"Aaahhhh! Right there, yes, right there! That's sooo goooood!" Maylene screamed as Heracross hungrily ate her out. He had already knocked out all her fighters, so he could have his way without anyone watching. She didn't have any choice because she couldn't control her body as his tongue examined every part of her insides. Even though she was still a virgin, her stretches and exercises had torn her hymen long ago.

And it was because of her inexperience with her pussy that Heracross was easily able to keep her pinned against the wall. He sucked, licked, and nibbled at her pussy, making her scream and kick with pleasure. But no matter how much she thrashed, she coudn't remove his horn from her chest and his shell was too tough for him to be bothered. When she came for the seventeenth time, he eagerly gobbled down her juices. She tasted so good, which was why he had been eating her for so long.

But because she was so small, it wasn't a good idea to try to fuck her. Her small body was tough, so there was a chance that she would crush his cock as soon as he tried. When he was done licking her pussy clean, he put her down on the floor.

"I-I-I have to pee!" She put her hand between her legs, hoping to hold it back.

"Hera..." Heracross picked her up and carried her to the bathroom where put her on the toilet and left. She moaned so loud, her whole body shaking as she relieved herself. She was so overwhelmed that she wasn't going to be leaving that spot any time soon.

It was only a day since Heracross had begun searching for his trainer and this was the second city he came across. Now he had to move on to the next one. Hopefully he could find Dawn. He was missing her pussy. And he really wanted to find Dusk too. She was probably just as worried about him.

"Hey, look in my bag. There's a few pictures in there from when my mom was Gym Leader. She used to talk about someone called Blue Tulip. Wow...come by again when I'm a little older."

"Heracross." He waved goodbye and left the girl on the toilet. Inside her bag was the pictures. He took them and added them to the collection he was building. A farm girl he ate out had giving him a bag to carry his loot. He was building up a small collection of items, berries, sexy pictures, hot videos, and even some honey.

Alright, off to the next place. Fortunately, he didn't have to worry about Team Galactic. He beat up the group who were hanging around here and fucked the purple-haired woman who was stationed here. He rammed his cock so deep in her ass that he could have sworn that he felt her belly. She enjoyed it at least, as did the other female grunts he fucked along the way. None of them had the endurance he wanted, but he did get to finish up with their leader. It was actually pretty fun beating up their goons, and fucking their women.

Dawn was going to be so happy when he brought her all the vids he made.



Bibarel couldn't believe her luck. When she left her trainer to join up with this group of Bidoof, she couldn't believe she gained her own personal harem. She had evolved since her short time with the girl, but she felt bad about leaving her. But she figured that Dawn should be alright without her.

Then she caught a scent that caught her attention and that of all her Bidoof lovers. They all watched as a dark figure stopped to look at them. Bibarel got the sense that he was looking for her trainer, so she pointed him in the right direction. He nodded and left her without ever speaking a word. The Bidoof didn't know what went on, but they didn't care. The strange feeling the man had brought had now passed and they were free to resume what they were doing. This was probably the first time a Bibarel had ever taken on nine Bidoof and three Bibarel males at once. And just like her old trainer, she was loving every bit of it.



Ever since they had their way with the girl who took the Heracross away, the two Aipom have been actively getting girls to come around. The smell of the flowers was too much for so many, so it was easy to lure them to their tree. Each time, a new pokemon would come after hearing about their reputation for getting human girls. Right now, they were fondling a girl with nice tits while she was being eaten out by a Munchlax.

She was still trying to gulp down the cum they deposited in her mouth after they had their way with her. Chances were good that she was going to take Munchlax away, but none of them would mind. This was the seventh girl this week they caught in their tail-clutches. And her tits were almost as good as the blue-haired one.

All three pokemon stopped when a figure approached, who didn't pay any attention to the girl. The Munchlax tilted his head, wondering what the figure wanted. But he was new to the area, so he had no clue. But the two Aipom pointed him towards the forest in the distance with their tails. He nodded and left them to resume what they were doing to the girl. She had been in such a daze that she never realize what was going on the whole time. But when they continued, she was having the time of her life.



