Author's note: There are a few stories about this cat. I will not post them seperately but - since they are rather short - unite them here to form a multi-chaptered story.

The Cat

"Aren´t we a bit early for lunch?" Harry asked.

"Maybe," said Ron, "but what else are we to do? It´s pouring outside and it´s cold. We´ve done all our homework and we´ve played every game we could think of. Eating is about the most entertaining thing left to do."

"I´m sure the elves have not even cleaned away breakfast."

"We can watch them cleaning."

"Watch the slave labor? Why am I not surprised?" hissed Hermione.

Harry was sure they would start one of their friendly rows when he heard an unfamiliar sound.


They stopped. "Did you hear that?" asked Hermione. "There must be a cat in the entrance hall."

"What would a cat be doing in the entrance hall?" asked Ron irritatedly.

"How am I to know? Maybe it´s lost? Help me look for it."


They found the cat in a niche beside the statue of Godric Gryffindor. It was very small, only a kitten. It´s fur was light gray and it´s eyes were as green as Harry´s.

"Oh, look! Isn´t it cute?" Hermione cried and bent down to pick up the cat. It spat and shrank back.

"What are you doing with this cat?" asked a cold voice behind Hermione. "Is it yours at all, Miss Granger?"

"No, professor Snape. We just found it. It´s so small and all alone!"

"If it´s not yours, you have no business with this animal. Proceed to the Great Hall immediately!"

Reluctantly the trio obeyed and entered the hall with the flow of students gathering for lunch.


"Let´s see if the cat´s still there!" proposed Hermione after the meal.

"And be told off by Snape again?" said Ron. "No, thank you!"

"We have nothing else to do," Harry pointed out. "We may as well look out for the little cat."

Ron agreed and they went back to the niche were the cat had been. It was still there, only it was not alone. Professor Flitwick was trying to bait the cat with a saucer of milk.

"Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty," he called in his squeaky voice. "Be a nice cat. Come, uncle Filius will give you milk! Do you want the milk? Of course! All little kitties want milk."

Snape glanced down upon him in disgust. "Stop it, Filius," he advised. "This awkward behaviour is not suitable for a teacher."

Having been told off by Snape before, the trio went on to the library.


Two hours later they were back to the entrance hall. The cat was still in its niche. Some girls from Ravenclaw tried to get hold of the little beast, but obviously the cat was not in a mood to allow itself being caught. One of the girls cried out in pain as the cat made use of its claws.

"Leave that cat alone and go up to the hospital wing, Miss Clearwater," Snape snarled.

"But professor! The cat can´t stay here all alone!"

"Why not? Obviously it can repulse minor attacks on its own and the Slytherin monster is not likely to make an appearance in the entrance hall, is it? Quick now, up to the hospital wing."


With Snape and the Ravenclaws gone, Hermione had another go at the cat. She took a leaf out of professor Flitwick´s book and tried to tempt the little animal with a bit of cookie.

"Are you sure cats eat cookies?" asked Harry.

"Normally not, but this cat has been hiding in this niche for at least five hours. Probably it´s starving, the poor thing." Hermione bent forward to let the cat sniff the cookie without coming into reach of its claws.

The three friends started at the sound of Snape´s voice behind them. "Are you going to poison this poor creature now? Even I know that cats don´t eat biscuits. I told you before to stay away from the cat if it isn´t yours. Has it passed to your possession within these past hours?"

"No, Sir," admitted Hermione. The three friends went up to Gryffindor tower without further invitation.


When they came downstairs for supper later, they witnessed the head of Gryffindor house in her animagus form trying to persuade the little cat to leave its hiding place. McGonagall miaowed and purred.

Snape was hoovering over her, nearly beside himself. "Really Minerva! You´re making a fool of yourself. The students are watching. I really wish you´d stop it!"


After supper Hermione insisted on staying with the little cat. "It´s growing dark and it will be afraid. We have to protect it!"

"Really Hermione, I don´t think this cat needs protection!" Ron pointed out.

"I never thought I´d live to see the day I agree with Mr. Weasley. Go up to Gryffindor tower!" Snape commanded.

Reluctantly the trio left the emptying entrance hall.

"You go to the common room, I meet you there later," said Harry and tiptoed back down the staircase. Ron and Hermione looked puzzled, but did as they were asked to.


Snape looked round carefully to make sure the hall was empty. He squated down beside the niche and stretched his hand out it.

"Mystery!" he called out in a soft voice. "Come here, you naughty boy!"

Immediately the little gray cat left its hiding place. It sniffed Snape´s hand and then pressed its head to the hand. Its purring seemed loud in the empty hall.

Snape picked up the cat very carefully. The animal nestled in his palm.

"You gave daddy quite a shock. You´ve been a bad cat. How did you escape from the office anyway?"

Snape tickled the cat´s ears. It miaowed softly.

"You know of course that you can´t come to the office in the future. I´ll have to restrict you to my quarters. Were you bored at the office, poor boy?"

Snape stroked the cat´s fur with his index finger and set out for his quarters.

"What do you think? Shall we open one of those muggle tins you like so much?"

They disappeared in the corridor leading to the dungeons.


"Did you find out anything?" asked Hermione when Harry returned to the common room.

"The cat was picked up by its owner."

"Whose was it then?"

"A Slytherin boy´s."

End of the story