While we waited for Barry to get the fuck out of the bushes, Machamp was being a dear and had me under one of his arms. He spanked me with his three other ones, leaving my ass red and my pussy dripping. I wanted more but he was too happy just to feel my ass. One of his hands reached around and grabbed my tit. He was strong, but he was also very gentle when he wanted to be.

It was still hard to believe that the Machop who Dusk beat on her own was this hunk of pokemon. I wanted to suck his dick, but he had me held tight. No matter how much I struggled, I couldn't get free.

"Hey, Barry, where the hell are you? Dawn needs you to put your dick inside her, like, now!" Dusk called for him but he didn't respond. I was starting to lose interest in sex and it was replaced with concern for him. This wasn't like him to say nothing.

"You goof!" I yelled, but no responce. "Shit! Machamp, down!" Machamp did as he was told and put me on my feet. I was grabbing my clothes when I felt a pair of hands on my chest. "Not now Heracross! I have to find-"

"Heracross?" my bug pokemon asked as he appeared from the bushes with a tired Gardevoir behind him. I looked back to find another pokemon groping me. He was enjoying how they felt while I was horrified to see what had me.

"Kadabraaaa," the Kadabra said with a perverted look on his face. He squeezed my breasts again and ducked under Kai's attack. Kadabra made me squeak when he put a hand between my legs, making my knees shake and my eyes water. I wasn't sure if I was in pain or pleasure, but I was almost paralyzed because of it.




Everything changed suddenly and I was dropped ontoa cement floor. Kadabra laughed and rolled me over so he could put his face in my tits some more. But someone walked in on us and he got off me. He was disappointed, but a raised hand sent him running. The woman looked me over and smirked.

"Well, well, well, the bitch who ruined Team Galactic is finally here. I hope you're happy that you messed everything up! It's all your fault that our once-proud leader is a shell of his former self!"

What the fuck is she talking about? Oh ya, that blue-haired guy! What was his name again? I'm not very good at remembering all the names of the people I do and don't fuck. But I don't remember having sex with him at any point. The woman slammed the door behind her, shocking me out of my thoughts.

Well shit, I just got myself kidnapped. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I put my clothes back on and went to the door to peek out the small window. I yelled for somebody, but all I got was some slack-jawed idiot.

"Hey, why don't you let me out? I could let you cop a feel if you do." I lifted my shirt to let him get a good look. Thankfully, I had managed to grab my bra while I was getting my stuff, so I wasn't letting him see all of the goods. He bopped his head trying to get a better look and was about to open the door when someone pushed him.

"Nidoqueen!" Oh shit! A Nidoqueen banged on the door and stared at me with angry eyes. Shit, I may be bisexual, but I don't think I'm hot enough to make out with something like her. She's big and mean, and it doesn't look like she at all interested in me. "Nido, nidoqueen, NIDOQUEEN!" she screamed at the guard and left.

He was visibly shaken from what I could see and he sat down to sulk. Damn it, that stupid bitch just ruined my chance of getting this guy to let me out for a little pussy. Seriously, he was falling for me just from a flash of my tits. Was this new 'leader' of theirs a ball buster or something?

I sat myself down and sulked. How the hell was I going to get this guy in here and fuck me? Before I realized it, a Haunter doll fell into my lap. And I mean literally, it fell into my lap after it bounced off my head. I looked up to see a...a...face in the ceiling?

"Hau-hau-hau-haunta!" the face chuckled. It was a Haunter! "Haunta, haunt."

"What are you doing in here? Come to gloat that I was captured so easily?"

Haunter pulled himself from the wall and pointed at the toy in my hands, "Haunta."

It took several seconds before I realized it, "You're the Gastly from the haunted house! The one I threw this toy at!"

"Haunta," Haunter agreed and nodded, which looked more like he moved his face since he was mostly all head. I wasn't sure what the case was with ghost types and their anatomy. "Haunta," he floated over to the door and peeked outside. The guard was still out there, sulking that he wasn't going to be getting any. Seems that their boss was pretty bad if she could keep the guy from simply sneaking in here and having his way with...

Ooh, that thought made me giggle like I was a schoolgirl again. The thought of Team Galactic, ravaging their beautiful, helpless prisoner. Haunter must have read my mind because he was floating towards the door. I tried to stop him, but my hand passed right through him. He phased through the door and with a yelp, the guard was inside, hiding from the ghost pokemon.