It's been nearly a week now and Barry had gained about half his strength. His pokemon were being taken care of by Nurse Joy, while mine were busy relaxing with anyone who would have them. Both of them were quite popular with all the girls, while Roselia was happy to be of service cleaning up any spills. There were also quite a few boys going for her and me, but I wasn't taking anybody right now. I wasn't happy that Dusk and Heracross were still missing in action, but I had a feeling they were going to return at some point.

Surprisingly, even after all this time and with how many boys passing through, I haven't had any sex since Barry passed out. I only left him when I had to go to the bathroom and stayed with him the entire day. It was so boring, but what else could I do? I didn't want to leave him, and I knew he would do the same for me. Soul and her cousin, Heart, helped me keep him clean and bring him to the bathroom when he needed it. Even though he was still a little weak, he was quickly regaining function. But I still couldn't believe just how bad it was to begin with.

It was like he had pushed himself way beyond his limits, not an easy thing to do. For the first three days it was like he was in a coma. I was so distraught that I didn't even finger myself the entire time. I just waited beside him, hoping the feel of my body would be enough to wake him. When he opened his eyes, he got a pleasant surprise when he found me asleep beside him. I got an even more pleasent surprise when I awoke to find him under the covers, suckling on my nipple like a baby. I wasn't producing milk, but that didn't stop him.

I was rubbing Barry down with a sponge on the sixth day when he grabbed my wrist and said, "Dawn, shouldn't you be on your journey?"

I was taken aback at first, but I calmed down, "Not when you're still like this."

"Don't worry about me. I'll be alright. You look like you're going to collapse from boredom. And here I am, in bed, not able to please you. How ironic, don't you think?"

"Kind of. But hey, how did you become so tired, anyways?"

Barry blushed, a good sign because it meant his blood could gather without him passing out. He looked away from me and sighed. It was too obvious that he didn't want to talk about it. But it was difficult for him because he was so kind as to be unable to tell me to drop it. Was there another woman in his life? If so, it would explain why he was so tired. But who could have the endurance to survive him when he's horny? And why is it only recently that he has become like this? We used to have sex all the time, and yet he never became exausted. Hell, I nearly passed out one day. It was only was he took the opportunity to ram it in my ass that I suddenly revived and tried to smack him for it. I had quite a bit of fun, even if he had to carry me to his bed. He got to have me that day anyways while I took it easy.

"Barry, please, say something. I just want to make sure you aren't hurting yourself."

Barry turned to look at me and kissed me before buring his face in my breasts. He found a nipple and started suckling on it. He would do this whenever he wanted me to drop the subject, and even now, it was working. I was finding it difficult to be able to think as he sucked on my breast. I let him have his way and dropped it, trying not to shiver too badly.

Then I was on my back, with him lining his dick with my pussy. How did he...oh! The feeling of him against me was enough to silence any concerns I had. He took it slow, making sure that he would be able to continue. I diidn't mind because it had been nearly a week since I last had sex or masterbated, a new record for me.

"Dawn, I'm sorry for making you worry. I never thought that our journeys would keep us seperated for so long. I didn't know what I would do without you there to remind me why I became a pokemon trainer. Dawn, you are the reason I am the man I am today. You are the reason I enjoy each and every day. There is nobody I would rather have by my side for as long as I live."

"Barry...I-" he suddenly kissed me and I forgot what I was going to say as he kept thrusting. I was breathing hard, likely because I needed his cock so badly right now. Going cold turkey was not my thing. Even with how slow we were going, I was loving it. He was so passionate, kissing me as much as he could, his hands rubbing and squeezing every part of my body. It seemed that he had regained enough stamina to give me what I needed. Remembering his back, I made sure only to rub his skin or grip the sheets.

After about twenty minutes of slow, passionate fucking, my eyes went wide as a powerful orgasm snuck up on me. It didn't just hit me, it blasted my mind apart. Crap, not this...ooh, such pretty colors. Barry, did you know...that you have such pretty eyes...? So pretty...I feel good...I feel sleepy...goodnight.

