"Great, where is she now?" Dusk asked Heracross.

"Hera?" he was too busy licking out a jar of honey to notice. But when he looked up and realized his trainer was missing, he almost dropped his jar, almost. "Heracross!"

"I know that she's missing, I was already wondering where she was." Dusk looked around and saw that the mist was clearing up. She didn't know why, but that had to be a good thing. It wasn't far off from where she was that she saw a boy fucking his Buneary. She seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit and suddenly evolved into Lopunny. The boy, happy to see her in this form, turned her around and fucked her from behind.

Dusk smiled and left the two on their own. Heracross was too busy finishing off his jar of honey to notice. As they neared the end, she thought she could see a mansion or something. But there was a small tree in her way, and any time she tried to move it the tree would snap back. In her anger, she ripped it out with her bare hands. She was right, there was a mansion. But it was giving her the creeps. She grabbed Heracross by the claw and pulled him away. Too bad for them that Dawn and Kai, as an Empoleon, came crashing there about two minutes later.

Now that they were finally out, she basked in the sunlight. Now, where should she go? She looked around the town until she came across a bag full of mining equipment. On it was a note that said 'I'm busy right now, take this and go into the Underground yourself'. Dusk didn't know what that meant, but she quickly caught on how to to use them. There was a book inside showing just what everything was used for. When she peeked through the window of the house, she saw an old man getting a blowjob from a girl. He had a hand on the back of her head and a wide smile on his face.

Dusk and Heracross left them to do their thing, mostly because she was sort of creeped out. She found herself a spot and started digging. Sure enough, she soon found herself in a large cave-like area. Once she was there, she noticed someone was looking up her dress as she came down her rope.

"Oh hey, Roark!" She dropped down and was caught in his waiting arms. "Thanks, but I'm not the only one coming down." The man looked up and took a Heracross to the head. It was a good thing he was wearing his hard hat, but it didn't stop him from being knocked out cold. "Hmm, I think I'll just borrow this for a second. Heracross, you watch him for a little bit." Dusk handed the pokemon three jars of honey. He saluted and grabbed the first one as she ran off.

Once she found herself a suitable spot, she removed her dress and tossed it aside as she brought out Cranidos. The pokemon looked around, not sure where his trainer was and why there was a naked girl in front of him. But when she bend over and put her hands up against the wall, he didn't question his good fortune. He mounted her and she guided him into her pussy so he could begin fucking her.

He pounded her with great fervor, having missed her tight little pussy. His species was once extinct, so it was very difficult to find females of his kind. But when a human decided to let him use her, what kind of pokemon would he be if he didn't accept? She was still as tight as he remembered her as he pounded her. She was enjoying herself as well, his dick being as hard as a rock, a reflection of his type. She bit her lip to keep quiet, but she couldn't do anything about the sounds of her pussy sucking on his cock. She had sort of missed him since the last time she did this with him.

It was during that moment that she realized that she was becoming so much like Dawn now. Before, she was happy to have enough food. Now she was here, letting someone else's Cranidos, a once-extinct pokemon, fuck her from behind. But considering the fact that she couldn't finish so easily only meant that she would have to find someone with enough endurance. Because this one was about to-

"Cranidos!" the pokemon cried and came inside her pussy. Her body felt so warm, but she didn't finish. Cranidos pulled out, his cock slick with her juices. As he took his pokeball back to his trainer, Dusk squated behind a rock. She had spread open her pussy and let the cum drip out of her because she didn't have Roselia with her. But it felt good to let it out onto the cold stone. Breathing a sigh of relief, she looked up to be shocked by a face she had thought could never do sneak up on her.

Onix had let himself out of his pokeball and noticed what she was doing with Cranidos. He stayed still, not making a single sound. And when she was finished, he slowly made his way closer. Unfortunately, she didn't know that he could be so silent, so she nearly slipped on the puddle of cum when she spotted him.

