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Epilogue: Double trouble

"Come on you turtle, we'll be late!" yelled Dash

Soarin poked his head out from around the door. "Late you say? Turtle you say? Maybe I should just slow down even more!" He drawled slowly.

"Soarin!" Dash huffed

"Yeah yeah, hold your hippogriffs I'm coming, I'm coming."

Dash let out a loud grunt to express her displeasure at her boyfriend's antics. A moment later, Soarin re-emerged and trotted causally over to her.

"We going now?" he teased.

Rainbow responded by giving him a withering look which caused the flower behind him to wilt slightly.

Soarin grimaced.

The pair walked outside before taking flight. They flew towards the outer edge of Ponyville, making a beeline for the large park. The brief flight was completed in silence, Dash still not forgiving Soarin for his tardiness. The pair landed on a smooth cobblestone path bordering the park. The appearance of the two famous ponies turned a few heads but they were largely ignored. Dash led the way towards a large concrete skate-park. Several fillies and colts could be seen playing around on skateboards and scooters. One in particular caught his eye. He visibly stiffened.

"Uhh which one is your biggest fan again?"

"Scootaloo, Purple mane, Orange coat. No cutie mark." Dash stated oblivious to Soarin's reaction.

"This could get weird…" he muttered to himself

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing."

Rainbow Dash trotted over to a bored looking filly leaning up against the handle bars on her scooter. She tapped her on the shoulder.

"Rainbow Dash!" she squealed out before wrapping her legs around idol. Prizing Scootaloo off her leg, Rainbow gave her a gentle noogie.

"Hey squirt, how you going?"

"Did you bring him? Did you bring him? Did you bring him?" Scootaloo gushed, ignoring Rainbow's question entirely.

"Soarin! Save me from the clingy fan!" Rainbow called out.

Soarin remained rooted where he was for a moment before nervously walking over to her. Scootaloo squealed with delight again before jumping on Soarin.

"Oof!" Soarin grunted as he was crash tackled by the excited orange filly. She stood on top of him and her excitement turned to mock anger.

"You're late" she snapped. "Rainbow Dash was never late. So it must be you making her late. I didn't think Wonderbolts were allowed to be late." She stated sternly.

"Sorry ma'am won't happen again." Soarin joked, throwing a mock salute.

"It better not." Scootaloo growled. "Or else."

She leapt off Soarin and jumped back on her scooter. "I'm going to show you guys some neat tricks I've been practicing." She said with a grin.

"Go for it kid." Rainbow said.

Soarin and Dash settled down on the grass to watch her. A question formed in Soarin's mind. "Why can't she fly? Any Pegasi her age should be able to."

"Stunted wings or something like that." Rainbow said sadly. "It'll be a while before she's able to fly normally and even then… We'll just have to see."

"At least she's got something that she loves doing." Soarin pointed out as he watched her.


"How do you know her anyway?" Soarin asked. "She's a bit young to be in your social group."

"She's the leader of the Rainbow Dash fan club…" Dash said embarrassedly.

Soarin burst out laughing. "You have a fan club?"

"Shut up! I bet you do to!" she said embarrassed. Her cheeks turned a light shade of red.

"That beside the point," Soarin said, changing the topic quickly. "Do you do much with her?" He almost sounded nervous yet curious.

"I come out her weekly and watch her do tricks and stuff. I did a lot more with her before I joined the Wonderbolts. I think she sees me as kind of a parental or sisterly figure. Not quite sure yet. She's adopted you know. No one knows who her real parents are. Poor thing really." Rainbow said with a hint of sympathy in her voice.

Soarin let out a soft sniff beside her. She turned to see a tear running down his cheek.

"You alright big man?" Dash asked with a hint of concern in her voice. "This sad story too sappy for you?"

"I'm okay… It's just…"

"Just?" Rainbow asked

"I should have told you this earlier… But she's my daughter."

Silence reigned over the pair. "What?" Dash managed

"She's my daughter" Soarin said again.

"Haha, good joke." Dash said.

Soarin's face was deadly serious. "I'm not joking."

"Holy shit, you're not joking." Dash said flatly.

"No. I'm not." Soarin said bluntly. The casual mood had rapidly evaporated.

"But… Doesn't she know?"

"No, she doesn't."

"You had a child?" Dash said disbelievingly. "Who was the mother?"

Soarin was silent, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Well who was she?" Rainbow asked in a flustered manner

Soarin remained silent. The look on his face though gave it away though.

"No…" Rainbow breathed. "No way, that's impossible!"

"Well she's right there." Soarin mumbled "So obviously not." He looked anywhere that wasn't at his partner.

"How long ago did it happen?"

"Two years." Soarin admitted.

"How in the name of Celestia did you keep that covered up?"

"It was… complicated, let's just say that."

"Bu- But what happened?"

"When she was born, Spitfire gave her to an orphanage anonymously. She didn't talk it through with me. It just happened. I wanted to keep her but if we did, our careers would have been over." He smirked.

"What?" Rainbow asked.

"Just funny, how things work out that's all."