When I woke up, Roselia was cleaning me between my legs. Barry was up, getting dressed. He was leaving to continue his journey. I wasn't sure if it was right for me to go with him, especially with my habits. I was a slut, I'll admit that to anybody, but not Barry, anybody but Barry.

"Dawn, there's something I should-" he couldn't tell me when one of his pokeballs suddenly popped open. I watched as a Lopunny leaped at him, throwing her arms around him and giving him a tight hug as she rubbed her hips at his crotch. She was confused because he had frozen on the spot, as was I. She...was...absolutely...positively...fucking...


She had curves that matched mine and her fur looked super soft, like she was wearing clouds! But Barry's reaction was anything like mine. He actually looked horrified to know that I was here to witness this. That I was finally finding out just why he was so worn out. A Bunneary only evolved when they were happy enough, and this one looked like she was in love with Barry. I couldn't blame her, what with a cock like his.

"Dawn...I'm sorry!" he put the pokeon away and ran out the room. I blinked once and only just realized just what was going on.

"Barry! Barry, please wait! Barry, I understand! Barry..." But it was too late, he was already gone before I could even speak his name. By all that was horny and wet, if there was ever a reason for him to be so exhausted, it had to because of that Lopunny. She must have been the biggest slut among pokemon with how fast she wanted to have him. She even looked like she wanted me for a second there, up until Barry ran out.

And her figure...oh wow...I was wishing I had a dick so I coud fuck her brains out. I would pound her ass until the heavens heard her screams of passion. I would grind her pussy until I turned her bones to dust. I would kiss those lips until my lips were dry and cracked. I mean...wow...Barry...you are one lucky fuck! And I mean that in a good way! Next time I see him, I'm telling him of my love of pokemon. It was the least I could do. And if he understood, maybe he'd share that Lopunny with me. Or maybe I'd put her up with Kai and film the whole thing while Barry could fuck me while I watched.

"Um, Dawn, you're drooling." Ruby was standing at the door, she and Emerald dragging in an unconcious Kai. Sappire came in later with Thor; he was also unconcious. Their smiles said it all.

"What did you guys do to my pokemon! You guys didn't leave me anything!"

"We're sorry!" the three cried in unison.



The Cascoon couldn't believe their luck. They got three girls at the same time. There was a guy among them, but he didn't do anything besides relax in the hotspring and watch the show. The girls didn't care about being 'rescued' because they were being eaten out by Wurmple and a Dustox was going between them, switching every minute.

As a new figure approached, a Cascoon swung down on a thread with a Wurmple hanging off it. The Wurmple pointed the man in another direction and told him the way out of the forest. The mists had returned, but with knowledge of the way, it would be easy to find out where to go. The Cascoon pulled itself back up and shot a line out, hitting a girl on the ass. She squealed in her surprise, but smiled when she saw another Wurmple coming her way.

Today was an interesting day for them, and it only started getting good after the blue-haired girl caused the mists to drop for a few days. The resulting rumors brought a number of people to come through, hoping to find pokeon.



Because the mist faded for a time, more people learned about the abandoned mansion. Rumors went around about all the crazy things that went on in there. Like how if you were caught, there was nothing you could do until they had their way with you. As a result, many young men and women went inside to check it out. Now every room was occupied by people fucking ghostly figures and various pokemon.

The Gastly were overjoyed to have so many coming around. And the rumors only spread with each victim. So more and more came to see what all the fuss was about, only to get caught up in their scheme.

But everything changed when a strange figured appraoched. The Gastly who was supposed to take him on suddenly transformed from her girl form and stopped. Without a word, she told him where a blue-haired girl went. Even if they didn't get to have their way with her, she did put on a great show. The man didn't pay that part much mind, instead leaving them to do their thing.

The Gastly all looked at each other and tried to shrug, only to remember that they didn't have shoulders. They didn't despair, though, because the next group was coming in. One of them called for another and a 'girl' came running down the stairs, chased by a pack of Trapinch. The group scattered when they realized the door was being held shut, only to fall into the clutches of a Gastly waiting in seperate rooms. They haven't had this much sex in a long time.



