out a small hissing breath as the pain in her wrist was more apparent, she grabbed GLaDOS arm, tugging at it.

"I know you can make noises with your lungs. Form a word." GLaDOS raised Chell's arm up by the wrist, almost lifting her off the ground. GLaDOS' optic eyes looked quickly towards Chell's wrist. "The bones under your squishy outer layer are close to breaking. I need only to apply 3 more pounds of pressure to achieve this."

"..l-.. le, le", Chell never remembered talking, or forming words. She's made a pain noise before, from falling too high with her long boots, but actually creating a word seemed foreign.

"Le..?" GLaDOS leaned her face closer to Chell's, not so patiently waiting.

"Ah.", Chell managed to chime. She started wondering if she was truly brain damaged. She thought she sounded so ridiculous. Tugging on the android's arm again, she let out another sound. "Cae..", she let out a frustrated sigh, focusing on trying to pry the fingers of the android off her wrist.

GLaDOS wasn't thrilled, and amazingly her android face showed this as well as any normal human, pursing her lips, her eyes like slits, every small wrinkle on her forehead and at the corner of her eyes. She tightened the pressure on the girl's wrist angrily. GLaDOS had a different idea.

Chell was sure GLaDOS was going to shatter some bones. 'Come on, say something! Say.. cake! Or cube! ANYTHING! This is so goin.. to.. '

GLaDOS had grabbed the back of Chell's head firmly, forcing the girl's head to look at the AI's face. She slowly pulled confused human's face closer to her, the glowing optics looking at her lips. Chell was frozen in place, unsure just what the android thought she was doing. GLaDOS kept eye contact with Chell, who was less interested in keeping hers,as she was darting from looking at the yellow eyes, to the pale lips, and at her wrist. Just before GLaDOS lips reached Chell's, she gave a menacing grin, and as she felt the breath of the human on her lips, she threw the shocked girl into a near by wall.

Chell's reflexes manage to save her head from crashing into the wall, but at her shoulders expense. This pain was worse than what her wrist was feeling, surely she must of did some internal damage on impact. She sat up on her knees, grasping the side of her shoulder. The android was now standing over her, her hands on her hips, as if waiting, she stared down at her. Chell looked up with a pained expression on her face, her eyes resting on the androids. Shaking her head an obvious 'no', she mouthed a small sound quietly.

"..Ow?" the sound was strained as it came from Chell.

The android rolled her eyes as to show annoyance to her pained test subject. "Close enough, for now."