In this world, Dawn has not joined up with Ash and Brock. Instead, she has gone of on her own adventure through the world of Pokemon Diamond. My insperation came to me when I read a lemon from Goombario Jr. I don't know him (or her, probably her), but I couldn't help myself but start writing. This is my first lemon, so I hope I can get it right.

Also, I wanted to use Platinum but I couldn't find my game. I did find my Diamond so I went with that. Who knows, if I can find my other game, maybe I could use an OC or earlier character? Wish me luck.


This story has a little thing known as a fucking PLOT! You don't have to excuse my language, you're going to see more of it. The main character is a slut, just because I want to get it out of my system, but there will still be pokemon battles and maybe character development...and a plot. Blame Mask of Two Sides for teaching me how to write. At least I got to put the sex in it. Not sure if you'll be able to get your rocks off with this, but if you do, send your reviews, and if you don't, send your reviews if you liked the story at least. And if you don't like pokemon/human girl sex, what the fuck are you still doing here?


As I flicked through the channels of my TV, I came across something that said that researchers spotted a red Gyarados, but couldn't find it afterwards. How lame could you be if you lost something that was so big and red? I almost had to laugh because I never had that problem.

I had been hoping to find my favorite show, Pokemon Battle Girls. It was about these women who would fight pokemon with their bare hands, and win on many occasions. It was always interesting to watch because the pokemon they would fight would usually be Fighting, Rock, or even Steel types. Now these were some powerful fucking pokemon to go toe-to-toe with. I just loved to watch the Machoke because of their hard muscles that just didn't quit as they battled women in leotards. I would always imaging what it would look like if one desided it wanted to 'wrestle' her in another way.

Unfortunately, today seemed like it there was nothing on, so I just turned it off and laid on my back to think. I looked over to my PC, only to remember that it got dropped on the floor after a wild night with Barry, my 'rival', as he thinks of himself. He was useful, a bit dim, but man, did he have the stamina of a champion. I couldn't sit down for nearly three days afterwards. Problem was that it was uncomfortable to sit with my legs closed.

But neither of us could do anything about my damn computer. I was out of cash and like he could ever find a job, much less keep one, in this small town. To make matters worse, there were nobody with any level of stamina besides Barry. All the boys would blow themself in their pants as quickly as I could lift my skirt. They were good for a few cheap laughs, but I had usually had to be desperately bored. I didn't make it a habit of lifting my skirt of just anybody, but I did like to do it for anybody who could actually last long enough to satisfy me. I just wish Barry didn't fuck like he downed ten energy drinks. I could never walk afterwards and he had such a bad habit of running off. How the fuck does he do it?

While I lay on my back, my fingers slowly started to inch down between my legs. I was bored, and when I got bored, all I could start thinking about was how horny I was making myself. I didn't even get near my panties when a voice downstairs called.

"Dawn, could you come down for a moment?"

Shit, her timing could not be worse. I don't know how she did it, but she had such a habit of being a bother whenever I was horny. This was almost as bad as the time she came home while I was giving Barry his first blowjob. If it wasn't for the fact that we were behind the counter, she might have realized that he didn't have any pants on and I had his cock was in my mouth. He nearly caught himself in the zipper that day.

Now, even if I don't have the 'equipment' as some of the boys would say, thinking they were being smart, I could understand the feeling. I once got tackled by a Bidoof with a bitch attitude and nearly pissed myself from the pain. I later found that Bidoof sticking up her ass up in the air for another and gave her such a swift kick there and sent her back into the forest. My reward was a tough and horny Bidoof who was more than happy to have a go with a human.

I still remembered that Bidoof because at least he could last and didn't leave me all sore like Barry did. But then some punk goes off and captures him when I was seriously horny. I mean, come on, I had him first. I tried looking for another, but it didn't help that I could be as fierce as a horny dragon pokemon. I had to settle with a fucking Magikarp in the lake, only to find that, though they licked like they had a golden tongue, they didn't let go easily.

Then it began to dawn on me, no pun intended, that I've been lying here, on my back, thinking to myself. Damn it, I should have been-

"Dawn, are you there?"

Fuck, I was hoping that she'd go away long enough for me to-


"Alright!" I cried and got up. Jeeze, what's important that I couldn't masterbate? Just a little bit would have been nice.

As I came down, my mom walked up to me, her usual bright smile on her face, "Barry called for you a little while ago. I don't know what it was about, but he said it was an emergency."

