A/N: So hey guys, this story is based off of a personal experience of mine sort of. My memory goes blank and I'm left wondering what I missed in Skyward Sword. The initial forgetting always leads to something like this in my mind. c8 So yeah, enjoy.


I had just woken up from a horrid nightmare, a cold sweat surrounding my body. I was still a tad shaken from the awful night terrors, so I decided to go on a walk. Pipit would be on duty at this time of night, perhaps being with him would calm me down. As I emerged from my room and exited the academy I froze. I could hear voices. "And about that thing the other night… We promised to keep that a secret, right?" I peered around the corner, spying a flushed Pipit and a nodding Link. The sentence echoed in my head. What thing the other night? I gasped quietly and leant against the wall. Pipit isn't.. He isn't cheating on me, is he? Without a second thought I ran into the dorms. I would need some rest before I did a bit of snooping.


As I heard the door shut a froze. Someone just heard us. "L-Link.." I whimpered, but he appeared immensely calm. "Calm down Pipit. We're not sure if they heard us or not." The blonde in front of me replied. I was never sure if it was his voice or his eyes that forced me to be at ease, but something about him made me completely calm, unlike Karane, when I'm always trying to keep up with her, both physically and mentally. "Right.. You're right. You usually are." I said with a laugh, but Link seemed a bit embarrassed. "Well, you should probably go to bed. It's dark out," as I saw his look of displeasure at the idea I decided to force the matter, "I'll be fine. You needn't worry about me. I'm tough as nails and shar-" I was cut off as Link walked towards the door. "Sharp as marbles is what you are." He growled before entering the building. "Jeez, what's up with him?" I grumbled before continuing the patrol. Who the hell was my mother paying anyways? Cleaning the house should be her responsibility after all, I'm rarely home and I always return home to dust. "Jeez.." I growl. Ah, well this'll be a long night.


"Stupid Pipit and his stupid work-set mind.." As my fists crunch into a tight ball and a large scowl crosses my face I enter my room, only to hear groaning from the next. "Fledge.." I grumble. He's been working out like it was an obsession. He said he wanted to be tough like me or something. "Ah well.." I murmur as I remove the hat and run a hand through my hair roughly. "Link?" I hear Fledge's tinkling voice and groan inwardly. "Yeah?" I reply. He was still grunting, but obviously slowed down the pace of his push-ups. "Is everything okay? You seem a bit angry." He asked in honest worried tone. "Y-yeah, just a bit tired. I'm gonna go to bed." I mumbled before setting down my sword and shield beside the bed and climbing into it, not before removing the tunic and boots, leaving just the trousers.


As the dawn's early light struck my face I jumped up. "Time to investigate." I purred icily before dressing and rushing out of the room. "Karane you're up early." A familiar voice churred. I spin to see Pipit smiling at me sleepily. 'S-shit.' I swear inwardly before laughing nervously. "Y-yeah. I got a lot of sleep last night so I'm really awake today." I lied. He seemed to accept this answer and waved at me with a hand. "I'm gonna take a bath and a nap. Catch ya later?" "S-sure." As he wanders off I breath out. Now, where to begin? Cawlin? No, he wouldn't know anything, plus he must still be hurt from being turned down. Stritch? Nah, he was kind of creepy anyways. Groose? I haven't seen him for days. None of the teachers would know anything, and Zelda was still missing. "Hmm…" That only left one person. As I wander down the stairs and knock on the door, I think about what questions I should ask. "K-Karane?" A voice surprises me out of my thoughts as a sleepy Fledge stares at me, rubbing his right eye. "What a surprise. What are you doing here at this time of day?" He asked. "Okay listen, I think somethings going on and I need to ask you questions." I explain before gesturing to him to meet me outside.

"You wanted to ask me something?" Fledge asked, still yawning a tad. "Yeah, I was wondering.. Has Link been acting weird lately?" I asked, doing Pipit's adorable lean subconsciously. "Uh.. Yeah, last night he got back late and he was really frustrated. It was like he got in a fight." 'A fight? Frustrated. Perhaps.. Pipit is cheating on me with Link and he doesn't want to!' I think with a gasp. "W-what?" Fledge asks, looking confused. "Nothing. What about Pipit? Have you noticed anything weird with him?" "Uh.. I dunno, I don't usually talk to Pipit, although sometimes I see him pacing like he's mulling something over." 'My theory has to be right!' I squeal and hug a confused Fledge before dashing off, yelling a thanks over my shoulder.

"PIPIT," I yowl, before I see the golden-garbed boy, staring at me. "What..?" He groans, obviously still sleepy. "Are you cheating on me?" I ask with a smile. "W-what? No! Why would I ever do th-… Why are you smiling..?" He asks, obviously flustered. "Because I'm okay as long as you and Link are happy together." "WHAT?" Pipit screams, staring at me dumbfounded. "What makes you think I'm going out with Link?" He yells. "Oh, last night I went to go for a walk, and happened to hear you talking to him. Really Pipit, you could have just told me if you were going out with him. I knew you would at some point." "I-I'm not going out with him!" "Its okay Pipit, you don't have to lie for my sake. I'm fine, really. I'm okay breaking up." And with that I skipped off happier than I should after a break up.

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