Damn, why did he have to react so badly? Was he really that embarrassed about me learning he fucked a Bunneary? Wait, it was likely the other way around. She likely fucked him so hard that she evolved, and then fucked him some more. I know Barry, and he wouldn't likely have done it by choice at first. He probably caught her because she was already a powerful pokemon once she was done with him. I wonder how many times he came inside her? Now that she was evolved, there was a good chance that he would use her to keep himself from backing up. I once went on vacation for a month, only to come home to find out that he forgot to masterbate and his balls were overdue for some work.

I guess seeing him with such a gorgeous pokemon only helped me to relax. I felt good seeing him with a pokemon, cause he would have likely freaked out if I found out he fucked another girl instead. He was such a goof, but I guess he was my goof. I hope she doesn't wear him out before I can find him. I breathed a sigh of relief, but even though he had fucked me before he left, I needed some more.

Today was one of my safe days, of course, with the pills my mom gave me, I was safe every day. But it helped to know that I wasn't going to get pregnant anyways. It was easy to fiind Nurse Joy, because she was being banged by a Machoke. But where did the other one go?

"Machamp!" Oh, that's what happened.

"So, got anything for little old me?" I asked. Machamp reached around and grabbed my tits with one pair of hands while the other pair went to my ass. "Ooh, you must be hungry for some good loving. Here, let Dawn take care of that." When I turned around, I was dissapointed to find out he only had the one cock. But as he got hard, that quickly changed when I realized it was as thick as my arm. "Ok, just so you know, this one's not going in my ass. You're just not going to fit."

"Machamp." He nodded in agreement as he picked me up and sat me down on the end. He was so stiff that I was able to sit on the tip with just my hands on his massive chest to balance myself.

"Uh, a little help here?" He grabbed my ankles and ass with all his arms before slowly pulling me down. "Oh, oh, ooohhhh! FUCK! You're fucking HUGE!" Shit, it was Graveler's cock all over again, but this time I had four muscular arms to hold me down. "AAAAHHHGGG! It FIT! HHHAAA!" Machamp pulled my legs up beside my head while he banged my pussy. I just let the rest of me hang down while he fucked me, my tits bouncing all over with each thrust. When he suddenly came inside me, he blew a huge load that even filled my womb. It was a good thing I was human, or else I would be popping out pokemon eggs for a week.

"Five minutes!" Holy shit, he only fucked me for five fucking minutes, and it was AWSOME! If only because he was the biggest cock I had ever taken. "Hey, what's wrong big boy?" Oh crap, my pussy was holding onto his cock so tightly that he could pull me off without hurting himself. And with his strength, it was too much to try. "Um, Nurse Joy? A little help here?"

"Machoke, get help..." she breathed, not able to stand while the pokemon's cum dripped from her pussy.

"Machoke! Machoke!" Machoke ran out and came back with Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and all the others.

"Hey, I'm a little stuck here. Will someone please help?"

"Are you sure you just haven't fucked him enough?" Gold asked.

Nurse Joy piped in on that one, "Believe me, that was the last load he's going to have for the next few days."

"So will someone get me off him! I've got places to go and people to suck." I saw Platinum suddenly get a boner when he heard that one, but Soul slapped him when it came up between her ass cheeks.

Everyone grabbed hold of my arms or Machamp's hips and pulled. He groaned and grunted with pain, but I wasn't going anywhere. Shit, this wasn't good. And if Barry suddenly walks in and sees me like this, there would be a lot of explaining to do.

I looked at the door and...nothing. Shit, I thought that would work.

"Alright everybody, pull! Pull! Pull! Enough, Machamp can't take the pressure!"

"Hey, I've got an idea!" Silver ran out and came back with something in her mouth. I wasn't sure what she was doing until she stuck it up my ass.

"COLD!" Oh holy fuck of all that was fucked, of all the fuck that could be fucking around! She stuck a fucking ICE CUBE up my ASS!