Great, he found his dad's stash of porn again and needed my help. That was just...wait...that was a good thing! What was I complaining about? As mom went back to watch TV, I was about to step out when she called my name. With her bad timing, I turned to look back just in time to hit the door.

"Don't go into the tall grass. Wild pokemon might attack you. It would be ok if you had your own pokemon, but you don't, so..."

That wouldn't have been a problem if that ass hadn't gone and caught my Bidoof. Just because I didn't have any pokeballs didn't mean...I stopped, sighed and got out of the door before she could distract me again. I enjoyed hard wood, just not the kind that made up doors.

Outside, I found one of the chubby boys who hung out by the house next to mine. There were only four houses in Twinleaf Town, so it wasn't surprising. As I walked past, I couldn't help but hear him talking to himsef.

"Technology just blows me away."

I didn't know what he was talking about, so I said, "Want to know what else blows you away?" I watched as his hands went to the buldge in his pants before he fell over. "Huh, you actually lasted long enough to get hard. I'm almost impressed, almost. You might want to clean that up, though." I put my skirt down and left him where he lay with the wet spot between his legs. Such a reaction to pink panties. I mean, come on. I was only wearing them because the wind that came off the lake was fucking cold sometimes.

It was a short walk up to Barry's house and I was just about to grab the door knob when it suddenly opened and the other knob slammed right into me. I was knocked to the ground, my legs wide open for him to see my panties in all their glory. Just about all the guys in town have seen my panties at least once in their lives, so this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Barry took several seconds trying to decide whether to help me up or to come down on me. I was hoping for the latter, but then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"What was that about?" he finally cried, like it was my fault or something. It only took one look and he changed his tone, "Oh, hey Dawn! I'm going to the lake! You come too! And be quick about it! Ok Dawn? I'm fining you 1 million pokeyen if you're late!"

With that he shot off, only to stop and turn back, "Oh, jeez! Forgot something." Ya, me. But then he ran back inside. I didn't even stop to see his mom, who was wondering why he ran back inside so fast. I found him looking through his stuff.

He was muttering to himself, "...I'd better take my bag and journal, too..." Then he realized that I was watching him. His mom had hearing problems, so I didn't have to worry too much about her hearing us while we had sex. But just as I was about to lift my skirt, he cried, "Oh, hey, Dawn! We're going to the lake! I'll be waiting on the road! It's a ten million pokeyen fine if you're late!" He ran by me so fast that I barely knew what just happened. So, we were going to have sex by the lake? Fine by me, maybe the cold air would help me keep my ability to walk after he had his way with me. I was almost getting wet just thinking about it as ran downstairs.

His mom was wondering just who he took after while as I followed after Barry. My thoughts were that it had to be his dad, because she was nowhere as fast as her son. Along the way out of town, one of the other boys called to me.

"Hiya, Dawn. You're looking for Barry? He just went tearing off a little while ago. He's probably not gone too far. Why not go chase after him?"

"As if I could," I replied. "I've seen Doduo on TV who ran slower than he does."

"I hear that."

I almost ran down the path, the though of finally getting it on working through my mind. Just as I neared him, he walked up to me with a look that didn't quite assure me of his intentions. I mean, this wasn't the look he got when he wanted sex.

"Hey, you saw that news report that was on TV, right?" Oh shit, was that why we were out here? "You know, 'Search for the Red Gyarados! The mysterious appearance of the furious pokemon in a lake!' That show got me thinking." This would be good, he could barely take the time to tie his own shoes sometimes. "I'll bet our local lake has a pokemon like that in it, too! So, that's what we are gonna do. We'll go find a pokemon like that!"

Great, this was just great, now we were after pokemon? I'm horny and he wants to go on a wild goose-pokemon chase. I sighed, not wanting to argue. Once he got his mind set on something, it was almost impossible to get him off it. Even my charms and the promise of sex didn't work on him. My plans were screwed; unlike me, the one who actually needed it.

As we walked to Lake Verity, the Lake of Emotion, I could feel his presence behind me. There was nobody around, so I was hoping that he would just push me down and fuck me right on the spot. If he wanted, he could pound the daylights out of me and still have the energy to go look for the pokemon on his own. Out in the distance, I could hear something going on. I recognized the sounds of a pokemon getting it on and getting it hard. If I got any wetter, I would need a water pokemon who could use Surf just to stay afloat. Of course, if I had that pokemon with me right now, I'd have simply ditched Barry and fuck the pokemon to my heart's content. But once we were at the enterance to the lake, I knew things weren't going to go my way.