"So let me get this straight." Rainbow said incredulously. "You and Spitfire had a child two years ago and now you're telling me the filly who's been idolizing me for the last two years is your daughter?"

"Ee-yup" Soarin said.

"No bullshit?"


Rainbow's head hurt from the realisation. "That's… crazy."

"I wouldn't say crazy, just a bit of a coincidence."

"Come-on you guys!" Scootaloo yelled out to them. "You're supposed to be watching me, not yakking on about boring adult stuff!"

"Gosh she sounds just like you Dashie" Soarin teased as he returned his attention to his daughter.

"Hey shut-up you great oaf" she retorted, slugging him hard on the shoulder. The topic wasn't brought up again. The pair was left in a slightly awkward silence.

'Soarin had a child!' Dash thought. She stared at him out of the corner of her eye. His face displayed a sort of joy that she had never seen before. A flash of pride crossed his face as he watched Scootaloo perform her tricks. 'He may not know his daughter at all, but he has pride in her all the same He'd be a great dad I reckon.' Dash thought. She rested her head on his neck.

"You took that rather well" Soarin remarked.

Dash shrugged. "It's the past, can't change it now. What's done is done. Besides, I still find it hard to believe you know."

"That's very wise Dashie." Soarin remarked.

"You live and learn." She stretched out on the grass and yawned loudly. "All this talk… is making me sleepy." She curled up into a ball, she watched Soarin for a moment through half-closed eyelids before dozing off.

He returned his attention back to Scootaloo who had now jumped off her scooter and was now fiddling with her helmet. Deciding he could take a small risk, Soarin carefully stood up, careful not to disturb his dozing girlfriend and trotted over to Scootaloo.

"They were some nice stunts Scootaloo." Soarin remarked

"You think so?" she replied, her eyes brimming with excitement.

"Yeah totally!"

She let out a small squee. Being complimented by one of her biggest heroes was something short of amazing in her books.

"You and Dash have to hang out more. Then I can see you more often!" Scootaloo said excitedly.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Wish I had parents that were like you guys, I reckon you'd be so cool as a dad."

Soarin was momentarily taken aback by her seemingly random comment.

"Umm… Thanks I guess." He mumbled awkwardly.

"Anyway, it was really cool meeting you Soarin, but I gotta go. I'm meeting up with the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in town. See you another time?" she asked hopefully.

"Sure." Soarin grinned "Sounds good."

Scootaloo grinned on last time before zipping off in a cloud of dust. As Soarin stood here a grin spread across his face. He jauntily walked back to where Dash was sleeping whistling a merry tune. 'Let's see, axe-crazy-bordering-on-obsessive ex gone, finally got things moving along with Dash and chance to reunite with my daughter. How could anything go wrong?' he thought.

"You're kidding me" Soarin said flatly "No apple pies, only pear ones?"

"Yep" Dash replied. She tossed her disgruntled boyfriend a withering look.

"Way to ruin a nearly perfect week" Soarin said disappointedly. Despite his apparent displeasure, he tore into the pie with as much enthusiasm as he usually did.

Dash hesitated a moment before continuing "I've got something else I need to tell you…" she said slowly.

"Yeah I'm listening" Soarin said with a mouth full of pie.

"Soarin… I'm pregnant."

Soarin's eyes bulged out of his head. The half chewed remains of his pie flew out of his mouth across the room forming what could be described as modern art on the wall. "WAIT WHAT?" he exclaimed.

"You heard me; I know you're not deaf."

"But… when? How..?" Soarin said, thinking back over the last couple of weeks.

Rainbow sighed and slumped over. "That's the other thing… It's not yours."

If Soarin had any pie left in his mouth it would have most probably been in geo-stationary orbit by now.

"Whaa-?" he managed.

"Rainbow broke down into tears. "Don't hate me please!"

Soarin rushed up to her. "Oh nononononono…" he gushed. He hugged her tightly. "This is wonderful, if unexpected, news." He said.

"But- but…" Dash stammered "It's not yours. Why would you want a child that isn't even your own. Besides, I'm not ready for this. I'm not cut out to be a mum" Dash sobbed.

Soarin cradled her gently. "It's okay… It's okay…" he murmured. "I'm not going anywhere. Besides, I reckon you make a radical mum." He grinned at her.

Dash managed to regain her composure. "You… you don't hate me? You're not going to leave me?"

"Of course not. Why would you ever think that? I love you Dash. Besides, if you think about it, I'll can a father. Again." He added, throwing in a slightly cheeky look at the last comment for Dash's benefit

"So who's the father?" Soarin probed gently. He already had vague suspicions but he needed to know.

"It's… Silver's I'm pretty sure." Dash mumbled into Soarin's coat.

"Thought so…" Soarin sighed. "How long?"

"It's been about three months now. According to the doc I should be showing signs fairly soon… It's such a surprise that's all…"

"Tell me about it" Soarin muttered.

"So what now?" Dash mumbled.

"I don't know Dashie. I don't know." He pulled her into a caring hug.

The pair remained in a tight embrace for a long time, both thinking of a new and uncertain future that the new foal would bring. The first chapter of their lives together was over, but the greatest adventure was yet to come.

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