"Onix, what are you doing here!" she cried. Onix just tilted his head and took a big whiff of her. "Of course, I smell like sex right now, don't I? I think I'm a little small for you. Seriously, you'd likely break me in half, so, back you go." She picked up her pokeball and put poor Onix away. If she was lucky, she might be able to find a good lady friend for him. Now she just had to go find Heracross and...

"Oh, fuck!"

He wasn't where she left him! And neither was Roark for that matter. She needed to find Heracross and soon, or Dawn would kill her for losing her pokemon like this. Seriously, she looks away for one second to take it from behind and the pokemon wanders off. To make matters worse, there was an empty jar sitting where she last saw him. That meant that he had left without her and didn't have anything to slow him down.

"Fuck! Onix, come out!" She tossed her pokeball into the air and the pokemon came out. "Alright, we have to find Heracross before we find Dawn or I'm in big trouble!" With that she climbed onto Onix's head and the two started searching the tunnels. He had to be here somewhere. But where could he be?



As misfortune would have it, Heracross was not in the tunnels anymore. He was up on Cycling Road, fucking the brains out of the third girl he found. She was screaming with pleasure and came rather quickly, much too quickly for Heracross. When he couldn't find any more girls, he had to wait for his dick to pull back inside before flying off. It wasn't long before he found a place called Hearthome City. As he wandered about, he thought he smelled something familiar in a large round building. Inside, he found a blue-haired woman, but as he approached, he realized that she was different from Dawn. But when she turned to look at him, she reminded him so much of his trainer that he didn't simply wander off again.

"Oh, hello, I guess you must have gotten lost, right? Are you looking for them?"

"Hera, heracross, heracross." He pointed to her hair.

"Oh, your train has hair like mine?"

"Hera." Heracross nodded. Then he remembered that he took something from Dusk before he wandered off looking for his trainer. He had stuck the VS Seeker under his wings, so he took it out and and showed it to the woman.

"Oh, what's this?" She started it up and took a look at the vids, only to shut it off soon after. "OH, so you're Dawn's pokemon!"

"Hera! Hera!"

"Alright, come with me." She grabbed Heracross by his horn and pulled him to the washrooms. "Wait out here for me. I just want to check on how my daughter's doing."


"Yes, she's my daughter. Where do you think she got her cute butt from, her father? Now, watch the door and knock if anyone wants to come in." Johanna closed the door and locked it so she could watch the vids in one of the stalls. She hiked up her skirt and spread her legs as she watched all the things Dawn did after she obtain the thing. It was a good thing that it had an automatic function, because it caught quite a bit. She did flinch when she saw how far a Team Galactic goon could bend when she was taking it from a Heracross. But when she saw how strong Heracross was, she felt herself blush, and that was quite a feat. She hadn't blushed so hard since the day Dawn found her porn stash when she was just eight. Before that was when Dawn's father found her porn stash, back when she was carrying their daughter in her womb.

The memories of the man only made the woman shiver with the thought of how hard he used to bang her. He had such endurance that it always amazed her whenever they had sex. He was the whole reason that she needed it so much and loved her Blastoise so much. But now, after seeing what her daughter had been doing, Johanna was wetter than she had been for a long time. It had been years since she had a man in her life, content to have her pokemon.

Just her fingers lightly touching her pussy lips was making her increasingly horny. She leaned back and had her feet up against the walls of the stall as she fingered herself. She couldn't believe it, but her daughter was such...she was such...such a little slut for not sending some of these boys her way! Hey, who was this? A short blond girl? Ooh, she was just so adorable! And she had herself a cute little Machop, too. Oh! She's not as young as Johanna thought if that was what she was doing with a pokemon.

There was a sudden knock at the door and she nearly fell off the toilet in her surprise. Who could that be? She opened up the door to see Heracross, straining to keep his erection from popping out into view. Oops! She must have been making too much noise and he heard every part of it.

"Sorry about that! Get in, hurry!" She dragged him inside by his horn and locked the door behind them. "So, now that we are alone together, why don't you show me that Heracross charm you've been putting on my daughter?"