"All right! To the lake! Let's find us a red Gyarados!" This was a crazy idea because Gyarados was a massive pokemon with a temper to match. I was starting to feel that way too from how horny I was getting. And we didn't have any pokemon to begin with! "What's going on...?"

I snapped out of my thoughts to see two men at the edge of the lake, staring out across the water. If they started holding hands, I was out of there faster than I could shed my panties. I guess I was already leaving because Barry grabbed my chest. He wasn't paying any attention and it actually felt good, so I let it go, at least until he did. He wasn't expecting the smack to the back of the head.

"Professor, there's nothing out of the ordinary on the other side, either!" I heard the smaller of the two say.

"Hmm...I may have been mistaken..." he just stood there, thinking. "Something appears to be different than it was before, but..." he trailed off again. "Fine! It's enough that we have seen the lake. Lucas, we're leaving."

"Professor, you've been gone for four years now. How are you enjoying being back in Sinnoh?"

The professor rubbed his beard, "...Hm. There is one thing I can say. There are many rare kinds of pokemon in Sinnoh. The region should serve us very well in regard to our studies."

If he kept talking any longer, I was going to have to jump into the lake and cool off. It didn't look like I was going to get any relief any time soon. A cold bath would help. And if I was really lucky, maybe I'd find a Magikarp. Those fish pokemon could suck the paint of my house with those powerful lips. Just because they were weak fighters didn't mean they were useless until they evolved.

"Excuse me. Let us pass, please." At least the old fart was polite. He was too old for me though. He'd probably have a heart attack before I could ever come close to a climax.

"Sorry, folks." The boy on the other hand looked cute, but he quickly left before I could try anything.

"What was that about? Those two..." Barry seemed stuck in a thought, so I took this as my chance. "Um, Dawn, what are you...!"

"Sorry Barry, but I need this." I pushed him against a tree, sliding his belt off in one smooth motion. With his pants at his ankles, I slipped his underwear off and found his member was already getting hard. I couldn't believe just how horny I was now. He wasn't the most impressive, but he certainly had the energy.

As I licked at the shaft, he started to moan with pleasure. But when I put his dick in my mouth, he nearly choked on it. While I sucked, I slipped two fingers into my pussy, which had already soaked my panties through. I moaned as I was finally starting to feel good while Barry's knees began to shake. This was a good sign as I could taste precum. I sucked harder, knowing that he was man enough to take it.

He put his hands on the back of my head, hoping to put himself deeper down my throat. I accepted and rubbed myself even harder while he pumped his cock in my mouth. Because I lacked a gag reflex, he forced himself all the way down to his balls. I used my now-free hand to grab my breast and played with my nipple for a bit. This felt so good, but I needed more. After a couple minutes, it was just too much for him as I wrapped my tongue around his dick and sucked as hard as I could.

Just as his legs started to shake, I knew it was time and pulled off him. He looked at me like I had just betrayed him at his moment of glory. I've done this before, but I knew what made him happy. I gave him a sloppy kiss on the tip, which was all it took to push him over the edge. I popped his member back in my mouth and sucked with all I could muster. He let out a loud groan as he shot hot cum down my throat. I swallowed all I could and licked my lips as he slipped to the ground. Sweat was dripping from his face and he was breathing heavily, but he would live.

"Wow, Dawn, that was-"

"Oh no you don't, I'm not done just yet." I slipped my wet panties off and tossed them into his face. The smell woke him while I was busy stroking him. He didn't resist as I pumped his dick until he was hard again. It didn't take long because he had so much energy still left in him. One just had to know how to tap into it. Once he was ready, I turned my back to him and lowered myself down.

I tried my best to hold back a moan as I felt him enter my waiting pussy, but let it out when he reached under my shirt and grabbed my breast. He pinched my nipple and I moaned even louder. Then he put his hands on my hips and pulled me down. I gasped as the sensation hit me. Once again, I let him do all the work as he started to fuck me. I gasped again when he slapped my ass; this was why I kept him around, his instincts knew what excited me. He lifted my shirt and took both of my tits into his hands. He grabbed hold and kept thrusting up inside me. When he pinched my nipples again, my legs gave out and I fell forward before I knew it. I somehow managed to slip off him without hurting him and my face hit the ground while my ass was up in the air.