"No, get away!" I cried, trying to be the helpless girl. There was nowhere for me to run, so he checked outside for the Haunter before grabbing my wrist. I pretended to struggle like I was too weak to defend myself as he pulled me over to one of the boxes. "Please, I have a boyfriend!"

"Well, you should have thought about that before you messed with us!" Perfect, he was falling for it. He was pulling my panties off and bent me over the box. He jabbed his finger inside my pussy with no skill, so it took a bit of effort to get wet enough for him to start pulling down his pants.

He just rammed it in, which made something in my spine pop because I wasn't ready for it yet. He fucked me hard and fast, not caring if I was enjoying it. I was just a wet pussy for him to use. But it felt so good. He was so rough and that made up for his lack of skill. He slammed his dick inside me using nothing but his strength and lust for some pussy. I found myself wanting Barry inside me instead. It felt good to be fucked, but I wanted something more, I wanted the one man who belonged with me.

"Oh fuck ya, I haven't gotten any from any lately because of that stupid cunt. She makes all of us guys work all day and night just because she has that stupid Nidoqueen of hers. I'd love a chance to bend over a sweet piece of prime pokemon like that. I'm sure all she needs is a good dicking!" He spanked my ass and fucked me until he got week in the knees.

After a bit longer, he pulled out and I sucked him off until he came in my mouth. He needed more salt in his diet, that was for sure. I kept sucking until he couldn't stand up any longer and fell back, knocking his head against another box. With him unconscious, I took his clothes and tied him up. I did a bit of bondage with a girl and her Ivysaure, so I knew how to tie some good knots.

With his clothes on as my disguise, I slipped out and locked the door. I hid my hair in my hat and tied my breasts down with my shirt before putting his on. His clothes were loose on me, so it sort of hid the fact that I was a girl. But I had to keep my distance from any goons or they would see right through this disguise. It didn't help that the damn pants kept trying to fall off.

I looked around for a window, something to tell me where the fuck I am. That Kadabra could have teleported me anywhere and I wouldn't know where. Hey, why is the duct cover off the roo-oh crap! Something long and purple wrapped around my neck and pulled me up.



"Dawn! DAWN! DAMN IT!" Dusk screamed. The pokemon were feeling the same way. Not only was Dawn missing, but Barry was nowhere to be found. How did this happen? Why did that pokemon take them? Dusk needed to figure out what to do, but she had no idea. "Damn, damn it, DAMN IT!"

She ran off with the pokemon close behind her. She was going to find Dawn no matter what.



I was knocked around as I was into the air ducts and was dropped off in a larger part of the duct system. It was warm in here, which was good because my pants snagged on the edge and ripped right off. Luckily I had my skirt on, but that wasn't going to protect me from what I was looking at. What was now before me was an Arbok, a big one at that too. He hissed at me and I backed up. How the fuck did I get caught so easily?

His tail went between my legs and I fought him, only to be flipped up and have my panties slip right off. My ass hit the hard floor and Arbok wrapped me in his powerful coils. Damn, what did he...oh fuck...he wants to fuck me. I could feel them, two twisting dicks pressing against me, trying to find a way in.

Arbok squeezed me harder and I wrapped my arms around him, not able to think straight from the fear. Shit-shit-shiiit! I can feel his dicks poking at my cunt and my ass! Fuck, they're going iiiinn! His dicks were turning inside me and I couldn't do anything about it. Arbok was shifting his coils, getting his two dicks to wriggle around, making me moan for it. He was squeezing my hips and kept himself between my legs, pushing his two dicks inside me. When he started to cum, I hoped that he would be done with it, only for me to realize that he only wanted to turn me over. Shit, he wanted to go again?

Arbok suddenly went still when he was zapped from behind. A Team Galactic grunt put his tazer away and grabbed my hand. Arbok's dicks slipped out of me as I was freed from his coils and crawled out of there. The grunt went first and I slipped out, falling into his arms.

"Didn't think I'd see you here. I was shocked to see that Arbok grabbed you." Lucas! Holy shit, it's Lucas! "I had to infiltrate this place to find out what they were up to."

"Well, I know what you're going to be getting into." I took the spare clothes he had, which were made for a female grunt. It even came with a green wig to hide my hair, though it didn't fit as easily as Lucas' did because of my long hair. "Is there anywhere where we can some privacy?"

