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Chapter 1: Aftermath

Hiruzen Sarutobi once again sat behind a the desk that he had years ago passed on to his successor. However, after the devstating events of this night, his successor was no longer able to assume his role. For the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, had sacriface his life to seal away the Kyubi no Yoko, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox away into his daughter, Nazumi, using the Death Demon Consuming Seal Jutsu. Luckily, after he recovered Minato's daughter from the sealing site he had easily found Kushina's body. The truely remarkable thing was that Kushina was alive, just unconscious from the endeavor what was also a suprise was that there was another infant wailing from betweeen kusina's legs.

Hiruzen stared at the craddle that held the two children. He wasn't suprise that there were two. He knew from his now late wife that Kushina was carrying twins. What did unerve him, greatly was that the boy, Naruto, also bore a seal one that that was very similar but very different from the one on his sister. What the seal was for, he would have to wait until Jiraiya returned to analyze the seals. Until then the was watching the children while Kushina recouperated in the hospital.

There was a knock at the door. A tall man with a mass of white spiky hair drawn back into a pony tail entered the office, as soon as he saw the old man behind he spoke, "Minato?" The old man had a sad expression as he shook his head. The white haired man looked sadden, "Kushina?" Sarutobi sighed, "Alive but in the hospital recovering from the nightmare that was last night. Now Jiraiya please have a seat we have much to discuss." THe man now known as Jiraiya sat in the seat closest to the craddle in front of the old Hokage's desk.

"I dont understand Minato was a seal master equal if not better than myself, how could the Kyubi have escaped Kushina's seal?" Jiraiya asked. Hiruzen just stared into the openess of the room contemplating, "I haven;t the foggiest idea but that is a matter we can discuss later. As I have said Kushina is recovering in the hospital, but I need you to look at the seal on Minato's children and tell me what ou know about them." Hiruzen gestured to the craddle as he spoke directing Jiraiya's attention to the sleep forms that were almost identical ti Minato and Kushina. except the hair. The girl had a tuft of red locks on her head while the boy had a shock of sunkiss blonde.

Jiraiya stood and stepped to stand over the craddle looking at the sealing glowing on the infants stomachs. "So Minato split the kyubi's chakra and sealed it into both huh?" He looked around to his old teacher for a sign of agreement but was met with a shake of negative shake of the head. "No as far as I know it was Nazumi, his daugher that had the Kyubi sealed into her. I found her in Minato's embrace when I arrived. His son, Naruto, I found still attached by his umbilical cord to Kushina as she lay inconscious from the ordeal, with that seal on his stomach." This statement got Jiraiya to raise an eyebrow, then he took a closer look at the seals.

After about ten mintues, Jiraiya gave a final nodded as if comfirnming something with himself before he sat himself down back in front the old Hokage. "Well Minato was a genius, Nazumi's seal is ingenious, it is allowing the Kyubi's chakra to slowly seep merge into her chakra coils. Sje is going to be a chakra powerhouse beyond what her Uzumaki blood will already grant her. Anyways, the seal is very sound and there is no chance the Kyubi will escape form it." Hiruzen nodded taking this in and then asked, "And what about Naruto's?" At this Jiraiya gave a smirk and repied, "No idea." This shocked the old Hokage.

"Raiya! What do you mean you have no idea?" the old Hokage felt his patience waining feeling that his student was being snarky. "No sensei, I am serious I have no idea, though the components seem to be similar to the to those on his sister, the seal on the boy is something I never encounters before." Jiraiya explainedt rying to lessen his teachers chance on an ulcer or aneurism. "Where his sister's seal appears to be made with finese and care his looks beastial and tribal. Hell the only thing I have seen that even resemble his seal are old text from the Uzu library on demon sealing jutsus. And before you go aff the handle fomr what i remeber the name is far worse than is sounds." Jiraiya spoke quickly trying to stave off the outburst. "From what i can remember demon seals are fuinjutsu used by demons them selves. They are not pure as normal seals are nor are the dark like the juinjutsu. They are a grey area of the sealing art that is extremely rare and can only be powered using yokai. How the boy received one i have no idea. Unless the kyubi was the one to do it while the boy was still in his mother Which I don't see as possible even if Kushina's seal was weakened from giving birth."

Hiruzen took all this in nodding. "Well we will have to ask Kushina to take a look as well may she will be able to help on ce she has recovered enough. But for now I will have to explain to the council the demise of the Fourth and the Kyubi." With that Hiruzen stood left the office while Jiraiya continued to watch over the children.

"This is an outrage, No matter how good a seal master the FOurht Hokage was we are talking about the Kyubi, the most powerful of the biju. We should take advantage of this opportunity to kill the beast onc and for all. Beside you said there are twins it isn't like the clan will still dye out since the son is normal." A civillian concilor proclaimed, "So lets kill the girl and be done with it." There were murmurs of agreement.