Barry wasn't undeterred as he grabbed hold of my hips and shoved himself back inside. I almost screamed as he thrust himself inside me. "Harder, please Barry, fuck me harder! As hard as you can!" He slammed into me with all he had, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. I didn't care if my face was on the ground, he was pounding me so hard right now. I could feel my tits bouncing while he fucked me with such determination.

"Dawn, I'm gonna..." I could feel him getting hotter and it was putting me over the edge too.

"I'm cumming!" I didn't care who heard as he thrust one last time and unloaded into my pussy. Then he did the unthinkable, he kept thrusting while he was cumming inside me! With how tight I was while my orgasm was ripping through me, I came again. It was too much, it was all too much! I was almost hurting when I came a third time.

It was only when he was finally empty that he fell on my back and sighed. I was doing my best not to drool but it was a losing battle. I could barely even think, much less move right now. I could feel his hot cum still inside my pussy as he pulled out, but I was so happy that I didn't care. My pussy hurt, but I was happy.

"Huh? Dawn, let's go check this out!" Barry pulled his pants back up and was about to go ahead when I grabbed his leg. I barely had any grip, much less any energy to get up with.

"Don't...go into the...tall grass." That was all I managed. I'd be damned if I let him get attacked by a wild pokemon. If they hit his dick, he'd never be able to fuck me that way ever again. At least not until he healed. But that would be too long.

"No problem! No problem! We won't be in there long enough for a wild pokemon to come out." With that, he pulled me up on his back and carried me into the tall grass. I could feel his cum dripping out onto the ground with each careful step. I was on the pill, so I wasn't worried at all. "It's...a briefcase? Those people forgot it here. What are we supposed to do with it?" Like I knew. "We can try to deliver it, but who are they? I heard them say professor..."

Out of nowhere, two Starly came out and started to swoop down at us. Barry dropped me on my ass as he tried to swat at them.

"Waaah! Po-pokemon? What's going on?"

"They're probably jealous when they heard us having sex!" I told him. The fear was helping me get my senses back rather quickly. Barry stepped back as a Starly swooped at him and he bumped into the briefcase, popping it open. Inside it was some notes, a book, and-

"Look! These are pokeballs! Let's battle using these! Eh...?" He suddenly realized that there were three of them inside. "Which one do you want, then?"

Gee, how generous, he was going to be a gentleman while our lives were in danger. I chose the one with the water symbol and threw the pokeball out before me. It opened and there was a flash of light from it, leaving a small, blue penguin pokemon before me. I recognized it immediatly from TV as the water pokemon known as Piplup. I was reminded that we were under attack when a Starly passed by, flicking up my skirt just in time for the wing tip of the other to graze my bare ass.

"Ow! That's it! Piplup, attack!" The pokemon jumped as the Starly came down for another swoop and slapped the bird pokemon out of the air. The Starly shook itself off and growled at Piplup, who lost some of its will to fight. It was a good thing I knew a few basics about pokemon. "You're not going to scare us that easily. Piplup, use Growl too!"

"Piplup!" the blue pokemon cried. The Starly hopped back, unsure if this was a good idea anymore.

"Use Pound!" Piplup ran up to the Starly and slammed it with its flipper. The Starly was knocked flat and fluttered off back into the forest. "Ya, take that you little bitch!"

"Fwaaah!" Barry cried after winning his own battle. "You're Piplup totally rocked! But my Turtwig was way tougher than yours!"

Wait, what? Was that why he wanted me to choose first? So he could choose the one that was effective against mine? I would have been pissed if it didn't look like he actually thought something through. And this time, it actually worked!

"I know, we were just awsome. Return!" I pointed my pokeball at the Piplup and it emitted a red beam. The ball opened and the pokemon dissapeared back inside before it clicked closed.

"...They were other people's pokemon, though..."

"Oh shit, that's right!" I couldn't believe this. Was that near-death experience enough to jumpstart his brain?

"But we had to use them. They won't mind, will they?"

Before I could answer, the boy from before came running back. "Whew! You found the briefcase? The professor would've gone through the roof if he knew I forgot it here." Then the boy started looking at us and the pokeballs we held. "Hunh? Whaaaat? Did you guys...did you use these pokemon?" He looked like he was going to flip out. "Oh, am I gonna explain this to the professor? This briefcase is the professor's, so I'll take it, ok?" The boy grabbed the briefcase and ran off, leaving us with the pokeballs.

"What was that about?" Barry asked.