"Ya, I managed to get a private room where we can talk." He took me to his room and scanned a card. Once inside, he let me take a shower and clean up. Arbock had left me with quite a bit of cum inside both holes. It would have been fun if he had not scared the hell out of me. I thought he wanted to eat me.

"Lucas?" I called from the shower.

"Yes, Dawn?"

"Thank you for saving me. I was captured and taken here by a Kadabra. Hopefully we can find my friends."

"I'm sure they'll be able to find you."

I smiled and rubbed my breasts. I was getting ideas now. I dried off and used the towel to wrap up my hair before stepping out. Lucas blushed as red as a berry when he saw my naked body. That was so cute. I've been wanting to get a hold of him for some time now, but every opportunity passed me by. But now I-

"I'm going to take a shower!" he shot past me and shut the door.

Damn it! Wait, he didn't lock the door! He was already in the shower, but fumbled with the knob. I dropped my towel and walked inside with him, turning it on. He pressed his back against the wall, terrified by me like I was a dangerous pokemon. I wasn't a pokemon, but that didn't mean I wasn't dangerous to cute boys. And girls. And pokemon. Sluts are a given for what I'll do to them.

"Wait, are you a virgin?" I asked and he looked away. "Hmm, don't worry, you'll like it. I'll be gentle with you. I've been wanting to jump you for some time now."

"B-But-" I stopped him with a finger to his lips and a kiss on his cheek. Then I got on my knees and saw just how hard he was for me. I wrapped my tits around his shaft, getting a gasp and a little moan from him. So cute. But he wasn't one to just let me take control.

He grabbed my shoulders and thrust his hips, slapping his balls against my tits while my lips kissed the tip of his dick. I gave it a lick and he shivered and pulled back. But he wasn't quitting. He thrust them again, slapping against my chest. I only had to hold them together for him while he fucked my tits. It felt pretty good to finally have his dick but before I could get up and really enjoy it he thrust one last time and shot his load over my face.

There was so much, but even with all that, he was still hard. I washed up and we stepped out to dry off. I paid extra care to his dick, knowing just how sensitive he must be because of my experience with Barry. I laid myself down on the bed and spread my legs, pulling my pussy open for him to see.

"Put it in here. I'll keep you warm." He grabbed my breast and squeezed it before sucking on my nipple. "Not so hard!" I hit him on the head for using his teeth. He looked sheepish for doing that but he got into position. With a little guidance, he was inside me. I didn't have to do much from there. He was a beast.

Lucas was a bit awkward, not knowing how to go about this, but his instincts were good and his he made up for his lack of skill with some muscle. He was tougher than he looked and fucked me good on that bed. It was kind of hot, fucking while behind enemy lines, and even using one of their beds for good measure.

"Come on Lucas, you can fuck me better than that. I can take it."

He looked at me and pulled my legs up until my toes were touching the bed. OH FUCK YES! He was bouncing off of me, ramming his cock inside my pussy! I want to be able to enjoy my partner during sex, not fear them. Lucas' cock felt so good that I felt like I was going to cum too soon. But those thoughts ended when I could feel him unload his cum into my pussy.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry! I wanted to pull out but I couldn't and-" I stopped him with a finger to his lips.

"It's alright. It's fine. It's a safe day for me." I already had three on the way, I just had to find them. "Are you still hard?"


"Want to go again?"

Lucas looked away and asked, "Could I do you in the ass?" He blocked his face, like I was going to hit him. When I didn't hit him, he looked to find me bent over, opening my ass for him. He was so cute. But being cute was only the icing on the cake, because his dick was still pretty good. When he grabbed my hips, I could feel him shaking at the thought that he was doing this.

"It's not going to hurt you-OH!" I cried out when he rammed his dick inside my ass. Ow, that hurt! He grabbed my shoulders and really rammed it inside. I gritted my teeth and curled my toes because he was too forceful on my poor ass but I couldn't say that it didn't feel good. He just needed some more practice.

"Damn Dawn, your ass is so good!" he moaned into my ear. At least with him wrapped up with me he couldn't punish my insides. But he didn't know not to pull on my nipples so hard. "You have the hottest ass."