Heracross knew what she was talking about when she reached down and pulled off her panties. He had been looking for someone who was more like Dawn, and who else would be close enough than her mother? She was a gorgeous woman, with hips to die for under her dress. He did have to fight with the skirt though. It was so easy with Dawn because she was already naked when he found her, but this was getting rediculous.

"Oh, sorry, let me help." She pulled her dress out of the way and gave Heracross a look that almost stopped his heart. So he grabbed hold of Johanna's shapely ass and found her pussy with one quick and hard thrust. She wasn't as tight as Dawn, but as his dick began to swell, it was a perfect fit. "Oh, oh...oh! Now that's a neat trick. Now, show me how well you use it."

"Hera-cross!" He showed her alright, he showed her just how good he was. He shoved her up against the wall and fucked her hard. After the first three girls had failed to please him enough, this woman should be more than enough.

"Oh, oh yes, right there, right there, you are so amazing!" The woman was blown away. Even for one who pumped by a Blastoise and whipped by a Venusaur, she was being overtaken by a Heracross. Each thrust so much power and speed, something neither pokemon could match. Heracross was a force to be reckoned with, and he knew it. She wrapped her arms and legs around his body, just letting him fuck the brains right out of her head.

"H-hello, are you alright in there?"

"Occupied!" Johanna almost screamed. "Just training my pokemon in here! So unless you want to join, LEAVE ME BE!"

Heracross only smiled upon hearing her scream those words. He rewarded her by slamming her into the wall again and again, pounding her pussy with his cock. Her pussy felt so good. But then he stopped and pulled free. The woman nearly fell to the floor but he held her up and turned her around so he could put her sideways on the sinks. She quickly picked up her skirt and he did the rest. Even if he wasn't quite tall enough, he used his strength to pull himself up and hold him there with great skill. With one claw on the sink and another hooked into the wall, he lined up and took her from behind. He fucked her for ten straight minutes, her screams uncontainted the entire time.

"Yes, yes, yes, right there, ah, ah, s-so g-good! Oh, I'm cumming!" She tightened around his cock, but even then it wasn't enough. This woman had so much endurance, almost as much as Dawn, but he still need more and she was wasted. "Almost as good as her father...phew..." she passed out from sheer pleasure after that.

But Heracross wasn't finished yet. After his cock pulled back into its sheath, he went out and went to the Gym. He didn't know why, but he felt that he could find some satisfaction in here. The doorman nearly leaped in shock when he saw Heracross walk in and let him through without any trouble. Unfortunately, for some reason, the building was pitch black and he could barely see. But there were people wandering about from the flashlights they carried. Fortunately, he could still see well enough to make his way around.

He grabbed a girl who was wandering about and stripped her down before fucking her silly. The others didn't know where the muffled screams of pleasure and bliss were coming from, so he easily snuck past after leaving her on the floor. He did this a few more times, but none of them had enough endurance. But when he came to the end, he saw a woman who was looking at him with great interest. Actually, she seemed interested in his hard cock, which was slick in the juices of the four girls he fucked. They weren't going to be walking straight for a few days, that was for sure.

Before he knew what hit him, she was out of her dress and had slammed herself on top of him. This sudden shock had his dick swell up instantly, surprising her in return. He grabbed her hips and fell forward, falling on top of her. But she didn't care as soon as he was fucking her. He grabbed her breasts, which weren't quite as impressive as Dawn's. But he would grab whatever he could get. He pounded her as fast as he could, causing her to scream like she was dying while she held onto his horn for dear life.

Wanting to finally climax, he flipped her around and thrust his dick into her ass. Because he had it shrink back down and it was so slick, it easily slipped inside. She screamed even more and tried to claw her way out, but he had her in his grasp now. She reluctantly allowed him to continue, screaming with intense pleasure as he brutalized her ass. Finally, after so many girls and women, he came so hard that he filled her up. Somehow, the woman was able to remain concious and passed him a few pictures.