"Personally, I have no idea." I went to grab my panties, which were still wet and really cold now. I slipped them on anyways and realized that I really had to get some new ones on soon before I catch a cold. It did help cool me off and get me moving again.

"I don't know what's going on. Dawn, let's get out of here. My pokemon got hurt from that battle. If we get attacked by another pokemon, we might be in trouble."

That was for sure. Now, I've had my way with a pokemon before. But from my experience, those Starly wanted nothing more than a fight and didn't look like they would stop until we were gone. Barry led me out of the forest and stopped at the enterance.

"You go ahead...I know we have to go return these pokemon. They're not ours. But I want to spend just a little more time with this little guy..." That was sweet of him, enough so that I was beginning to think that I was going to get a cavity. I let him follow me as he went back home, only to find out that the old man and the boy were waiting for us down the road.

Barry nearly poked me in the back when he said, "Hey, it's those people! Is that old guy staring at us?"

The professor looked at both of us, noticing the pokeballs we still held, "Hmm, I heard from Lucas that you used our pokemon?" Oh, oh, busted. "Let me see them, please." With both held out the pokeballs and he examined them both. "Hmm...Piplup and Tirtwig...hmm..." He looked at us again, still in thought. "I see...that's how it is..." Then he turned to the boy behind him, "Lucas! I'm going back to my lab!"

"Uh...yeah, of course! Professor, wait for me!" Lucas turned back at me and Barry. "You should visit us at our lab later, I think. We'll be seeing you!" With that, he left us with the pokemon.

"What was all that craziness about?"

"Personally, Barry, I have no clue. If he was angry, he could've yelled at us, or whatever. But they didn't want their pokemon back, so I think we just scored. Oh ya, and I hope your glad that you got to score with me again. I sure am." I winked at him and headed back to town. I had to hurry because I wasn't sure if he was going to need my ass-istance again. I was in no condition for another pounding, at least not for another hour.

Once I got home, changed my panties, and had some dinner, I explained everything that happened to my mom about how I got the pokemon. I left out the part about me getting my brains fucked out by Barry because she really didn't need to know that.

"Wow. I can't believe that happened to you. Am I ever glad that both you and Barry are unharmed." She had bad timing, but at least she cared about me. "The professor you mentioned is most likely Professor Rowan of Sandgem Town. I've heard that he is well known for his studies on pokemon."

Oh, that would explain why he had the three starter pokemon with him. It was common knowledge that pokemon professors had starter pokemon on them to give to new trainers. Did that mean that I was now a trainer? Cool!

"I hear he's also quite intimidating..." my mom continued. That halted the little party going on in my head. Damn, and I was about to give a Machop a blowjob, too. Sorry dream-Machop, maybe next time. "Dawn, I think you need to visit him in Sandgem Town. You need to properly explain why you had no choice but to use his pokemon."

"But mom!"

"But, nothing. Don't worry! I'm sure he will understand. Oh, I know! Dawn, put these on. She grabbed a shoe box from under the TV and opened it to reveal a set of running shoes. "Going to Sandgem Town is like an adventure in itself, right? With those running shoes, you can get to faraway places much faster."

Actually, if I had these, I didn't have to worry so much about losing traction next time Barry fucks me from behind. I slipped the shoes on, which were surprisingly comfy and warm. I felt like I could run as fast as Barry now!

After thinking of him, I was reminded about my new Piplup. I had to find out its gender, and quick, so I could plan out what I could do with the little champ. From what I heard, there was a chance of them being female, but they were typically male. That was what I was hoping for.

"Hey, I'm going to my room for a bit, call me if Barry comes around." I was hoping he was done for the day, cause right now, I wanted to check something out. I ran up stairs, locked my door, and tossed up my pokeball. There was a flash and Piplup stood before me.

"Piplup?" Oh, he was just so adorable with the way he was looking at me. I could just hug him and squeeze him all night long. But first things first; discovery time.

"Hey, would you mind helping me with something?" I knelt down and lifted my skirt, only to be knocked over when Piplup suddenly ran between my legs. Just because he was small didn't change the fact that he just headbutted me in a very sensitive area. There was also the matter of his beak. It was small and hard, but that didn't mean that it felt good getting hit this way. I was still a little worn from Barry just two hours earlier.

Piplup didn't care though, it was trying his best to pull my panties off, with little luck. His little arms were just too short to do very much. I knew the pokemon was a 'he' after feeling something warm between my legs that wasn't my fingers for once. He was eager and I was happy to please and be pleased.