"Pull!" someone cried and I came off like a rocket, my womb unloading all the cum inside me as I went.

"Hey, Dawn, would you mind not drowning Ruby?"

"Huh?" I looked down to see that my head was over Ruby's pussy. She was guzzling down the cum that was coming out of me, but it was too much. I got off and she sat up, her entire face covered in Machamp's semen.


"Hey, don't hog it all!" Emerald, Soul, and Silver cried as they dove on her. Heart, Gold, and Emerald jumped me. The only ones who weren't jumping someone was Red, Blue, and Green. Red and Green were taking care of Machamp, making sure his cock was feeling better after being tugged on so harshly. As for Blue, she was in the corner fucking the brains out of Platinum. Such a lucky bastard. The woman was among the oldest of all of them, old enough to be my mom, but she had an amazing body nonetheless.

"Hey, no biting!" I cried.




Dusk didn't know where to look any longer. It's been nearly a week and she had yet to find where Heracross went. She even went to the next couple towns, but she couldn't find the pokemon. But she didn't come out of it with empty hands and pussy.

"Alright, pull!"

"Machoooooke! Machoooooke!" Unfortunately, her Machop had evolved while he was fucking her doggystyle. Now here she was, hanging off his cock, which was still as hard as a rock. Machoke would have simply fucked her until he came, but she was so tight around his cock that there was no room. Surprisingly, she was only hanging off half his cock, so there was some room to move with. But she was basically a tight loli on a cock as thick as her thigh.

"Hey!" Dusk squeaked when Machoke suddenly spanked her soft ass. Seeing her reaction, he slapped her ass again. Her pussy suddely quivered and he spanked her again and again. Before long, she was quite wet. He grabbed hold of her ass and, instead of pulling her off, he thrust in as far as he could.

Dusk was suddenly silent as his cock filled her all the way. Feeling it stretch out her insides was too much. She went limp, letting Machoke have his way with her pussy. But he didn't last long and came so hard that she popped right off and hit the ground.



"Machoke!" he grunted when she slugged him in the gut and he went down. He still couldn't believe how powerful she was, even in his current form.


Dusk turned around to see her latest addition to her team, Steelix, coming up with Onix in tow. Onix looked very pleased with himself, almost bouncing, which was especially surprising considering he was made of boulders. He almost looked like a rockslide got up and learned how to dance. She saw the reason for his joy when Steelix opened her mouth to reveal a large egg. Dusk, on the other hand, couldn't believe that she would have yet another mouth to feed soon.

"Gol, Golbat!"

Great, looks like she's not finished keeping everyone happy. She climbed up a tree, pulled her panties down, and bent over. At least she could have some fun this time and not worry about getting stuck.



After Team Galactic caused an explosion and captured a powerful psychic pokemon, Heracross had gone and defeated Crasher Wake, the Gym Leader of Pastoria City. He also beat the Gym Leader, Byron, of Canalave City. Heracross took both of their badges for his collection and was even given a few more pictures of Blue Tulip. Whoever this woman was, she was very attractive, almost as much as Dawn.

But now his journey had taken him to the frozen Snowpoint City, where he was trying to keep warm in the pussy of the Gym Leader there. Her name was Candice, and her love of ice pokemon was the reason she lived there. She loved the cold, and could handle it quite well, but the feeling of his hot cock in her pussy was such an amazing experience. It warmed her entire body so much that she couldn't get enough of it. The mix off the cold air against her hot skin only drove her lust for his cock to new heights.

This was actually the third time he got to fuck her today because every time they took a moment to switch positions, he quickly cooled and froze on the spot. It took her nearly a hour each time to try and warm his cock up to the point that she could put him back inside her pussy, which was so hot for him. Then she would ride him until he couldn't take it anymore and broke free with the strength of his lust.

The cold only served to improve her endurance, ensuring that she never overheated and became exhausted that way. This was good for Heracross because he fucked her for nearly fifteen minutes straight. When she came for the seventh time, he slammed his cock deep inside her and came as hard as he could. So much cum spilled out of her pussy and froze almost instantly on the cold ice.