"Actually the boy also has a seal but what it contains and its purpose even Jiraiya was unable to determine. He could only speculate that it is form a rare and lost branch of fuinjutsu. Still the girl will on be harmed she is a hero to this village for it is her body and will that wil protect us from the kyubi. Til the day she dies, which more than likely would release the beast back out among us." This statement though it was just speculation did the trick all the councilor's attitudes toward the girl immediately changed. They were now praising her and thought that the harvest festival should be changed to honor the fallen Hokage and shinobi and celebrate the sacrifce of the newborn girl. 'My how quickly they chnage their minds.' thought the old hokage. "Well if that is all then this meeting is adjour..." He was interupted by the head of the Nara clan, Shikaku, "Actually Hokage-sama, what will be done about the boy his seal is an unknown what will become of him?" Hiruzen cursed the quick wit of the Nara head. "The boy's seal will be examined further when Kushina awakens in the hospital to confirm our suspicions." Shikaku nodded, "And what are those suspicions?" THe hokage curse again under his breath, "We think his seal may have been created by the kyubi while kushina's seal was weakened before it escaped kushina's seal."

This got everyone's attention. "Wait so the Kyubi could have done something to the boy?" One ouncilor spoke up. "Maybe the kyubi took vengeance on K'ushina and used the seal to turn the boy into a demon?" Another councilor said. Before the rabble got out of hand. "Enough there will be no more of this. The boy is perfectly normal and until we determine the function of the boy 's seal nothing will be done to harm him or his siblig do I make myself perfectly clear!" THere were some mumbeled and irritaed responses moreso from the civillian side than the shinobi side. Suddenly steping out of the shadows an ANBU in a hawk mask appearred behind the whispered a message into the Hokage's ears. "Ahh it seems Kushina has awoken and is currently tearing the hospital apart searching for her children, if that is all this meeting is adjourned." The councilors rose and left the room followed shortly by the Hokage.

Hiruzen returned t his office to find a comforting scene of Jiraiya holding the children in his arms rocking them as they slept. "Well well I would never have taken you for the fatherly type with your normal activites 'Raiya." Jiraiya looked up though his expression for far from matching his next words, "Don't be mean sensei the brats wold stop yelling a while ago this was all I could do to quiet them." Hiruzen nodded, "In any case Kushina is awake and is raising hell at the hospital, we should proably take the children to her to calm her down and to ask her about Naruto's seal." Jiraiya nodded and handing one the infants to Hiruzen, they shushined to the hospital to meet with Kushina.

Kushina was in a panic. "Where am I? Where's my daughter? Where's Minato?" The red-headed woman screamed at the at the nurses attending to her. It took all of them to just keep her in bed. THey were still struggleing when the door to the room opened and in walked the Hokage and Jiraiya. "Shina-hime what are you doing to those lovely ladies? You should know better that to harm those that try to help you." Jiraiya spoke in a mocking tone.

"Shut up Ero-senpai." Kushina huffed then notice the bundle in Jiraiya arms. "Is that my daughter? Is that my Nazumi?" Kushina asked. At this the Hokage spoke up, "Actually here is your daughter, Kushina. Jiraiya is hold ing your son; Naruto, I believed that was what you and Minato plan to call him." Kushina looked shocked. "But I dont remember giving birth to any child but Nazumi. How can he be my son?" Hiruzen's and Jiraiya's eyebrows rose at that, "Then you must have given birth after you lost consciousness. I found him on the ground between your legs still attached by his umbilical wailing loudly." Kushina looked again at the boy, saw the bright shocked of sun-kissed hair that was almost the same color as Minato's. "Oh my goodness, it is a miracle he survived, but what about Minato what happened between him and the Kyubi?" Both men were a little perturbed that the Kushina wasn't a little more concerned nor demanding to hold her son, but her questioned cause them both to adopt sullen faces. "Kushina, Minato sacrifice himself to seal the Kyubi into your daughter using the Death God Seal." Jiraiya spoke and watched as Kushina's faced began to crack. "However, that isn't the only thing it seems Naruto was born with a strange seal. Jiraiya has some theories, but we would like to take a look at it please."

Kushina who was cooing over her daughter, nodded and Jiraiya brought Naruto over to her however she didn't take the boy from the man. Instead she adjusted the blankets around the Naruto to get a look at the seal. Kushina pulled back the last bit of the blanket then froze. "That is a demon seal. Only demons could create somehting like that." This news was not welcomed new to the hokage. "How is it different than other sealing techinques?" Kushina thought for a second, then responded, "Nothing actually, just the source and activation source of the seal. To put it another way in our fuinjutsu the seals are activated by a balanced and control amount of chakra, thus the sealed need to be smooth and precise. However, with demon sealing the fueling source is yokai which is wild and powerful thus the seals are written to match it inorder to contains it. So in essence..." Kushina paused looking from Naruto's seal to the one on her daughter in her arms. "In essence both of these seals are the same only only the source of there creation are different."

This new got Jiraiya and the Hokage thinking. However, it was Jiraiya that spoke first. "So if these seals are in fact the same and Nazumi there has the Kyubi dealed inside of it then what is sealed inside of Naruto and who did it?"

This question lingered as all present in the room pondered. Unknown to them an a ominous voice was chuckling mirthfully insode a seal.

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