"Here, let me help." In one motion, my panties were off and Piplup was looking like he was raring to go. "Hold on, first things first." I bent over and grabbed his member in my hands. He was smaller than Barry, no surprise there, and was a shade of purple. As I stroked the pokemon, I was almost dissapointed to find precum already. Was he already about to blow? Piplup looked like he was enjoying himself, but could he handle another go if he blew now? For some reason, his dick didn't feel quite as warm as Barry's.

I threw those thoughts aside as I licked the precum off my hands. He tasted different than Barry, not quite as thick, but that could have easily been because he was a water pokemon. I couldn't go any farther when Piplup jumped me.

He was small, but he packed a punch. It was like trying to catch a fuzzy cannonball with your gut. Now I was on my back with him caught between my legs. He was looking at me like he was standing at the gates of heaven with his erection being the only key that would fit the lock. Ok, that was stupid, but like I knew what else to think. He was making me horny, so don't expect me to be funny all the time. "Go ahead, but make it quick before my mom can interupt us."

Puplup nodded and thrust himself inside. He was smaller than Barry, but he was furious in the way he pumped away. For some reason, he was wetter than I was, which only helped him fuck faster than I could imagine.

I pulled up my shirt and squeezed my breasts, only to suddenly find out that Piplup was getting harder and faster, if that was even possible. When I looked at him, pumping away between my legs, I could see the love in his eyes. Oh, so he liked what he saw. I was proud of my breasts, and it appeared that Piplup absolutely loved them too.

Now he was pounding he harder. For a pokemon of his size, he was proving just how much strength he really had. I tried to grab something to brace myself, but all I could do was fall back to the floor and try and hold back a moan. I didn't want my mom to hear or else she would get in the way. But Piplup was doing so good right now. His hips were hitting me so hard with each thrust.

"H-hold on..." I told him and it took a good minute before he realized what I said. I was breathing hard as I forced myself up to my feet. "W-wow!" I was a little off-blance, but I was able to make it to my bed without falling over first. I removed everything and laid myself belly-down. "Here, let's change things a little."

"Pip, piplup!" Piplup didn't object as he jumped up on my bed and I spread my ass wide.

"Here, let's do this one now. Be gentle, it's my first time." It was true, for all I've done with Barry and other pokemon, I still had a virgin asshole. But after experiencing Piplup's member, I was certain that it wouldn't be too bad. I could feel my face heating up from the thought of having anal sex for the first time. And with such a cute little pokemon, no less! I couldn't believe that I was actually blushing right now! The pokemon was still dripping wet, because of me or himself was still up in the air, but that only helped when he pushed himself inside.

I had to cover my face with my pillow as the pokemon pumped away inside my ass, my anal virginity finally taken. As small as he was, I was tighter than either of us had originally thought. My hips shook each time Piplup shoved himself inside me, my mind a blur as I screamed into my pillow. Then I felt a strange cooling sensation coming from Piplup. I don't know how, but while my ass got hotter, he got cooler. It helped to banish any pain and I could feel nothing but how good it felt to have him inside my ass.

After what felt like a lifetime, I came harder than I ever did in my entire life as Piplup injected me with a steady stream of cum. Not even Barry had this much to spend all at once; it had to be a water pokemon trait or something. It was cool, almost cold, which only made my body twitch with ecstacy as Piplup collapsed onto my back, both of us completely spent. When I checked my clock, I realized that he had been fucking me in the ass for nearly half an hour. The cool sensation must have held him and me off from orgasm, letting us fuck as long as we wanted.

I scooped up the exausted pokemon and snuck away into the bathroom so we could take a shower together while my mom was busy watching TV. I could still feel how cool my insides felt and actually liked it. Normally I would be so hot at the end that I could barely think or function. But right now my mind was crisp and clear, and completely satisfied, at least for now.

In the shower, it was difficult trying to wash myself while holding the pokemon to my chest with one arm. Even as tired as he was after his first time, he was busy buring his head in my breasts. I even had to cover my mouth at one point when he bit at my nipple. I almost ate the soap doing that and he slipped out of my grip.

"Piplup!" he squeaked when he hit the floor.

"Oops, sorry about that! I picked him up and hugged him, only to have him go at my chest like nothing happened. "You're easy to please." Piplup just looked at me, smiled, and went back to groping at my breasts. He liked where he was and there was nothing I could do that would to stop him.