Heracross took the pictures of Blue Tulip, but even she didn't know just who the woman was. Candace was still young when she came around and challange the Gyme, and it was Candace's father who took her on. But because of her suit's design, it was difficult for her to keep warm and her hardened nipples began to show, distracting the man long enough to pull out a win. She got his badge, his coat, and his warm cock, for her efforts.

Now, where the heck was Heracross supposed to go now? Wait, he did remember that there were still three Gyms he had yet to see, and at least one of them had a girl. He just hoped it wasn't just rumors among Starly going around again. The last time he went on a rumor that there was a tree bursting with honey, he ended up dropping on top of some goon. But he did come across Dawn then, so this rumor couln't be so bad.



When Barry finally stopped running, he sat down under a large tree and held his head. He couldn't believe that Dawn saw Sugar. He called her that because she was so sweet on him the first time they met when he got lost in the forest. She snuggled up to him and helped him to the exit of the forest. He didn't know that, by then, she was going to be so sweet on him as to fuck him so hard that she evolved, then fuck him all over again. Her pussy had felt so good that he couldn't stop himself, no matter how hard he tried to, and now he was regretting being so weak.

He cheated on Dawn, the one girl in his life who he cared for more than anything. He knew it and now Dawn probably figured it out by now. Damn it, how could this happen?


"Huh!" Barry fell over, not realizing that Suger got out of her pokeball again. He still wasn't all that used to her being around, since he only caught her about a day before he woke up to find Dawn with him. She sat in his lap, facing him and holding him in her arms. Her fur was so soft and smelled nice, but all he could think about was Dawn. It wasn't his idea to have sex with a pokemon...but...maybe she wouldn't mind?

He did leave pretty quickly, not giving her a chance to say anything. Maybe he should go back and find out? He sighed and buried his face in Sugar's busom. For a pokemon, she had a surprisingly soft pair of breasts hidden under her fur. If he was going to tell Dawn all about Sugar, he was going to have to rebuild his confidence to the point that he could ask if it was alright with her.


Barry unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out so he could slam the pokemon down on it. She gasped from the sudden action, wondering what ever happened to foreplay first? But as quickly as he started bouncing her light frame onto his cock, she was wet and loving it. She ground her hips on his lap and kissed him. She didn't know what brought this on, but she didn't care. He fucked her for ten straight minutes before pulling out and getting up.

Sugar remained on her knees as he grabbed her head and forced his cock in her mouth. He knew he was taking his frustration out on her, but he couldn't injure her. She was a pokemon and was much stronger than he could ever be. He could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat as he fucked her lips. It felt so good, but he was still bothered by his thoughts. So he picked her up, turned her around, lifted her fluffy tail, and gave her some surprise butt sex.

"Lopunny!" she cried with glee. She wasn't used to anal yet, this being her second time. But becase his cock was so slick with her saliva, he was able to slip inside and pound her furry ass. Her grip on the tree was as tight as her ass as he fucked her from behind. After another twelve minutes of hard fucking, he let out a primal roar as he came inside her and collapsed on top of her.

"Sugar, I want to tell Dawn about us. But I want to become stronger first because I don't know if I can face her right now."

"Lopunny." She nodded her head, remembering the blue-haired girl. She wanted to grab those tits the girl had and lick them raw while Barry fucked her from behind. The mere thought of having her made her wet enough for her to start masterbating at the thought alone.

"I guess you're ready to go again. This is the last time today, I have to start building up my strength soon." He slammed his cock deep into her ass and started fucking her all over again. In his head, he was preparing himself to face Dawn. No, he wasn't just going to face her. He had some money, so maybe he could do it. He was going to face her, tell him about what he did with Sugar, and show her the best night of her entire life. He just had to get strong enough to face her.

He just wished that the thought didn't scare him more than the thought of being chased by a raging Rhyperior. He'd rather take on a Rhyperior right now, but he wasn't going to back down.