"Here, to remember me by. The only other person to ever make me feel any where close to this good was a woman who called herself the Blue Tulip. Heaven knows why, but she had quite the pair of lips on her." With that, she passed out, her ass still twitching.

Heracross was delighted to receive them, but now he had to leave. He still had to find Dawn. Now that his mind was clear, he could hunt her down. Maybe he would be ready to go again once he found her. He knew that she'd appreciate it. Wait, why didn't he just ask Dusk? She knew how to speak his language and...he...left her behind when the honey ran out...




Ow, ow, ow, seriously, ow, ow, my ass, ow, ow, my poor ass, ow, ow, I mean seriously...OW! Fuck, how did Barry manage this? My ass felt like it was broken. I had already had Roselia clean me out before I came out here so I could go to the baths, but it was so fucking hard to walk. I so swear that if Barry does this to me again, he'd better have a fucking wedding ring because there is next to nothing he can do to make me feel better about it. I mean, it was the best lay I had ever had, but the aftermath hurt like all fuck.

I know Kai and Thor were still around, probably still getting it on with Ruby and Sapphire. I would need some help if I was to be able to go back out. Once I got to the baths, I could smell the thick stink of wild sex in the air. Either Kai was that fucking good or he woke up in the morning and fucked whoever was around. I don't really care right now because I need a bath.

As the hot water relieves me of my aches and pains in my ass and joints, my thoughts turned to Barry. He was always such a fool when he became interested in something. He would talk for hours about it, at least until I shut his mouth by stuffing his cock in mine. But even then, even with all the girls who would come and go through our town, he never once did anything with them. I almost felt back about having sex with so many guys, but sex was in my blood. Never once did I tell him of my escapades with a random trainer or pokemon, or the trainer's pokemon after I fucked him.

Damn, for a goof, he was loyal to a fault, like a puppy pokemon. If he ever found out, it might just crush his heart. That was the last thing I wanted, and not even because that would make him limp. Wait, what the fuck am I thinking about! Seriously, and I fucking thinking about Barry like I...I...oh fuck!

"That goof!" I screamed.

"You called?" Oh fuck, Barry just heard me!

He came in and walked up to the side of the tub. I don't know why I chose the big one, other than it reminded me of my time with Kai. But the way he looked at me as he sat at the edge of the tub, it made me feel so...so...so much like an innocent little schoolgirl. Seriously, just looking at his eyes made me forget for a moment that I was a confident young slut and a strong trainer with many great pokemon.

I found myself covering my body, trying to hide myself from him and blushing. Seriously, why did he have to look at me like that? It's so embarassing! But the moment he touched my chin, my gaze was pulled back to his. My heart was beating so fast in my chest that it felt like it was about to explode. He leaned down and kissed me so gently on the lips that I wouldn't have known that it only lasted a moment if I hadn't be watching it the whole time.

"Barry..." He put a finger to my lips, making me shiver and forget the pain in my ass. He grabbed some shampoo and started to lather my hair.

"Alright, I'm going to have to put your head under the water." He gave me another look that turned me into putty. I did as he wanted me to do and closed my eyes to keep any shampoo getting into them. All I had was my mouth above the surface. Then he surprised me with something I wasn't quite expecting.

He kissed me.

When he pulled me back up, I pulled my hair out of my eyes and looked at him. As my eyes trailed up and down his body, I noticed something about his shoulder. He tried to pull back when he saw me notice it, but I wasn't going to back down now. To my surprise, his back was covered in scratches, all of them mostly healed. I must have went at him just as much as he went at me last night.

"Barry, I'm sorry..." I turned away from him, fearful for how he felt about it. Seriously, I couldn't believe I was turning out this way.

"Don't be, you were having a great time, and so was I." He grabbed a bar of mildly-scented soap and started to rub it across my back. He took his time, making sure that I was all clean. Then he reached out in front and started to lather my breasts.