So I dropped him after he bit me again.

"Trust me, you'll have plenty of time for that later. But right now, I have to go meet someone. And you're coming with me." Once I was out of the shower and back into my clothes, I grabbed my bag, threw on my shoes, and was almost out the door when my mom stopped me when I saw the strange look on her face.

"Dawn, before you leave, there's something else I need to give you." She handed me a little green book about berries and a blue spray bottle, not unlike a potion bottle. "You'll want these while you're out. You would be amazed by what you can do with berries these days. Most people only thought they were good for eating and cooking. There's one in particular that came in handy when my pokemon evolved." She pulled out a pokeball and opened it.

When the flash of light faded, before me stood the biggest, buffest-looking Blastoise I had ever seen. "Oh, what fun we used to have with a couple Leppa berries. Before your father helped me bring you into my life, this big guy was the best pokemon I ever did. We could fuck anywhere we wanted and nobody thought twice about interupting us for a battle. Remember when that young man who wanted to be a professor found us? Oh, the fun we had. Not as good as you or my husband, but he did well enough that day I'd say."

The Blastoise smiled and chuckled. I didn't know who she was talking about, but I knew what she was talking about.

"Mom!" I was shocked, truly shocked, but only because I never thought of her being such a horny slut. I never denied the fact that I was one, but to learn that my own mother was one back in her day was almost...impressive. I was even more impressed with her pokemon. I mean, my Piplup was barely any bigger than his forearm. And I was starting to wonder just what he was packing underneath all that shell of his. Probably something hard and heavy, like him.

"I'm not going to say anything more. If you want details, ask around the gyms about the Blue Tulip. I'm sure you'll find them facinating. Just make sure Barry isn't around when you do, who knows what that boy could do with that information. You probably wouldn't be able to sit for a month. Blastoise here sure did a few times."

"Mom!" I cried again. She knew about me and Barry? Damn, of course she did, it took a slut to know a slut.

"Oops, I said too much. I love you so much, but now it's your turn. Go out there and make the boys cry!" She gave me a bag with a some travelling essentials, along with a few berries and potions, and had Blastoise carry me out the door. "Don't get yourself hurt out there. Oh, there's plenty of money inside your bag, so you don't have to worry about coming back home any times soon." Blastoise put me down gently and closed the door behind him. "And don't forget to have fun! If you ever have a problem, remember your pokemon or give Barry a call on your phone. Bye sweety!"

What just happened? Did I just get kicked out of my own house to go on my own adventure? I didn't have to wait long before I could hear grunting inside. I peeked through the window to see mom lying back on the kitchen counter, Blastoise pounding away at her like there was no tomorrow. Her legs were up on the pokemon's chest while he held onto the counter for balance. She was moaning like a pokemon in heat and looked like she was having the time of her life. Her breasts had burst out of her bra as he hit into her with all he had. Neither noticed me, but when the pokemon's face started to turn a shade of violet, I figured it was time to duck. Because when the Blastoise came, he shot off one of his water cannons and blew out the window above my head.

Oh holy fuck of all that was fucked, of all the fuck that could be fucking around, just...FUCK! Too close...

"Whoops, you haven't done that since I met my husband. I guess you've been saving up for quite some time, haven't you? Fhew, what a rush. Blastoise, honey, let get me get the ball gag and we can go again. It's been too long for the both of us. Maybe later we can have Venusaur join us. I'll bet he can still whip up a good time after all these years."

I almost ran out of town as fast as my running shoes would take me, not wanting to tempt fate a second time. If Blastoise's Hydro Cannon was that powerful during climax, I didn't want to see the damage done by an orgasmic Solar Beam. The rest of the kids in town figured it was best to run for cover too as they ran for either their houses or for the lake.

During all the confusion and panic, I could have sworn I saw Barry's mom running towards my house, a ball gag in her hand. I didn't stop to ask questions as another window was blown out by a jet of water. My guess was he was the reason the woman had hearing problems. I was surprised that she was still alive after taking a water cannon blast to the head.

To think, my own mother had a Blastoise and a Venusaur during her journey. Just what, who, and how many did she do when she was my age? And how many times, and still be a respected woman in town, hell, on this island?

She told me to ask the gym leaders about the Blue Tulip. Damn, there had to be a great story behind that silly name. I looked to the sky and blushed when I heard the two women screaming at the top of their lungs.

If there was a pokemon god out there, he probably heard that one.