Ok this takes place shortly after Ozzy is fired and follows the idea that Thrax had a mate the entire time. This will not follow the movie.

Golden and green eyes glared harshly into the black pair that returned the gesture. For the past few weeks, the city of Frank had seen multiple women disappear and Thrax was unfortunate enough to arrive right in the middle of it. Now his baby, his Anya was gone. He wanted to scream and burn the entire city to the ground but the thought of accidentally roasting his baby kept him in check. The white blood cell before him, by name Osmosis Jones, had been ranting on for the past twenty minutes about how this was all Thrax's fault. All his fault that Leah had been snatched as well.

"If we didn't have to focus on your sorry ass, Leah would be here with us not in mortal danger with some viral bitch." As soon as the final word had left the cell's mouth, he found himself slammed into the wall of the Frank police department with a sharp, glowing claw inches from his face.

"Now you listen here Jones and listen real well. Don't you ever, ever insult my baby or you're going to wind up wishing I had finished you off at the Zit." The virus' voice was calm but a sharp edge was clearly picked out. Thrax had put his mission on hold and the two had called a temporary truce in order to hunt down their beloveds. Drix had agreed to tag along in order to keep Ozzy from trying to kill Thrax and to keep Thrax from succeeding in killing Ozzy. For the most part the citizens of Frank were relieved. So long as the virus wasn't trying to kill them or the body, they were happy. Drix was about to intervene and insist that Thrax release Ozzy when the elder slowly relinquished his grip on the cell.

"Yo Drix you see what this fucker tried to do to me?" The cold pill sighed. It was always someone else's fault that Ozzy got into trouble; at least as far as the blood cell was concerned.

"Yes I did and as far as I'm concerned, you deserved it." Ozzy could only gape at his new partner. "You insulted his mate. He put killing Frank on hold for her, so obviously she means quite a bit to him. Insulting her was incredibly stupid and the woman isn't even here to defend herself." Thrax turned to the window and looked out as a cold chill descended with the night and attempted to block out whatever Jones was screaming at the pill. The cold brought with it the instinct to wrap his arms around his baby to make sure she was warm.

"Don't you worry baby, Big Daddy Thrax is coming to find you." He stared down at the sheet she had presented to him before she disappeared. It was test that showed a positive for pregnancy. "The both of you."

Leah groaned as she started to wake up and raised a hand to her forehead where the world's biggest migraine pounded away. She couldn't really place where she was. The last thing she remembered was Ozzy asking her out to dinner after he was fired. She had agreed since it was probably the last time she would see him. Though she would never admit it, especially not to Ozzy, there would be no living with his ego afterwards, she had long harboured feelings for him. So she had dressed up and paid extra attention to how her hair and makeup looked. On the way to the restaurant that they were to meet at, she had heard someone give her a few cat calls and then she felt a sharp prick on the back on her neck. Where ever she was, it was cold and drafty. She reached down to pull her jacket tighter around her only to find it missing. In fact every last scrap of clothing that she had been wearing was missing. Jumping to her feet with a scream, she tripped over the woman that was lying beside her. The other gave a cry of pain when her arm was stepped on. Leah hurriedly stepped back as the other sat up and looked around in alarm. She was obviously a virus, if the claws on her hands were any indication. Her thin and uneven hair reached her hips and was a blackish purple color. Her skin was a pale lavender color and her eyes were green with purple where the white should be. She was as naked as Leah was which allowed the brain cell to see her larger than average bust and near perfect hourglass figure. The only thing that marred her was several large bruises along her stomach. Seeming to notice them, the woman stared as if not believing what she was seeing before tears welled up in her eyes and she howled in anguish. Somehow she just knew.

"No! My baby! You fuckers took my baby!" Leah was dumbstruck as the virus collapsed into sobs. "I'm sorry Thrax. I'm so, so sorry." Leah carefully approached the sobbing woman and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. The woman jumped at the contact and whipped around to face Leah. "Who are you?"

"I'm Leah. Who are you?" The virus sniffled.

"Anya." Leah wiped that last of Anya's tears off her face.

"Do you have any idea how you got here?" She shook her head. "What's the last thing you remember?" Anya brushed a few bangs out of her face.

"Bringing the test home to Thrax, him kissing me, volunteering to go and pick up some things for a nice dinner because he was busy, a cloth over my mouth half a block later, a terrible smell and that's it." Leah hugged her in sympathy. The room was dark and had an odd smell that neither of them could quite place, though Anya insisted she'd smelt it before. The cool kiss of chains was constant and the two shivered constantly in the cold. Suddenly a loud rattling sound was heard and the two were lifted into the air by the chains and into a spread eagle position. Dozens of harsh lights flickered on and illuminated the glass walls. Behind those walls was a crowd of people staring and jeering. There was nowhere to hide.

Thrax sat in the back of Ozzy's car, humming softly. Drix looked at the virus through the rear mirror. He was fiddling with his chain with one hand and the other held a photo. Seeming to sense the pill's curiosity about the picture, he spoke without looking up.

"It's the day we were officially married before the entire Muerja family, Hell the entire Black Death family." Drix nodded.

"And the song?" Thrax smiled slightly though it didn't reach his eyes.

"It's our song." The car ride had been mostly silent except for the humming.

"Who picks 'Fever' as their song? It's basically about sex." Thrax scowled at Ozzy.

"It has a different meaning to us." The cell shrugged and continued to berate the song for the rest of the trip to the mouth. After a few days of searching, it was decided that whoever the culprit was, he was no longer in Frank. So the two were hitching a ride with Thrax in hopes of tracking him down. As Franks mouth opened to yawn , Ozzy jumped onto Drix's back and Thrax launched himself into the air current.

"Where to?" Ozzy shouted at the virus over the wind.

"He couldn't go very far with that many women so someone close to Frank. My best guess would be the guy that poses as his daughter's uncle."