"There's the guy I've always known." I chuckled and looked back to see that he was blushing. It seemed that I had finally turned the tables on him. But just as I was beginning to regain my composure, he turned me around and kissed me.

"Dawn, how many years has it been since we've first met by the lake?"

"About fifteen now, why?"

"I still remember how you pushed me into the water after you kissed me." Wait, what? He still remembered that! It was so long ago, I had thought that he had forgotten about it, especially since a Magikarp clamped down on his head. I had to have him carry me home because I was laughing so much. Mom wondered just what we were so wet.

"Don't tell me you brought a Magikarp..."

"Nothing like that." He wrapped his arms around me and just hugged me.

"Seriously, if you were wanting me so badly, why didn't you just ask?"

"Huh, what are you...oh..." he looked down to discover that he was hard for me.

"Come on, let's go to the deeper end." I got up, letting him get a good look at my wet body as I walked to the other end. His eyes went wide as he watched the water dripped down my back and across my ass. He soon followed and I wrapped my legs around his hips. "Seriously, you're going to break me if you keep this up."

"I could never do that, you're too strong for that. I bet not even a Golem could break you so easily."

"Actually, a Golem is a bit much. A Graveler wouldn't, though." Oops, too much information! "I mean...hey, why did you bring up a Golem of all things?"

"Ah, I thought it would be a good example. I mean...uh..."

"Shut up alright or I might just change my mind." He closed his mouth faster than I could spread my legs for someone. I felt his hands grab my ass, only reminding me of how much pain I was in.

"Hey, are you alright?" he asked.

"Did I say you could talk?" I pulled him into a kiss. It was all I had to do to get him to start thrusting into my pussy. We took it slow because I was still hurting. But it still felt so damn good. He pumped me pretty good, even managing to make sure that he didn't hurt me any more than he had to.

"Barry, what's wrong?" I don't know what was going on, but he was slowing down. "Barry, what's wrong! Barry? Barry!" He was passing out in my arms. I took him to the shallow end and sat him up.

"Dawn, I...I'm sorry. I guess I'm just so tired right now."

"Tired? How could you be tired? You've got more endurance than anyone I know. Hell, you've got more than even I do. How could you be tired?"

"I-I'm sorry, but I need to go back to bed." That look in his eyes...he was truly sorry for not being able to please me.

"Barry, I don't care. I just want you to be alright. Come on, I'll take you back." I put his arm around my shoulder and we walked back to his room. Emerald had already left, having duties that she had to perform. That meant that we had the room all to ourselves, which was fine with me.

"I'm sorry, Dawn..." he almost fell onto the bed, he was so tired. Damn, I never seen him this way. Of course, I usually fell asleep with him after some crazy sex. But how the fuck was he so tired now after getting so much sleep?

"Looks like your friend is oversexed." A woman with long silver hair came in while I was tucking Barry in.

"Over what?"

"He's had too much sex recently. His body isn't handling it very well."

"But the only sex he's had was with me, and you probably heard it, too. I know everyone else did."

"Ya, I did, but I can tell when a man has done it too many times, rather than just one good one. That little party you had last night only finished off his reserves. He doesn't even have the fumes to run on any longer. Oh, where are my manners. I'm Soul, Silver's older sister."

"You've probably heard my name already, but my name's Dawn. So, what can I do for him?"

"Besides just being here so he can get a good rest? Not much really. His body has to rebuild its reserves first, then it can do proper repairs. I'll get you something to eat while you wait here."

"Thanks." I watched her close the door before snuggling up with Barry. He was coming in and out of conciousness, not a good sign. But when I kissed him and held his head against my chest, he quickly fell into a deep sleep. I held him tightly, feeling his breath on my bare skin. He didn't even try and feel me, another sign that I didn't like.

Just what could have done this to him? Barry, why didn't you tell me you were tired? Don't you know how much I...how much I...I just can't say it...

Damn it...

I'm sorry, Barry, but I'm not ready to say it yet...