Just at that moment, there was a flash as his Infernape appeared. Soon behind it was a Kadabra, who would have had me jump if Lucas wasn't cumming inside my ass in surprise that his pokemon were looking at him. It took me a moment that it wasn't the Kadabra who grabbed me because this one was ignoring me rather than trying to take advantage of the situation. The Infernape, on the other hand, was giggling away at the sight. From what I could tell, the fire type was a female.

When Lucas pulled out and she saw his dick, she blushed and looked at my breasts instead. I smiled and leaned in to whisper something to Lucas. His dick suddenly jumped up, but his eyes showed that he was concerned. He had thoughts about fucking his pokemon but didn't think it would have been a good idea. Of course it was if she was interested. I would have fucked Barry's Torterra if he was interested. Though I would have to find out how the hell Roserade did it.

I pushed Lucas into the bathroom with his pokemon and closed the door. It wasn't long before the shower was going and he was spanking his monkey. Damn, she was a screamer. In a way, she was perfect for him because he'd be able to bang her ass as hard as he wants. She was easily tough enough to take it. Not like my sore ass...

Though, a good fuck from a certain psychic type could-

I opened my eyes to find myself on the bed, my ass so puckered up that Lucas' cum was trapped in it. Lucas and his pokemon were just coming out, looking like they had been going at it for quite some time. As for Kadabra, he was uninterested in all of this. I stepped into the bathroom to sit on the toilet and clear my head. Damn, that felt AMAZING! I don't know what Kadabra did, but I felt his spoon touch my head and it was like my whole body came at once.

Once I was cleaned up, I stepped out to find Lucas pounding his Infernape's ass in the mini-kitchen behind the counter. She was standing on all fours, tail wrapped around her trainer's arm. He was fucking her with passion, like the two had some deep sexual tension between them. Once again, thanks to me, the two were able to express their attraction to each other by fucking until one or both of them pass out. I looked over to Kadabra, who merely shrugged and walked to the corner to meditate. Me and the pokemon froze in place when someone unlocked the door. Wait, did we even remember to close the damn thing?

"Wow!" the man was taken aback when he heard Lucas fucking his pokemon. The Grunt looked around for anybody and leaped inside, taking the bed as he pulled out a Bibarrel. "I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted some hot pokemon pussy!"

"Bibarrel!" the pokemon squealed and hugged me. She showed me to her tamer, who nearly had his eyes pop out of his head when he saw my tits.

"Woah! When did we get a girl in the group?"

"I'm kind of a secret addition, I can't be seen just yet or else the bitch will throw me out."

"Ya, she's like that." Whew! He bought it. "How do you know my Bibarrel? I found her in a cave among a group of Bidoof."

"Oh! I'm her old tamer. She kind of left me for the group."

"Hey, I'm glad she did. She's got a loose pussy but she's the hottest thing I've fucked. She always wants it and it's a great stress reliever."

"Don't I know it. Well, don't let me stop you." I stepped out of the way as he bent Bibarrel over the bed and went for it.

Kadabra tapped my shoulder and had me get dressed before taking me out. Somehow, he managed to get me through the halls, past everyone, without anybody realizing I didn't belong. Maybe he was using his powers? He just nodded his head so he probably heard that. He nodded again and I started to think of where I wanted him to ram his-


I was glad I didn't just yell that for all to hear because he just stuck his spoon up my ass! I couldn't pull the damn thing out, meaning he was holding it in there. It was also because of his powers that nobody noticed my pants were hanging so far down and a spoon's handle was poking out from under my skirt.

He directed me to a room and knocked on the door. A Grunt peeked out and sighed when he saw Kadabra. He didn't even realize that this Kadabra was not same one he was thinking of.

"Kadabra, if you're here to cause more trouble, I'm going to-" he was interupted when Kadabra pushed me inside and yanked the spoon out of my ass. Before I knew it my clothes blew up.

I mean it! My clothes ripped apart and scattered about, leaving me completely naked! It was only after that moment that I realized that I was standing nude in front of a group of horny men reading porno magazines and surfing pokemon porn. They all looked at each other with confused looks before looking at me with interest.

"Hey boys, want some of this?" I struck a sexy pose and they grabbed me. Hey, as long as Kadabra makes sure that I don't get caught, this is going to get fun. Clothes were flying all over the place while I was bent over the table. My eyes caught sight of the porno they were watching and recognized it. It was Nido Fuckers 5 and didn't I just see that guy...in the room...and his dick is HOW BIG!?

"Um, excuse me-EEEE!"